When some one is killed in an accident or by another person, is that the persons “fate”? Is that the advanced computer or God’s way of saying that this person’s time is finished and they get to move on to the next step? We have accidents and murders daily; Im just curious as to what this means. Thank you!

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It's important for all of us to understand that we are eternal beings and therefore, we do not die. However, we do suffer and it's hard for us who are on the earth, to justify the suffering of the innocent.

Our time on the earth is extremely valuable as we spend much more time out there. Even though, we here on the earth and those who live out there-Solamenta, are controlled to some degree by an advanced computer, we are given free will to use the limited knowledge we have to understand what this advanced computer (or God) wants us to do. Even saying this, I cannot justify the short life, suffering and death of a child.

Pain and suffering does make us stronger and we need to be strong to live as an eternal being. We grow strong internally just like we grow strong externally, by resistance! Life pushes against us and when we push back, we become stronger.

With regard to those who cause suffering for the innocent, purpose can be found, as those who commit these crimes need to see themselves for who they truly are before internal change comes to them. God uses the innocent to teach the guilty. All of us are eternal beings that are being led toward eternal community. In order to have eternal community, all of us need to be there and we can never share Paradise with those who would harm the innocent; therefore, someday-. they are going to have to change and they do this by seeing their crimes after they leave the earth. These crimes are shown to them after death. Everything we say, think and do is documented and recorded.

When we consider the pain and suffering we endure while we are on the earth, we must also consider that many of our saints and prophets also suffered and were even put to death. When we consider the suffering of the innocent, we must remember that we are in good company.

In addition to seeing their crimes after they leave the earth, the guilty are also tortured in their minds while on the earth.

Evolution is a slow process and the cycle of life and death is used to help us, one by one, evolve into those who can live in an eternal community!

Great question-

J.S. Thompson

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