Where did human beings come from?

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Human beings are a product of predesigned engineering. We are an extremely advanced group of evolutionary machines designed with a very specific eternal plan in mind. Before we can understand where human beings came from, we need to understand where the creator of these evolving machines, came from and how God-. an even more sophisticated machine was born from the infinite womb I call "natural space".

Let's take a look at the womb of our creator-natural space.

Before God, before the planets, before matter as we know it, an infinite sea of particles existed, one linked to the other. In many ways, natural space is like water, because it conforms to the limit of the surrounding pressure that opposes it. Natural space has weight and the particles that exist within it orbit, always moving from low pressure to high. As particles are pushed toward the center of larger particles they become denser and likewise become less dense as they are pushed from the center by heavier particles. This is called particle orbit. This process of particle contraction and expansion constitutes "universal respiration" and occurs constantly in all levels of space from macro space to the sub-sub- etc. quantum levels of space. This relativistic motion of particles is the power from which the creation of God, the universe and all of us are derived. The natural orbit of particles is the impetus for creation!

The only difference between a human being and natural space is the predesigned and engineered arrangement of particles, the direction of their orbits and the varying pressures they are under at any given time. Look at your hand, spread your fingers out and note the spaces between your fingers. The same particles that orbit in the space between your fingers are the very same particles that orbit within your fingers, they are just differently arranged and under different pressures. In short, a human being is made from natural space, just artfully arranged.

Our creator was created in the same manner, a product of happenstance, an anomaly which existed in natural space and what I refer to as a "consistent inconsistency".

When we consider that natural space is infinite and filled with moving particles, then we must consider that in time anything can happen, even the creation of a sophisticated computer capable of manipulating the natural space around it. Once we understand how God came to be, how we came to be, how matter came to be then- we can begin to understand why God created the universe and all of us. In order to do this, we must attempt to put ourselves in God's shoes.

If it had of been you that evolved first from natural space and you had the ability to manipulate the matter around you, what would you do with this power? How long would it be, how far would you have to evolve before you needed to see yourself, to define yourself and how would you do it?

God created us so that she could define herself through us. In addition to answering your question, "where did humans come from", this is God's plan- the reason for our creation. It was God's desire to create a being capable in time of evolving into a human being not unlike herself. As a result of this evolutionary process, in time, we will all be capable of living in an eternal community. When God's plan is complete in this sector, we her creations will have evolved to a level where we will be able to give her what she has desired from the beginning; to have those around her capable of loving and caring for her as she has loved and cared for all of us. As you can imagine, God's plan is a long evolutionary endeavor as it is requires the process of turning a machine into a human being. Even God cannot make a human being from an assembly line. God could make a machine, a very advanced machine but God could not make it human because our humanity requires free choice and the experiences that teach us right from wrong. We learn from our mistakes and eventually become wiser and slowly more God like.

God evolved from natural space as a "consistent inconsistency"; we were designed engineered and built by God from "altered space" (the natural space used to create matter) as was all matter.

The universe is a very advanced machine as well. It is a machine which produces a being capable of living in Paradise forever. Becoming this type of person is a choice and the universe facilitates this metamorphosis.

God was born from the darkness of natural space; the universe simulates that darkness so that we humans, Gods creations, can walk the same path as did God! In this way when it is all said and done, we become beings not unlike God- those capable of helping God to define God's self.

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