Reader’s Questions on Adam and Eve, God and the Bible


Does the bible claim to be the word of God? 

Asked By Chad    

The bible doesn’t claim anything at all. It is a book which comprises a collection of primitive writings which have been grossly misinterpreted by channelers, people who have been in power, spiritualists and sensationalists for thousands of years. However, anywhere you have a sincere heart… God is not far from it. God has a tough time telling us humans who God is because we don’t have a foundation of knowledge to understand it but this does not stop God from trying. Understanding God is a process of evolution. How quickly we evolve is a product of free will. All of us are capable of hearing the word of God. However, before we can do so, we must stop telling God what we believe. When we can do this, we have evolved as we are now students and not teachers of a subject we know nothing about.

Good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson

Were Adam and Eve the first man and woman on the earth?

Asked By Jocelyn 

The answer is no… Adam was not the first person. He did however, play an important part in our history. The story of Eve is allegorical as she is represented as Adams wife in some of the ancient scriptures but this was just an interpretation of one ancient writer attempting to write about a topic that was beyond their ability to comprehend. Adam lived in a time approximately 24,000 years ago. This was a time when advanced science had evolved from another modern era 12,000 years earlier. Adam was a human who worked closely with these advanced humans but eventually felt the pain of being a second class citizen. Any time in history where one group of people are separated by power from another as it was in this case, meaning those who had advanced technology and those who didn’t; the end result is always violence and separation. I call this era, “the time of Adam”. Eve was not a woman but an advanced computer… “Eveas Triangulatus”. Of course the ancient writers didn’t understand what a computer was, so the resulting literature derived from that era, are allegorical in nature; however, they do describe an interesting and most important time in our history. It is this singularity in history that we all need to study and be familiar with because all religions that exist today, found their beginnings in this relationship of man and advanced beings. Understanding this explains a great deal. Our beliefs are created around false interpretations of ancient occurrences. If we understand the truth, it helps us to find the right path that leads to God, the path that leads to eternal salvation. Following the path of primitive beliefs only lead us back to the earth for another life. When we can empty our minds of those things we think, feel or believe to be true, then we have a mind waiting to learn, to be filled with the knowledge of those who know!

Good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson

How long ago did Adam and Eve live? 

Asked By Ellis   

The story of Adam took place approximately 24,000 years ago. Adam lived in a time where humans lived and worked with those who we today, would call advanced beings. Advanced beings are humans who lived in a time of advanced technology on the earth. This was a time when those who had developed advanced technology were seen by those who didn’t, as god-like because they could do so many wondrous things with the technology they had. This, of course, gave those who had this technology, great power over the others that did not. Society has been through these primitive-to modern-to advanced cycles many times in the past. We’ve been around for much longer than modern scientists understand. 

Good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson


Does God have faith in us?

Asked By Jay    

God has much more than faith in us…God has “knowing” in us! God gave us free will but God also created the machine we call the universe which was designed to achieve God’s plan, with the end result… creating a being capable of living in an eternal community. This process, which equals the process of turning a machine into human beings, takes much time. The process requires that we gain experiences both good and bad, so that we have a foundation of knowledge from which to make better choices in the future as we go from one life to the next. Therefore, it’s not a matter of if we will someday become the kind of people that can leave the cycle of life and death and become those who are capable of helping God complete her eternal mission, but a matter of when! The choice is ours.  

Good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson

Does the bible say God loves everyone?

Asked By Lola  

God cannot be known through the bible but only through a logical quest for truth. A quest one must take in a hostile environment, as one must separate themselves from the boundaries of the status quo in order to find God… and the status quo doesn’t like to give us up. I don’t need the bible to know that God loves everyone. Logic dictates not only who God is, what the universe is, how both came to be and what God’s eternal plan is for all of us but beyond all of that… just how much God loves us all!

Good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson


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