Where do we go when we are waiting to reincarnate and how long do we wait for reincarnation?

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"Where do we go when we are waiting to reincarnate and how long do we wait for reincarnation?"

When we leave the planet, we begin our new lives out there, (solamenta) as staff guides for someone on the earth. All of us out there talk to someone here on earth. It is a great way for us to help someone on earth while we also, learn more about ourselves in the process.

Once we leave the earth, we find out very quickly that we have been here to earth many, many, times before, and we begin to understand why it is necessary to remain in the cycle of life and death until it is time for us to leave. Some of us stay solamenta (out there) for a very long time; some stay for a short time and some of us never come back to the earth at all.

When we get word that we are going back, for the most part, it is a sad time. We say our good-byes, pack up our things that we have accumulated and we store them. Right before we go back down, we go to a place of prayer and counseling and then we go to sleep. While out there, coming back to earth is allot like dying here.

The really cool thing about the cycle of life and death is that we change, but we also remain the same person. You would be surprised how easy it is to catch up with whom you've been when you return once again. When you leave the planet, you are greeted by old friends and family that may have not, come back down the entire time you were on the earth. You might not know them right away but they remember you quite well.

Reincarnation or the cycle of life and death is a process that must end someday for all of us. When we have developed the characteristics necessary to become members of an eternal community in the way that we should, we will not come back. We will wait for the rest to finish and we will do what people do out there solamenta...guide!

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