When we reincarnate, do we come back into the same family or do we experience different cultures?

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It is our goal not to have to come back for another life. If we can reach a state of enlightenment while we are here on the earth, then we leave the cycle of life and death and begin the next leg of this eternal journey. Our earthly lives are just an initiation into the divine, once completed.

Our families out there are generally very large and we do stay with them. We may not know them but our families go back to the beginning of our earthly lives. Some of our family members have been out there, "solamenta" for thousands of years and some have gone on to become divine beings. It is our family members whether we know them or not, who guide us through our earthly lives and when we return out there, Solamenta- greet us home, once again!

Because our families are large, they often have people who are from different cultures but if we have to return, the chances are greater than not that we will be born in an environment that was not far from the last life we had. Our guides may be from different cultures as well.

As we have lived lives on the earth, we all began from other cultures and just migrated, in a matter of speaking, with those on the earth. As part of our families migrated north from the middle east, others stayed and when the new world was discovered, then some of us migrated to America, some stayed in Europe, some of us became American Indians and our cultures became intertwined both here on the earth and there, solamenta.

Marriage is another way for cultural integration both here and there. Some families are more segregated than others; often fragmented by religious beliefs which are in a continuous state of evolution, eventually either separating us or bringing us back together. In the future, there will be no boundaries which segregate us, as religion will eventually evolve into a homogenous and more accurate moral boundary.

Good luck on your journey-
J.S. Thompson

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