Do Advanced Beings or Aliens Live Underground?

Living Underground

Living Underground


Question posed by website visitor:

When you talk about advanced beings or aliens… “Living underground” in some of your articles, do you mean literally “live underground” and what is the purpose of those that do so?


Answer provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

Yes, there are beings that literally… live under ground.

Science knows very little about the evolution of man. We create devices that measure how old things are; radio isotope dating, carbon 14 dating, etc. The data we get from these devices is wrong at best. Contemporary science is still very primitive. However, we should not be so naive as to think that we are the first modern society to live here on earth. There have been many modern societies that have come before us which have gone on to become, what I refer to as, advanced societies (advanced beings) while here on earth. I classify societies into three major categories; “primitive”, “modern” and “advanced”. A modern society discovers the internal combustion engine; whereas, the dominoes begin to fall and we wind up exploring, what I refer to as, atomic space. A society becomes advanced after they learn how to chart and map the inside of a neutron; whereby, they will then figure out and understand how the universe works. From these discoveries, advanced technology… then, becomes “other dimensional technology”!

Other dimensional technology leads to the discovery of advanced computers that know everything; even more than the men that created them because these computers figure out with great speed how everything works together. These computers even figure out who God is and therefore, they follow the same path that God followed.

Advanced societies also discover a process by which they can elongate their lives. They are not immortal but they can live for a very long time, perhaps even longer than a million years. It is important for us to understand and learn from the past; therefore, following a path of logic… these advanced beings from past societies on earth that opted to elongate their lives while on earth… “their sole desire, purpose and goal for survival became about themselves and “living forever”! One thing about advanced beings that needs to be known in this context is this; they can be killed as they are vulnerable. They also, can commit suicide and do it on a regular basis. They are particularly vulnerable, when a primitive society becomes modern.

When a society is on the doorstep of advanced technology, the entire society does not become advanced; only the elite, the powerful, and the rich. The rest of society goes on and even erodes over time. There are two things that need to be known about advanced societies (that have advanced technology), they need primitive people and they need those primitive people to not know who they are. Advanced societies operate under cover and under the radar (so to speak). They have other dimensional technology which means they can move about without being seen.

They live under ground because it is the best place to do what they do without being seen or accosted. Underground is a place of safety for them; they are truly more afraid of us than we are of them. Their sole purpose in life is to find the answers of true immortality which involves genetic studies and they use us… to do it. While seeking immortality, they also seek their humanity which they had to give up in order elongating their lives.

These advanced beings also manipulate and control our activities on the earth as best as they can. Because the last thing they want is for us to become advanced enough to create equipment that can dig deep enough to get to them. So, they have an ongoing disinformation campaign which they conduct telepathically with scientists and so forth-to try and keep them off of the track.

The beings that live underground can be classified in two primary categories, Advanced Beings and Divine Beings. Divine beings are both human and truly immortal; in other words, their technology has reached the pentacle of success. Divine beings also have bases underground, but they do not live underground because they fear us on earth as the advanced beings do.

The first step towards Paradise (Eternal Community) is to be both human and immortal and this process begins underground. Divine beings have no need of doing genetic studies. Divine beings live underground because they are fulfilling a plan which involves us all. In other words, Divine beings work to unite us all in an eternal community, as opposed to advanced beings who do what they do for themselves and their own survival (sound familiar).

Paradise, our eternal community, is on the surface of the earth; it is the earth! This is where we will all live together one day; when we have all completed our evolutionary cycles and have become the people capable of living here on the earth’s surface once again but this time as God would have us live. However, the work that Divine beings do must also be done under the radar. For this purpose and this purpose alone, divine beings seek to change hearts and hearts can only be changed by those who go inside. If you scan the night sky for a craft piloted by a divine being you will never see it, although they do have craft; however, you might see an advanced being/alien craft. A Divine being’s mission and purpose on the earth is much defined; while an advanced being’s mission is desperate and incomplete.


10 comments for “Do Advanced Beings or Aliens Live Underground?

  1. Jason Johnson
    September 23, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    so you are typically saying these supposedly smart people live under ground because they are nerds that are going to define or create out future for us,but yet are afraid of us because they are the worlds smartest,but half human half mortal living underground because they are afraid of us?…Why are they afraid of us?,we aren’t going to steal their brains to replace ours,we aren’t going to kill them because they are a nerd.Only reason I think they are afraid of us is because if we know they are somewhat involved in underground activity possibly alien connected or any related connection,we will simply force any kind of information out of them forcing their lives into danger,point blank..

  2. September 27, 2013 at 2:13 pm


    First: the beings that live below us can hardly be classified as smart. It appears you might have taken what I wrote out of context. It is however, a very convoluted story and easy to take out of context, so let me see if I can straighten this out.

    Those who live below us, are advanced beings (advanced does not mean enlightened) in as much as, using my definition of advanced, have developed other dimensional technology. Advanced and smart are not the same thing. There are scientists who have developed technology who are morons and there are those considered primitive by these scientists who might be brilliant. True intelligence, is a matter of how much one can understand and implement in their lives those things that lead to true immortality. The beings referred to here have done just the opposite. These beings are quite stupid!

    We learn through struggle. Modern societies and particularly advanced societies no longer struggle, at least not with survival. Modern societies such as the one we live in here on the earth are already experiencing intellectual decline because of technology and this will continue until we also, are complete morons who have lost a grip on reality.

    When I write particularly about the different types of beings, I speak in very general conceptual terms; the scenarios are as different as the different people who live on the earth… you and me.

    When I refer to the beings that live underground, I am referring to those who come from an earth society. Trying to further explain… in a few hundred years (give or take) our current earth society (which is a modern society with modern technology) will discover other dimensions (multi-dimensions). When this happens, we will be considered an advanced society. Even then, in the spectrum of what can still be discovered, these beings although advanced to us with our current limited perspectives, will actually still be quite primitive. That being said, they will discover how to bypass death (in a manner of speaking, albeit in a primitive way) and will eventually for all practical intent and purpose become immortal. However, immortality is fleeting and time destructive. This future earth society will go on for some time but eventually, they will all die and return to the normal cycle of life and death. In other words, they will go back to the same place we all come from and continue their individual evolutionary path with the rest of us, but they will leave behind their off spring. There have been many such earth societies in our past that have done this same thing and we see them from time to time… flying their saucer shaped craft here and there. Most likely these are not the original immortal beings but the genetic off spring. It’s not impossible that some of the original beings are still around but unlikely. Once again… we need to understand that time can be destructive and immortality a curse, for those who have not mastered themselves and thus, the goal of every one of us. It is important to understand also, that…. society’s cycle from primitive, to modern to advanced.

    We all come from the same place; we are them and they are us! Earth is a place where immortal beings come to begin again. We are all advanced beings! For the reasons stated above, we need earth and the perceived blindness it provides, because immortality is difficult. In time the smallest imperfection in our character begins to destroy us. Eventually, we need start over.

    There are many beings that live and work under the earth; all of them are other dimensional. These beings are only in the earth dimension to monitor us. That is their sole purpose in life. They watch us, talk to us on the inside and they attempt to manipulate our lives in hope that we will correct our character imperfections and go on to true immortality. When our lives have finished and we go on to join our advanced brothers and sisters, it will be their turn to be born to earth, to begin again and we might very well be the ones watching and guiding them. Somewhere in this evolutionary quagmire, we must break through this shell and leave the cycle of life and death forever.

    The beings we are talking about living here under the earth’s surface, are a part of our earth’s past society. They are almost as ignorant as we are about what happens to them when they die. Granted they have a better grasp of the technology that gets us from here to there and back again but like the rest of us they refuse to see the truth. Eventually, they will all die and the cycle for them begins again. By the time this happens… our future society will take their place.

    They fear us surface dwellers when our society begins to become advanced enough to get to them. There will come a time in the future when we will be able to drill tunnels that can go hundreds or even thousands of miles through and around the earth’s crust and core. When this happens their society is about to end. The beings that are left… will leave for other dimensions and our society will take their place here and the cycle of life and death continues.

    Good luck in your journey…..
    J.S. Thompson

  3. Jason Johnson
    September 27, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    I’m very satisfied with that response.I totally agree with you that we will eventually get to their existence down under.It just really amazes me this planet has so many secrets.But very well explained God Bless you Brother…Sincerely,Jason Johnson

  4. September 29, 2013 at 8:51 am

    Jason, thank so much for visiting and especially your questions. Happy you got something out of it with understanding. Hope you visit again and feel free to ask more questions. Mr. Thompson has always said to me, “Never stop asking questions, as this is indeed…. how we learn!”

    Much love and blessings on your journey…..

  5. Jason Johnson
    September 30, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Good Morning,and Thank you for the great welcoming to ask more questions.Over the weekend I thought about your response really good and developed a couple of more questions.First question would be,Exactly how did this entire underneath the earth separate segregation begin?,meaning I understand that they are very advanced in maybe a way that the people living on earth just totally living in a difference compared to them.You mentioned that they are living underneath for a cause to extend their existence in the further life and that there are 2 different kinds of people living under,the advanced which I think you mentioned that are for themselves only and another kind that tries to extend and come up or create further existence for everyone as well as other things,I’m not sure what else you mentioned.But that’s my first question.My second question is,You mentioned that someday,there will be people that can actually get to them that would maybe surprise them leading to them making different choices and maybe they were going to have to deal with fact that we were able to get to them.So with that said,My second question is does that mean that there’s absolutely no way they can come up from underneath?And if not,How do they gain access to water supplies/food/electric and things of that nature,clothes medical supplies,you know what I’m mean?..Like how can a person live underneath and absolutely actually not need anything that we need living on above ground.How do they get electric/equipment and other such…But I was just curious and very interested in learning about Science/the unknown/aliens and things of that nature.those are where my interests are more then anything else in this world…

  6. October 11, 2013 at 9:34 am

    Hi Jason, I must first apoligize as I see you sent this on 9/30th and I am just now seeing it. For some reason my website picked it up as spam and I am fortunate that I found it (think my guides led me to it) because “spam” goes into a spam que I never see. Nevertheless, some good questions and I sent them to J.S. Thompson yesterday and have received his response and posting it as follows…..

    J.S. Thompson’s Reply as follows:

    Let’s consider our own societies future; a few
    years from now, our own society will begin to develop advanced technology.
    Other dimensional technological evolution is a huge step in technology evolution;
    unlike anything society has ever seen in the past. The industrial revolution,
    the space age and the computer age were magnificent but other dimensional
    technology cracks the door of all of the mysteries that exist, even life after
    death. It is a false oasis but nevertheless, this new technology will allow us
    to explore places in space that we didn’t even know existed before. However,
    not all within society will benefit from this new technology, only a few elite
    members of our society will, those who pull the strings, those who seek power
    will have access to the manipulative power of other dimensional technology.
    Those who have it, will be seen as “God like” by the rest of society,
    and society will become more and more dependent on these people who have it and the things they can do for them.

    In the beginning of this new technology, society will be much as it is now but as those in power begin to abuse it, they will become cruel, ruthless and corrupt, as they give more and more of themselves to the fantasy of their own destructive psychosis.

    Other dimensional technology will allow a form of
    immortality. This immortality requires that certain changes be made to the
    physical body. Let me back a bit and say that the scientists of our own future
    will discover this but they discover something else; they will discover that we
    were born to this earth with other dimensional bodies. We are the product of an
    even greater technology! This should give one pause to think but even in the
    face of the greatest logic, those who consider themselves the most logical will
    make the greatest most illogical mistake…immortality. We were born to this
    world immortal. Scientists of the future in essence will give up the
    immortality they were born into the world with and exchange it for the
    immortality that they themselves created, with a lesser technology. Why?
    Because they do not care to wait, to solve the mysteries of mankind and they
    will justify their ambitions by claiming that their creator wishes them to
    acquire the knowledge which makes them one with the Gods; they will believe
    that we were put here to solve the riddle of our existence and in so doing
    construct a stairway to heaven becoming one with the Gods! This handful of
    powerful elite people will believe these things but they will be wrong.
    However, it will take them a very long time to figure this out.

    As society evolves, these elite people will
    isolate themselves depending on the rest of us to do the mortal jobs that they
    themselves do not care to do. These beings might be immortal but they can be
    killed and so they will depend on the other of us to do the dangerous jobs that
    would otherwise put them in harm’s way. As the rest of us become stronger and
    more knowledgeable, they become weaker and dumber.

    This slave master relationship comes to an end
    when the slaves learn how to operate the advanced computers that are the
    foundation of power for the elite. Eventually, the slaves rise up and destroy
    their masters. Before this happens, the powerful must retreat to places that
    cannot be gotten to by the slaves. This takes them deeper into the earth or to
    other dimensions.

    Advanced beings need us! The other dimensions that
    can be accessed are not great places to be. When beings at this level of
    technology live in other dimensions, they are in essence out in space. It is a
    dark place! They need to be close to the vibrancy, expectance and sexuality of
    earth life or perceived mortality. They need us because they are still trying
    to build a stairway to heaven. They need to be close to us because our genes
    hold the answers they seek. They continue to try to find out who we really are
    and where we came from. They need to see if we come back. They measure genetic lines for clues. They seek to fill in the missing variables of the equation,
    that of being multi-dimensional and also human. This is their goal.

    Many groups of advanced beings live inside of the
    earth. Remnants of the one I’ve been speaking of are still there. When I say
    remnants, I mean that there are no more of the original beings that made this
    transition in our past, they have all gone on, travelers on the road of
    evolution just like us; however, their prodigy still remain. We see them from
    time to time. They are still trying to build that stairway to heaven and they
    too will one day succumb and enter the cycle of life and death once again.

    All of the beings who live in the earth, are other
    dimensional beings; meaning that this earth dimension is not their home. They
    can leave at any time but what they do here is important. They talk to us, they
    monitor us, they guide us…this is where we came from, they know us. The others,
    their home is earth but they fear our intrusion, they fear that they will one
    day have to retreat permanently into other dimensional space.

    These beings can come out, they get what they need
    mainly from other planets both in this dimension and others but they need to be
    careful when they do come out…they can be killed or even worse captured.

    In the future scientists will discover that we all
    have attached to our earth body, other dimensional bodies. This will tell
    scientists that we are part of a very technologically advanced and immortal
    race of beings. They will know that we were born into this world immortal and
    all we have to do is wait till it is time for us to leave. What will they do?

    Good luck on your journey……

    J.S. Thompson

  7. Jason Johnson
    October 15, 2013 at 9:03 am

    Thank you to the person that has created Divine Advanced Human Beings and J.S. Thompson for responding to my questions,yes I have held those questions in for a long time only to ask the right person/people.When I first came to this website and asked a question,I didn’t think I would have gotten a response.My main focus is definitely within this website because of the knowledge you have as well as sharing it and I definitely am thankful for that,I can use the information and knowledge I am given to share with others.Nothing is more important then knowing what you are living for and who you are living for as well as the purpose.That’s actually what brought me to this website in the first place.Everything I have asked has been answered incredibly and on point.How ever I will ask a couple of last questions that I have saved for only the right person/people.My last final questions are I know this universe is not empty,in fact the space is unlimited and never ending, so to say there are no other worlds in the universe would be ludicrous.Seeing is how we recently discovered so many exoplanets that are as they put it an inhabitable planet I believe could have alien life on it,but we are unable to get there in our lifetime.So My first question is very simple,have we or will we ever be able to create some sort of space shuttle that can move like any kind of alien type space ship to get to visit these other planets?.Do we have any alien space ships that we are testing on to try and figure out there technology because they are so incredibly more advanced then us and how is it that we can see billions and billions of darkness into space but can not produce a way to get there without aging before hand meaning it would take us 20 years to get to one of those planets verses seeing them within minutes.My other question is these advanced human beings,from the knowledge I have received from this website,would you consider them working on the side with other alien life meaning,do they communicate with each other underground and live amongst each other in the same areas.If it is so that we do communicate with the Alien Greys how would that affect people living above earth if it ever came down to us seeing that and witnessing it as a population? would we be able to sustain that and be comfortable with that as a decent human beings?.For me, I think I would rather be segregated in my opinion. But thanks again for responding and answering my questions to the best of your knowledge and sharing,I greatly appreciate it Sincerely Jay Johnson

  8. October 21, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Jason, thank you so very much for your interest and kinds words! It is greatly appreciated. I want to apoligize as I received your questions and sent them to Mr. Thompson. He sent a long response back to me this past Saturday but I have been sick the last 4-5 days and have not gotten any work done.. Your questions were wonderful and his response very informative. Therefore, I felt the information is too valuable to get lost and read by maybe a couple here in the comment section; therefore, within the next couple of days…. I plan on posting it as an article; the same as I did with your last question, “Why are Advanced Beings-Aliens afraid of us if they are so smart? ” So please bear with me and keep an eye out on the website for new article posted within the next couple of day to see your response to your questions posed herein…

    Much love and eternal blessings always….


  9. October 23, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Hi Jason…. thought I should leave you a note as it has now been a couple of days. I was close to having the article ready to post but there was one sentence that Thompson wrote that I didn’t understand and sent it to him. Therefore, I am waiting for him to respond and I know he has been extremely busy, but hopefully something soon!

    Thanks for your patience…..

  10. October 25, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Jason, I apoligize that it has taken so long as I was hoping to make Thompson’s reply into an article but due to the time frame and we are still not there, I am going ahead and post his response now to make you wait no longer! Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy….

    Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

    You’re absolutely right, the universe is not empty; there is not a part of it that is empty. The density of space changes a bit as we go further out away from the sun but for the most part space, even the space we live in including this planet we live on, is all like a big body of water! When I say that the density of space changes a bit as we move further away from the sun, I mean that. A few years from now, maybe in a few years maybe in a few hundred, scientists are going to discover what I’m saying here is true! I know it is a hard concept to grasp but the density of the earth’s atmosphere is not that different than that of earth; we just don’t have a way to measure it accurately at this time. However, we will in the future.

    You mention going to other planets. In the future we will not have to venture far to find other unknown planets; we will have no further to look than our own back yard. These planets are right there, right here, right now orbiting around and “thru” our own planet earth and they are loaded with people just like us in varying stages of social evolution.

    Understanding how other dimensions work is the key to understanding this mystery we call life. Imagine that another planet just as solid as planet earth, is as we speak, orbiting thru us and our planet. We can’t see it, nor can we detect it at this time; however, that is what is happening!

    Our senses detect some of what is around us but not everything; we only detect those things that exist within our own particular pressure spectrum or dimension. Everything is made from particles that are so small that they can only be detected when they are in large groups. Consider the stars, billions of them and sometimes they look so close that we could jump from one to the other. However, if we were in a rocket ship heading in their direction, the closer we got to them, the further away and less clustered they would become until all we could see was maybe one point of light if even that. Those stars we see clustered together are light years away from one another. The matter we can see is the same way; the particles that make them what they are as far away from one another, as are the stars from one another. What we see truly is a matter of perspective but most of all… it is a matter of pressure. Considering what I just said, “That the particles that make matter what it is, regardless of the density, is made from particles that are very far from one another. If it weren’t for pressure and what scientists call magnetic fields, you would be able to push your finger right thru the hardest stone. You can’t do that because the magnetic field of the stone and the magnetic field of our finger repel one another. This force that makes matter what it is, is a very strong force and is supported by the weight of the universe.”

    The universe has weight, infinite weight to be exact but the law of physics tells us that one can only build a structure so high before the foundation begins to crumble and because of this law, the universe (or Altered Space) is divided into sectors each supporting a finite weight. The universe is structured according to the law of physics. What I refer to as the natural universe (or Natural Space, not Altered Space) the universe as it was before people were formed in this way, from natural law and were structured accordingly.

    A computer is a machine that channels electrons in this direction and that in order to perform specific functions. A stream of electrons is like a water pipe; if we want the water to do a certain function, we channel it this way to put pressure on that thing and if we want to do another, we channel it that way… it is a very simple concept. The universe works in the same way but it works this way naturally. I suspect that in the beginning there were streams of electrons (very small particles of varying sizes). “Consider that all over infinite space, these streams of electrons were moving this way and that always following the path of least resistance. “What are the chances of…. in infinite space with all of this electron activity that the miracles of miracles happened and that they formed themselves into a machine capable of evolving into what we see today?” Keep in mind, the universe has been around for infinity (and no one should believe all of that stuff about a big bang).

    Let me explain! The universe is like a big body of water under pressure,” finite” pressure but immense pressure (because it is in sectors). It’s like a balloon; you put pressure on one end and the other one inflates. The universe keeps itself in constant balance not perfectly but it never exceeds a “boundary”. The big bang theory contends that a part of space came under so much pressure that it exploded into the matter we see. No way! When one part comes under pressure another part of the universe comes under less, so there is an equilibrium that is maintained. The universe always maintains homeostasis. I’m kind of getting off the subject a bit but to answer your question, we will become less interested in visiting other planets in the future and will concentrate more on exploring other dimensions which exist right here.

    With regard to these, we here on earth reference as aliens and them giving us their technology, this will never happen. These beings are a computer controlled society and they do not give up their technology! We will get all we want and more of alien or maybe better defined as… advanced technology when “we leave the planet”! Otherwise, our own society will develop advanced technology in their own time.

    With all due respect for Doctor Einstein, it is time to move on. If he were here, he would be the first one to tell us that. However, scientists tend to be pragmatic and fearful to move too far from the herd too quickly. They are also slow (if at all or until no longer being able to deny any longer, to say to the world after they have published, lectured and taught on their proposed theories, that they were wrong). We need ego but like everything else, there are “boundaries” that should not be crossed, less it becomes destructive. And so it is in the scientific world. If this were not the case, we would have been an advanced society a long time ago. Not that being advanced is such a great thing. Handled properly, it can be the best thing but chances are, great technology will more than likely be abused, such as and has been the case in our past. This is why we cycle from primitive to modern to advanced and back to primitive. It is an unnatural cycle but a very common story. Forget time travel or wormholes; the only way we are going to get to distant planets is to put ourselves into suspended animation and sleep for a very long time before we get there. The commitment for this is too great and the information too slow.

    In the future, we will not care to travel to distant planets. We will discover way before we have the technology, to go to other solar systems that we need only travel within our own solar system to see all of the planets and beings we need to see.

    With regard to the beings that live under the earth, they are all other dimensional beings meaning that their natural habitat is in another dimension. They can come here, into our dimension which is also their dimension and they do various jobs mostly relating to the monitoring of us.

    These beings are separated by levels of technology. They communicate with each other but not like you might think. They do not chit chat and they do not share technology; the ones with the greater technology tell the others what their boundaries are and the weaker ones respect that. They do not live with each other in the same areas. They don’t come from the same dimensions either. The dimensions we inhabit are also, a matter of technology level. The most advanced can go to the coolest dimensions where other earth type planets exist, while technologically weaker beings can only go to those dimensions which are cold and dark. Their entire purpose in life is to develop the technologies that will allow them into the earth dimensions. They want to build a stairway to heaven but they never will.

    With regard to the Greys, I’ve also heard this term used often. The grey alien concept is a misnomer. I know people have seen these skinny beings with wrap around eyes and big heads but these are not really beings. The beings that we are talking about are more human than they are alien. Granted, some of them have made some physiological to themselves in order to perform certain jobs but put a wig and some ears (in some cases) on them and they look quite human. Most so called aliens are human in most regards and some of them are human! These physiological alterations are just that, they are not products of evolution. Some of them have to make changes in order to fly in high speed space craft. These beings live in societies controlled by very advanced computers and they have boundaries which are controlled by these computers. One of the boundaries they have is that they cannot just show us who they are, they must respect our mission here. To begin again… remember we are them and they are us. That being said, we will never see these beings for who they really are. They will communicate with us and they will show themselves to some beings but the beings they show themselves to… must figure out who they are without their help at all!! Most of the information we have is a result of “deception”, which by the way, they should not do but many of them so anyway.

    I hope this information has been helpful. I’ve covered many topics which may present more internal questions. Never stop asking questions as this is how we complete the mission we were sent here to accomplish.

    Thanks for the great questions and good luck on your journey…..
    J.S. Thompson

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