Why do people believe we come from monkeys and not God?

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It is a ridiculous concept. However, I don't think there are many that believe this anymore. Even contemporary science is backing away from this based on genetics. It is not so much about the concept that we evolved from monkeys… but that we evolved and are constantly evolving. This is true! Everything in the universe is in a constant state of evolution but the species, although evolving, are separate. One species will never evolve into another.

The debate should not be whether we come from God or monkeys. With the information we have now, we could easily have come from the natural function of this machine we call the universe. Whether or not you want to define that as God is a matter of personal choice. However, when we start throwing the God terminology around, people start talking for God thinking they know something when they don’t and this… is where the problem is!

I can assure you if it were truly God who was leading this world thru man, it would not be the cesspool of corruption and crime that it is. No, this world is a product of man pretending to hear God and speaking for God. Those who can actually hear God and are learning from God, how to be immortal, would never be accepted in this world. Those who hear God, walk alone.

Good luck on your journey…
J.S. Thompson

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