Why don’t people understand that their beliefs and their values are two different things? Values you can keep once you know what they are, but beliefs change with your education and your experience. Do you think the failure of the 2012 prophecies will eradicate at least some religous systems?

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No! Any prophesy that specifies a time is doomed to failure unless blind luck or logic based on knowledge is used to make it. However, if the past has taught us anything- it is those who use dates in their prophesies, simply justify their inaccuracy and go on in many cases to prophesy another time. It is most often not the insincerity of the prophet; this is what they are hearing from the other side. Most prophets are extremely passionate about what they are hearing and are eager to tell others for the good of others.

Even though the prophet often feels that they are doing God's work, God is still trying to get the prophet to evolve. Religion is a primitive explanation for what the believer believes to be, the unexplainable. This is a premature assumption however, because nothing is beyond the realm of understanding.

Religion is a form of social psychosis in its most extreme form and a format for ethnic prayer in its less extreme. Belief occurs when we substitute logic with the illogical. There is nothing wrong with conceptualizing or theorizing the nature of our existence; this is the natural path of evolution. There is no stopping in this journey; this is a natural law of physics as all things that exist in space are eternally in motion. When we believe, we suggest to ourselves that the journey has ended for us and there is no more dangerous form of self deceit. Self deceit is "the" source of individual inner conflict that results in social psychosis.

Let's not lose faith in the prophets just yet. They do have something to say and the art is evolving. The greatest wisdom is not found in the past, the foundation for all religions but in the present where greater technology can be understood.

Prophesy is a matter of logic, so is the mystical. In the future, all things now considered mystical will be explained and then maybe society can get on with the business of living together as we should have from the beginning. Until then, we will have to live with the religions of the world.

Good luck in your journey-
J.S. Thompson

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