You always refer to a time where we all will become what we are made to become; I think, divine. I’m trying to imagine how different that will be. Why is change so painful? If I think about a divine being, I think: Creator. What could this mean for everyone but endless opportunities – and even more rapid change. Do divine beings experience pain, emotional or physical? When every soul has become divine (which each must) will free will exist? Or will everything be so “perfect” “symmetrical” and “just so” like the most accurate clock, because there is no other way to go. It seems a clock doesn’t have a “mind of its own” or any room to stray from…well, “perfection.” What do we have here that one day will be gone? What parts of this young stage in my evolution are going to be left behind with my lessons learned? I consider my present life a meaningful step. I want to feel…everything! Will we have similar experiences of emotions and senses, as we do now, in our future? What will be gone?

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We humans are as natural as the space from which we came. Evolution follows a singular path toward divinity, always moving in cycles up and down back and forth but regardless of where we are in our life experience, slowly, we are getting stronger.
When we change and we transform, we are taking the path of greatest resistance. It is the resistance that causes us pain but also makes us stronger.

Divinity does not mean creator. Divinity means, "Having the knowledge to live in an immortal community." However, how could evolution not leave us with the desire for our own eternal children? Evolution cycles from slow to quick and then back again, and with each cycle, each completed circuit, we become a little more knowledgeable and a little closer to divinity. Divinity comes for some, more quickly than for others, as transformation is an individual choice. However, this machine within which we evolve is a perfect machine; therefore eventually, it and we will succeed. It will inevitably figure out how to teach us.

Divine beings do experience pain both physical and emotional, just like humans do. The only difference is they have learned how to aptly control all desires and negative passions. We are never free, nor will we ever be perfect but always on an "eternal quest or solicitation" of this state.

A clock may not have a mind of its own, it is a clock and it does what a clock does. We are human and we do what humans do. It is the clock in us that causes us to transform. We are pieces of the machine that have choice, who transform by will, who seek by design of the creator to be like God! This is our place in the universe; this is what the human machine does.

When we leave the earth, we leave nothing of value behind, it all goes with us. When we leave the earth, the only thing that changes about us is that we now possess the knowledge that we did not die!

I appreciate your question-
J.S. Thompson

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