Why are there increasing world-wide events that are bad, going on in the world today?

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Why are there increasing world-wide events that are bad, going on in the world today?

God does have a plan to make us all, even the worst of us, the people who will live in Paradise forever. God does not make us do horrible things, she takes the horrible things we do and confronts us with them, and uses them- as the impetus for internal change.

What you see in the world today, is not new. This has been going on since the beginning of time. It takes a long, long, time to make a machine into a human being capable of living in Paradise. When I say this- what I mean, is that in the beginning when we first arrived on this planet, we were blank slates waiting to filled with the experiences that would shape our character in the future. We were less than babies. Babies are born into this world with the characteristics of who they were, before they came here to the earth.

It is these horrible or traumatic experiences that we endure, that either makes us into saints or sinners-it is a choice of what path we follow.

The astute observer of history would note these changes that we are seeing today, are following a pattern. We live our lives in cycles. You can break these societal, economic and political cycles right on down, into your own personal relationships. What affects the earth, society, economy, world relations, etc.,, affects us in our own personal lives.

The world economy, for instance, is a machine. Look at the economy in this way and you can predict where it is going and subsequently, you can see God behind it all. How this machine works, is how God will fulfill her plan for our eternal lives.

Our planet is moving in a downward spiral orbit into greater pressure. The planet and all bodies in space move in this manner, from low pressure into the next high pressure cycle and then back again. We, as humans, are also coming under more pressure. Pressure does one of two things to people- it either makes us break down, falling victim to depression, which is a symptom of higher pressure, or it makes us stronger and better equipped to think and react in a logical manner. Those of us who maintain stability, having victory over these challenges, which occur under high pressure, become those "less" likely to fall victim to depression and more likely to become the type of people that are capable of living in an eternal community.

Be the person that looks at the world and says to God-
"Make me the type of person that will live in Paradise forever, do to me what you will, let not my will, but your will be done-amen

We are they who live in the world, but are not of this world-

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