Why don’t we wake up or become enlightened when we die?

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We not only wake up when we die, we never lose consciousness! Death is the best kept secret of all time. For example, we go from the hospital bed, to our next life and arrive out there solamenta, almost in the blinking of an eye! We go from being aged to being young; from feeling horrible to feeling the best we have ever felt. One of the most feared experiences we have while we are on the earth, is "death" and it usually turns out to be one of the best! However, after death and the belief of waking up in the sense of automatically being enlightened after death, does not happen. Enlightenment and becoming a divine being is a process of continued learning while here on earth and out there. You leave the earth the same person with the same issues and challenges not overcome on earth; therefore, the process of learning continues out there, Solamenta... just from a different perspective!

I appreciate your question and good luck on your journey...
J.S. Thompson

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  1. October 7, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    First, I need to apologize for the long delay in not responding in a timely manner; however, we experienced a problem with some of our DISQUE New Comments not showing up or sending out notifications to inform us that we had received one…..

    I cannot agree with you. You don’t die! I’ve been there and I’ve seen it with my own eyes! One day, you will as well….

    Thanks for your comment and good luck on your journey!
    J.S. Thompson

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