What’s the difference between Muslims and Christians?

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It's an irony. At their core level they are the same but there are no members of these institutions that understand the message at the core level. If there were, they would no longer be members. At the core level… the message is the same. It is man who distorts what those, who actually hear it, have repeated.

God (however one defines it) wants us all to live together in an immortal community. This is not easy. Those who can be immortal are those who have seen and overcome all of their character weaknesses. When we live in a world where we do not die, time brings out our weaknesses and causes us to degrade within. We then, continue to degrade until we can no longer take it, at which time… we reenter the cycle of life and death once again.

The cycle of life and death ends for us when we finally understand that we cannot find true immortality by listening to man (the status quo), but only when we can hear God telling us how to do it.

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J.S. Thompson

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