Will we see our loved ones and recognize them in heaven?

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Will we see our loved ones and recognize them in heaven?

Generally, when we leave the planet, we are greeted by our family. It is a wonderful reunion with family, friends and those who have been there for so long that we never knew them... at least on the earth, our ancient relatives. It is a joyous occasion, a beautiful reunion. You might not recognize your mom and dad or your old relatives, as they will look as young as you are. Most there look young. There are a few who feel comfortable looking older. Everything is earned, but most- begin life out there looking and feeling around the age of 20!

For those who have committed horrible crimes, they are not met by family and friends but by their victims and their victim's family. As you can imagine, it is not a pleasant homecoming.

Everything there is about community. The program of the life and death cycle is about developing a community in which everyone can live in peace and harmony. Look around you on the earth and what do you see? This is not heaven! There is a place where Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims and those of other religions live together in peace and eternal purpose-Paradisa Christas Eart!

If you've led a good life, you will see and eventually recognize your loved ones.

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