Death and Enlightenment

Tree of Knowledge by hewsan

Tree of Knowledge by hewsan

Questions posed by website visitor below about the process of enlightenment after death….

According to your articles, if we live many lives here on earth to learn our lesson and after our death, move out there to Solamenta after this life experience process, then why are there souls/beings out there, Solamenta that are not at an enlightened “level”?  Why would they not return to earth to continue their learning? Also, those people out there, Solamenta as I understand from your writings, are those who are aware of this process of life on earth. Aren’t they aware of the higher level of spirituality or enlightenment that truly exists? Why would these people out there still be partial to any religions that existed on our earth (I’m referring to your mentions of religion and also your article on demonic possession and how people out there, Solamenta communicate with some on earth which may or may not, respond to particular religious beliefs based upon their own? As I understand from your website and what I have read, it seems logical to assume “religion” would be discarded out there. Also, you’re implying that there are atheists out there, Solamenta does not make sense to me either. I firmly believe in a scenario of life, god, and all the rest to be close to your description. But some of your information is inconsistent or of contradiction. I don’t feel the need to quote and I am not attacking your information in no means. I would simply like to know more and understand your information or to further my understanding of your knowledge.

J.S. Thompson’s response below to questions asked….

Great questions!

When we leave the planet, nothing changes within us. We arrive out there, solamenta, the same people that we were when we left the earth, with the same issues or challenges not overcome while on earth. Death does not enlighten us; however, there is one thing that we are instantly aware of; “we did not die”! This new knowledge fits quickly into the natural order of life and we go about the next challenges that we face out there, solamenta.

I refer to the place where we go when we die as solamenta, because this is how my guides refer to it but other groups, may call it another word, such as “procreatos” and there are as many words to describe the hereafter as there are different groups of people who live and work there. Just like on the earth, when we leave, we return to a group which is much like we are.

Groups out there, solamenta are not necessarily enlightened. Society on the earth, still mirrors who we are when we arrive out there, solamenta and the process of our individual evolution continues but it continues now, from a different perspective. After all, it is not they who truly guide us? Granted, they do use sophisticated equipment to do the job that they do but like I said before, just because we died doesn’t mean we become enlightened. Solamenta is also a place where we are telepathic. This too becomes natural almost at the moment of arrival.

We leave a technologically primitive world when we leave the earth and we arrive at a technically advanced world but the people who use this equipment, are basically the same people that lived on the earth. True evolution is a very slow process. True evolution is a product of transformation; it is not physical, nor is it technological but true transformation is matter of “character growth”!

When we leave the earth, we do not become acutely aware of God. Our knowledge of God is the same as it was when we were on the earth. Our desire to understand God, the universe, creation, etc.  are still questions of belief when we die. Religion out there might be a bit different in some places but it is exactly the same in others.

Knowledge comes to us at a price. Nothing here on the earth or out there is free. If we are prepared to do the work, God makes sure that we are rewarded to the level of work we have done! Let me say this in a different way, “God rewards us with knowledge when we have done the work as God sees it, not as we see it!”  People out there solamenta are still seeking God in the way that we seek God here on the earth. God reveals itself to those who are willing to go all of the way, those who make the pursuit of God a true commitment.

Enlightenment comes to us at a very high price. Those who are willing to make the sacrifice are given the means to do so, whether we are on the earth or we are out there, solamenta. Obviously, not many people here on earth or out there are willing to commit to the pursuit of God to any great extent.

Society on the earth mirrors life out there, solamenta. Look around and what do you see? We have a world of poverty, war, moral and ethical decay and ignorance. Life here on the planet is not much different than life out there. There are a handful of enlightened people on the earth and likewise, there are a handful of enlightened people out there!

I refer to those who have attained enlightenment out there/ solamenta, as divine. These are people who have made the commitment and the sacrifices which have molded their character. These are the people that have learned by overcoming all of the challenges that God has placed in their paths and in so doing, have developed the character to live in a truly immortal society which is what we are all supposed to do when we eventually make the free will choice to do so.

Divine beings are committed to helping others who are ready to make the same commitments and sacrifices that they themselves had to make when they were on the earth and still continue to make today.

I know a lot about demons and so called demon possession. Like most things which are beyond our sight on the earth, which are gravely misinterpreted, demons are one of them. On the earth, we “believe, what we don’t know!” It is better for us not to believe anything at all than it is to believe wrongly”! In this world of blindness, wisdom occurs when we acknowledge our blindness. We do not know until we see and we will not see unless God takes away the blinders and these blinders remain until we are ready to admit to our ignorance. If we can stop dictating to God, our beliefs, then we will hear God telling us the truth! God is always trying to break through the thick wall of ignorance that divides us. We must stop God “will speak to us”.

As a practical matter, God is the alpha which came about as a product of natural evolution, the natural motion of space and God has been there evolving forever. We too have been around for almost as long, possibly as long. The biggest and best kept secret, even more so than what happens to us after we die, is this; the technology of God has been in the hands of man for almost as long as there has been time. The technology of man, developed by man, is for all practical intents and purposes, the technology of God! There are beings in this universe that have technology, so great, that it cannot become more advanced. Basically, these beings can do almost anything. However, the one thing they cannot do is make us become divine. This is a choice that only we can make. This is a choice that every individual, in time, will eventually make! This is what God waits for us to do. This is why we come here to earth over and over again. This is why we are faced with blindness, pain and obstacles which seem at times, to be insurmountable.

When we leave the earth, we have a choice; we can either accept the beliefs of the society of which we have come into or we can step out and seek God in the way that we are all called to do… as individuals who are prepared to go beyond the boundary of the status quo, in order to become enlightened. This is a choice that we make not as societies, religions, races or nationalities; this is a choice that we all must one day make as individuals!

The path to God must always remain open but the pathway to hell must also remain open for those who are so inclined to follow it. We cannot transform or evolve if we are not given the opportunity to sink to the lowest level. We transform when we see ourselves for who we truly are; when we are prepared to see the truth about ourselves. If the opportunity to be evil is not presented to us, then we will never see it in ourselves and so, will never be inclined to change.

When someone on earth makes contact with those out there, solamenta and because they are blind, they become easy targets for those out there, who are so inclined to deceive them! This is where the so called demons and demon possession originate! These are not little red devil beings with bifurcated tails and pitchforks; these are people who have been given the opportunity to be powerful or rather have been deceived by the divine to feel falsely, that they have power over another. The people that do this to us while we are on the earth and while we are blind and vulnerable… need to be given the opportunity to sink to their lowest level. Solamenta is where it happens.

If the life of Jesus teaches us nothing else, it teaches us that when we are persecuted, lied about, bullied, spit on, scourged and even crucified, we are in good company! This is what sacrifice is… allowing ourselves to be used by God for God’s purpose to find out who among us need the most attention. God uses the righteous to seek out the unrighteous. Just as the road to Paradise must remain open to all, so must the road to hell! Which direction we travel down this eternal path of life, is and will always remain an individual choice!

When we make contact, we get the attention of the divine and they begin the process of finding out what we are made of. Can we be tempted and are we willing to use logic, are we willing to sacrifice our life’s for the eternal salvation of least of us? How far are we willing to go to help God make a world which can truly be immortal? How far are we willing to go to help God fulfill the eternal plan for salvation?

When we make contact, we cross a line and we either become enlightened or we allow ourselves to continue to be deceived.

Solamenta is a place where learning continues albeit from another perspective. Solamenta is a place where the strong have an opportunity to get stronger and the weak have an opportunity to get weaker. It is a place where one can do things to others both good and bad, which they may or may not have had the opportunity to do on the earth. When one is given the facade of power over another, how do they use or misuse that power? God needs to know these things! How one behaves when they “believe” that no one is watching them or that anyone can do anything about it needs to be known. This is how the Divine determines what to do with us in the next life and the process continues until we have gained the strength and character to break the cycle of life and death becoming Divine, in order to be there for others in their process of individualized evolution.

I appreciate your great questions!

Good luck on your journey….

J.S. Thompson



About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.




2 comments for “Death and Enlightenment

  1. Terry
    September 20, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    So far I find your reasoning very sound. As for me I consider all beliefs to be uncertainities: And all things unknown must be believed. One believes somethig to be so or not so until he/she knows. A belief can only be changed when one knows. Until then, he or she remains a believer.

    I would love to hear your reasoning concering “The pre-requisites for physical manifestation of beings on Planet Ship Earth”. Much Respect….terry L. brown

  2. September 30, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Belief becomes a detriment when it becomes knowledge without any logical reason. Only truth is knowledge and until we can know the truth it, is wise to remain open so that learning can take place. We, as students, need to understand that we cannot know truth until we know everything and everything is a lot. Until then we need to at least acknowledge the depth of our own ignorance which is the first step towards wisdom. If we understand this truth while we are on the earth we have come a long way and the next lesson will be forthcoming.

    Some advanced beings are capable of crossing dimensional boundaries into the earth dimension and when they do, they can be seen. However, the boundaries that they must adhere to, that all computer controlled societies to one degree or another must adhere to, take precedence over their own personal desires to be seen. None of them regardless of the technology that they possess cross these boundaries unless they can prove to their computer that what they do is absolutely necessary.

    Working with an advanced computer is not easy! Unbeknownst to many if not most advanced beings is the agenda of the advanced computer; that being, to develop character in the operator. It is a hard lesson but one that must be learned before one can move to the next level and thus a more immortal level and eventually… leaving the cycle of life and death forever by becoming truly immortal. Even then, after all of the programming has been done and all of the preparations made, the mission to be seen in the earth dimension may not be the right thing to do. The computer in its infinite wisdom allows us to make mistakes in order to teach us.

    Advanced beings like us on the earth are often driven by their own personal desires. Often the only way to overcome this personal deficit is to show the operator the era of their ways and so the computer allows contact.

    Qualified advanced beings live to make contact with earth people. Because contact missions are so few, they take turns being part of the flight crew that does it and then they wait long periods of time to be able to do it again if the opportunity occurs for them again. Although a bit different, death comes for them as it does for us. Earth is a place where advanced beings come to begin again. There are many more advanced beings “out there” than there are people on the earth and because they are so numerous, they must wait to do meaningful work. Meaningful work is one of the secrets of immortality. Out there the personal struggle to increase one’s ability to do meaningful work is paramount! Those who do not, find themselves decreasing in ability and when this happens, they must wait for the opportunity to come to earth and begin again.

    Good luck on your journey….
    J.S. Thompson

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