Do Aliens Exist

Advanced Being Aliens

Advanced Being Aliens

Question from visitor presented to J.S. Thompson, as follows:

Are there Aliens out there? Do they play a part in our existence and if they do, will they ever really show themselves? Also, is it a possibility they are us from the future?


J.S. Thompson’s response to above questions, as follows:

Advanced beings, also known as aliens, do exist! The truth about aliens or advanced beings (defined by these names, simply… because they have developed advanced technology) which may be better defined as “other dimensional technology”. With the exception of death, “advanced or other dimensional technology” is a secret kept from those of us who are on earth. Not surprisingly, death and our continued existence after we leave, is also a matter of advanced or divine technology which is the best kept secret of all time and for good reason. Our blindness which we experience while we are on the earth, serves or attempts to force us to use our God given ability to be logical. This ability if learned, serves to give us the strength to live within an immortal community thus allowing us to leave the cycle of life and death forever.

Societies cycle from primitive – to modern – to advanced societies. Unknown to modern societies such as the one we find ourselves in today, are the many modern and advanced societies that have existed in our past. The beings that are seen from time to time flying around in saucer shaped craft are advanced humans who have been around a very long time because in their time, they discovered and developed advanced technology (or “other dimensional technology”). That discovery and development of other dimensional technology included a primitive form of longevity. I use the word primitive to describe this technology because these beings are considered primitive by more advanced beings with even greater technology and as far we on earth are concerned, they are immortal.

These advanced being-aliens are not from the future. Time travel for them and all beings, for that matter, is impossible regardless of the technology that they possess. Even God cannot time travel! However, all past events are recorded and documented. Advanced, as well as divine computers, can predict the future depending on the technological advancement of the computer. This is done through statistical analysis and the more statistics a computer has… the more accurate about the future it can be. For example; to a computer that understands how the universe works… telling the future is the same thing as knowing what an assembly line will produce without actually seeing it work because you know what it does.

To an advanced being, their survival is one of self-righteousness in caring only for themselves vs. the righteous caring for all mankind to evolve. Therefore; they have developed their survival mechanism built on secrecy and deceit! Divine beings also keep their existence secret but for good reason. Divine beings want us to learn to figure out the secrets of God, the reason for the life and death cycle and our existence; however, not by giving us the answers to immortality and eternal community but by teaching us the answers. Divine beings seek our personal growth through the process of trying to teach us to learn to use logic (and not our thoughts, feelings or belief systems in place) which can only be developed through our experiences. In this way and in time… we become stronger and those capable of living in an eternal community. Advanced beings on the other hand, seek only their own survival and continued longevity.

In the past, advanced beings made their presence known to a greater extent than they do now because they are not as vulnerable when society on earth is primitive. Of course, their preference would be that we remain primitive all of the time if they had their way because a society that becomes a modern one with modern technology such as we have today… is a society that becomes a greater threat to them due to the fact that we are now closer to discovering what they have discovered… “advanced-other dimensional technology”.

When we leave the planet, we become acutely aware that we are an advanced society and begin our work “out there” utilizing advanced technology to talk to someone on the earth in hope that we can guide them in the right direction. In this way over time, we evolve internally. You notice that I use the words “advanced technology when we leave the earth”; I need to be clear that there is a distinct difference between “us” out there who still remain in the divine design of the life and death cycle for our continued evolution and those who I describe as advanced beings that we see from time to time flying saucers. However, advanced beings or aliens have temporarily taken themselves out of the “life and death cycle”. This is a big mistake hindering their individual evolution and until they understand the error of their choice in the decision to do so, before they finally make the decision to return to the cycle of life and death. This is a mistake we on earth will also make and repeat, once we discover “advanced or other dimensional technology” if we don’t learn the lesson or the reason and purpose for the “life and death cycle”.

The difference is that when we die, we are under the authority of divine beings but most of us will not have evolved to the point that we are divine beings yet. Therefore, our learning continues out there in the way that the universal machine of evolution was designed to work. Divine beings continue to guide us out there until we too can become members of the same divine community. Advanced being aliens, those who became immortal through their own science will go through the same process as we do when we die and at some time in the future, advanced being aliens will inevitably die also. These beings either die an accidental death or they simply ask their computer to end their lives… thus, returning to the cycle of life and death again. When this happens, they arrive out there in the same manner that we do and they begin again.

“Do aliens exist”? Yes they do and all we have to do to see them is to look in the mirror (this statement should invoke many questions by any that read this).

“Will they ever show themselves”? No….not really! The earth exists to allow advanced beings the opportunity to begin again. Immortality is not easy! We have to learn by the challenges of our earth lives how to become strong enough to leave the cycle of life and death forever.

There are very strict boundaries with regard to how, when and why we make contact with these beings. There is a process but it is a very strict and exacting process. When contact is made in one form or another, it is still a matter of free choice and they do make mistakes.

We must use logic to figure this out; anything that is given to us detracts from that mission!


Best of luck on your journey and never stop asking questions as this is how we learn…

J.S. Thompson


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4 comments for “Do Aliens Exist

  1. Desiree
    March 1, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Regarding your article here on “Do Aliens Exist” and your quote of “Yes, all we have to do is look in the mirror”. Could you explain this? Thank you!

  2. March 2, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    First, thank you for your question; it is a great question!

    It is important for all to understand the term alien as used herein and as we here on earth call them… that these beings are Advanced Beings; further defined, simply due to them having access to advanced technology or “other dimensional technology”.

    We are them and they are us! Earth is a place where immortal beings come to begin again. Immortality is difficult. There are many reasons for the earth experience; one of them is to become a new person, with a new identity. We don’t lose the old one, everything has been recorded and documented but we don’t consciously remember it.

    When we return out there to Solamenta from our earth experience, we are often met there by those who knew us in our last life, or there might be some there who have known us from many lives ago. When we leave the earth, we are transported… who does this for us? It is our own people. It is our own people who sent us to earth; who guide us while we are here and who bring us back when our time is up, using advanced technology.

    Best of luck and success on your journey…
    J.S. Thompson

    I strongly recommend to all who have an interest in this subject matter, to read the articles I’ve written… naming just a partial list as follows:

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    Differences between Divine Beings, Advanced Beings and Us…

    Are UFO-Alien Beings Agents of God, What’s their Relationship to God and Us?

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  3. Patrick
    October 30, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    How can anyone claim that time travel is impossible? That alone indicates a limited line of thinking. Knowledge needs an open canvass to fill, without restriction. For anyone to claim such a thing is out of line, unless it has been proven, which remains to be seen.

  4. November 4, 2016 at 8:58 am

    J.S. Thompson’s Response:

    First of all, the possibility of time travel is highly theoretical. In order to get to the bottom of this subject, beloved by sci-fi aficionados, we must first take a look at Einstein’s theory. Just very briefly, I’ll talk to the issue regarding time and motion studies. It is true that time will slow down as the craft carrying the clock moves very fast; however, this phenomenon can be explained in a whole different way. As the craft gets faster, the clock gets slower but it is not time that is slowing. It is the clock that is slowing, not time. As speed increase, there will come a point where enough pressure is put on the instrument and the instrument will slow but the slowing of the clock is a mechanical effect not a space time effect. This will not get us to time travel.

    The universe works on one time schedule, “Universal time” and the universe keeps a very strict time schedule. I know the fantasy of time travel is intriguing but for me, truth is much more exhilarating.

    Contemporary scientists don’t know much about anything at all. We do know that if one does “A”…”B” happens. What happens between B and A, is still a mystery for the most part contemporary science has not yet even cracked the surface of technology great enough to truly answer these questions. They will be answered someday but not anytime soon. The fluid of space is governed restrictions and boundaries. They are called the law of physics and dismayed as we might be over not being able to go beyond these laws, they exist and in the future, there will be no time travel….sorry! Even God, if God were to exist, could not do anything outside of these boundaries.

    The canvas, by the way is not open. It has been filled for a very long time. There is nothing left to explore or invent because everything is known and all discoveries have been made. Not here on the earth in this time but somewhere and some time ago. The question becomes, who or what did it and why, Maybe this will help you to understand this; given and infinite universe, with infinite weight, moving particles one attached to the other, in a time before stars, moons and planets or any bodies in space what so ever, albeit, with all of the building materials for the known universe all present and accounted for; “could this universe emerge from that matrix with all aforementioned bodies? And what % chance existed to make that happen….figure this without a “big bang” scenario! Just see a cold black matrix of moving particles one attached to the other by pressure and counter pressure.

    Like I said before, everything is theoretical in our modern day contemporary science. So, that leaves everything on the table for discussion. When science fills in “all” of the variables of the equation, then we know; until then, it’s wise to keep our eyes and ears open. There is still millions of years of knowledge left yet to be learned.

    Forget the speed of light and the big bang also. I’ll be happy to get into these questions in another session if you have further questions or comments. One thing I believe… many associate with time travel, are “other dimensions”. I’ll be glad to explain how other dimensions work as well, if you’re interested.

    Good luck,
    J.S. Thompson

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