You have explained about aliens or advanced beings and advanced civilizations pretty well. It is very convincing and rings true. What I want to know is what about the place we human beings go to immediately after we die? I mean the afterlife? What are the rules and laws there? Do we reunite with our deceased loved ones? What connection do these advanced beings have with human afterlife?

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When we leave the earth, we go back to the place we came from. We all come from advanced societies. We are them and they are us. The earth experience is designed to allow those who experience it… the opportunity to do the things that we would never allow if we were out there. When we come to earth we completely put ourselves at the mercy of others. We cannot stop it (life). We leave at the time others determine. We experience challenges that others put in our path. Again, if we were conscious of whom we really were and what was really going on, we would never do it!

We all come from societies that are basically immortal. When I say immortal, I mean that we do not really die but the façade of death is a God send that keeps us from experiencing the worst kind of hell. Beings die to the earth and go out there and vice versa; beings out there "often" die out there (in a manner of speaking) by either choosing on their own to come here or, are asked to come here to earth for a period of time.

Immortality is a great thing or it can be the worst kind of night mare imaginable. We cycle here and there to work thru are character weaknesses that prevent us from living in an immortal society forever.

When we leave the earth, it will be the greatest day of our lives. We do reunite with relatives, friends and loved one and generally speaking… we are treated like returning heroes. The earth experience is unique. There many more beings out there than there are on the earth. Those that need the earth experience often have to wait long periods of time before they get to come here (to earth).

Thanks For your question….
J.S. Thompson

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