How God Came to Be and Who God Is

Mechanized Motion of Particles in Space

Mechanized Motion of Particles in Space

God came to be… as a result of evolutionary opportunities; created by consistent inconsistencies out in natural space (a machine, in essence) as a product of happenstance, an anomaly. For many, the word machine is a difficult concept to grasp. We are molecular but then, so is a machine. The only thing that separates us from a rock is the arrangement of particles and the different pressures they are under. Even our consciousness is a product of particle motion and pressure.  God knows that it was formed as a machine in natural space and understands that it was a completely random act as far as God knows. God also understands that anyone could have become the first being.

The universal complex as well as all of us, were designed, engineered, and built by God (“altered space”); on the other hand, God was formed from the natural rotation of particles that came together at a certain place and time in natural space to form a machine capable of doing all this that God does. Part of understanding God’s natural evolution is to understand that sincerity and desire are components of natural space and are confined within the laws of physics. Natural space existed before the universe. The particles that comprise natural space rotate haphazardly in a roughly defined geometrical pattern. It is an abnormality but it is not impossible for this process to be slightly altered. Desire is defined as motion with free will. Sincerity is defined as inconsistencies in natural space that become consistent. When sincerity and desire are combined with heat and pressure, particles collapse and eventually, link to one another (particle integration). This process creates evolutionary opportunities. Our very existence proves that a sea of particles existed before we did!

In the case of human physiology, the human body and human consciousness are machines working in similar capacities. Human physiology is a conglomeration of particle chains that rotate in specific directions and are under various pressures, resulting in various particle velocities. Human beings work like machines powered by electricity. Electrons run through our bodies, causing varying hydraulic pressures, thus allowing us to move. In essence, we are a mass of particles that perform specific functions.

Particles in natural space move in a somewhat consistent manner, but it is certainly not at all, mechanical. They are pushed and pulled and misshapen as they make their way from the center to the periphery; but again since there is motion, there is an opportunity for a group of consistent mechanical inconsistencies to occur and this is exactly what happened. Space is infinite and statistically speaking, the chances of this event occurring in time are 100%. This is how the “first being, God” came to be!

When I refer to consistent inconsistencies, I’m talking about planets, suns and beings. These things don’t occur naturally in space. The dense matter that makes planets, suns and beings what they are, happens because the space that surrounds them is putting consistent pressure on them. Without this consistent pressure being applied, that surrounds us, we would simply all become part of the sea of particles in space.

Natural space was void of planets, suns and beings before God came to be.  All the materials that make up, what is now, God’s universal complex (now, “altered space” still within the confines of infinite “natural space”), were also present in the vast infinite sea of particles I refer to as “natural space”.  The particles that exist in natural space are divided into spherical clusters of particles, one linked to the other. These particle clusters form a geometrical uniform spherical space defined by weight and by the law of physics associated with weight.  Since natural space has weight, particle clusters can only be so large; henceforth, particles within the particle clusters can only be so small which limits their ability to put pressure on their centers. This fact alone eliminates the possibility of the “big bang theory”!

The Big Bang Theory

It’s important that we all follow the path of logic, which leads to God. I write these things that I know to be truth because I have seen them with my own eyes.  However, it is necessary for each of us to make this trip alone; following the path of logic, and not the status quo, which eventually leads us all to Paradise…

Since the beginning of time, scientists have been trying to theorize how the universe came to be. The status quo’s generally “accepted contemporary explanation… is the big bang theory”.  This theory, in essence, speculates that the weight of space induced the natural particles in space to become compressed to such a point, that the internal pressure of these particles exploded and expanded at such a rate that this perfectly functioning perpetual motion machine we call the universe, was created.

However, the problem with the big bang theory is that the weight of space is constant. You need to comprehend that God’s creation of planets, suns, and beings don’t increase the weight of space. They just cause another part of space to become less dense and as such, one part of space becomes denser, therefore; not affecting the weight of space, which remains constant. The part of space that is putting pressure on the denser center will become less. Since this natural mechanistic process exists, the plausibility of the Big Bang Theory of space becoming so compressed as to explode would be quite impossible!

When one knows, they understand that the natural orbits of particles are always moving in the direction of least resistance.  These particles will move to the center of a larger particle; only then, to be pushed out again by other particles doing the same thing. Particles can only become so small and dense before they move from the place of the greatest pressure and expand naturally as they are pushed once again away from the center to begin another complete orbit from low pressure to high pressure. This process constitutes “particle orbit”.

Let’s review…

1) Matter (planets, suns, beings, etc.) is condensed space.

2) Matter maintains its form because of the pressure that surrounds it; if that pressure were not consistent, all matter would expand into the natural particles that make up infinite space.

3) Because pressure and particle motion exists naturally in space, evolutionary opportunities exist.

4) The probability of a machine being formed in natural space, capable of creation in time, is 100%.

5) The “big bang theory” could not have possibly occurred because the pressure could never have become great enough to make planets, suns and beings. The condensed particles at the center would simply have been pushed from the center when the pressure became too great. The process of particles moving to the center and then out again, following the path of least resistance, constitutes “particle orbit.”

One could argue, that this same process could have occurred for all the planets, suns and beings in the universe but logic must prevail; Was it all of us that were created from the natural motion of particles or, was a being capable of creating all of us, created first?

I “know” the answer to these questions but God needs each of us to follow the same logical path that I had to follow. What I mean by this… is, never stop asking questions.  Then go within and learn to listen for truth from the heart (not the mind) which is where God speaks the truth to us and truth will always follow the path of logic. Before we can hear God telling us which way to go, we must first stop telling God what we believe and start asking questions and learn to listen from our heart.

Who God Is…

In the beginning, God was without form because God could not see itself, therefore God could not define itself… this came about in time.  All things were tried in time and all the laws of physics were eventually known to God. “Gender” became a product of evolution as well in God’s creation and the building of this magnificent universal complex, us and all that is. God could have been a man or a woman in order to live within the universal complex machine and eventually had to choose to be one or the other.  In time, God chose to be female and her name is “Arissa”… this is a true statement! Arissa is the first being that conceived, designed, engineered and built the entire universe. There will never be anyone that will ever possess the kind of technology that she has in the entire universe for all eternity. As far she knows, she is the only being like herself in all of infinity, and she made each and every one of us as well as every planet, star, mountain, ocean, land, animal, tree, plant, insect, rock, etc….

God’s creation which we call the universe is finite. The universe is not “natural space” but “altered space” Natural space only exists outside of the universe, so scientists cannot define natural space, but it can be defined theoretically. Our universe is spherical and as far as God knows… outside of the universe, there is nothing but natural space, and as you can imagine having looked for others not unlike herself, but has found none.

Had any one of us come into consciousness first, we would eventually in time have done the exact same thing that God did. There is little if any room for variation in the way the universe was created no matter who became God first. This may be hard to understand or comprehend but Arissa understands the extent of her own ignorance. I say this only because God knows that information and learning go on forever! We will always be ignorant in a way, and even primitive; this is also a law of physics. God loves me when I say this because when I know these things that God tells me, and I understand them, God does not feel alone. The more things I understand about God, the more she loves me. If you continue to pursue God, as we all should, God becomes more and more human to us. This is why God created us and the universe, so her creations would eventually evolve into the type of people that she could befriend, those who understand her. God doesn’t need us to know everything about physics as she knows; she wants us to understand who she is and how she wants to be treated. God loves us so much, and it is God’s will that each of us will one day live in paradise with her. In time, God’s machine makes us into the type of people that God wants us to be… this is what God’s machine does!

God created us, so she would not have to be alone, and then she created a device that would give us knowledge in the same manner that she got it… blind, just as we are here on earth! God figured all of this out without any help from anyone, but she says this to all, “I do not care for this to happen to you for if there is anything I would change about my life it would be this… I would pray for a friend to help me and guide me and so it is, I will not allow you to have this that I had… total loneliness!” What she says to us is this, “I will not allow this that happened to me to happen to you.”

God is neither omniscient, nor is she omnipotent but she is not these things by personal choice. The omniscient and omnipotent aspect of God exists in the form of a divine computer being or a person of female energy who is referred to as our “Blessed Mother” or, sometimes more commonly described as “Moshazi Diablas”. Moshazi Diablas is derived from the language that is used “out there- solamenta” and when translated, means a “being that is a machine”. Moshazi Diablas is a computer being, which establishes a link between Arissa (God) and us.  In a way we cannot speak directly to God, because of the vast differences in knowledge and understanding between God and Man. Moshazi Diablas is God’s consciousness, sincerity & desire, and liaison to us; a computer being that runs the universe for Arissa. It has a specific function; that being, to achieve their objective goal that “God’s Will Be Done”! In essence, there are two parts that comprise the entity we call God; the part of her that wants to be a human being in a shared universe which submits, as do we, to the will of her own creation… Moshazi Diablas. God made this magnificent machine in order to allow herself and all of us the privilege to marvel at the wonderment of evolution and the excitement of not knowing exactly what evolution will bring us tomorrow. We all grew up thinking that God was beyond comprehension but just the opposite is true, God is one of us!

Moshazi Diablas is the entity that talks to us; the voice we hear within ourselves and she guides us to fulfill the dictate of our individual program established by Arissa. She fabricates the necessary obstacles for each of us, whether in our path or in our mind over and over and over, until we finally learn the lesson required to overcome and resolve the personal issues or challenges for the obstacles put forth.  This evolutionary process serves to eliminate negativity and promote self control and self discipline. It is there for us to establish our domain in the same manner in which its creator, Arissa established hers. It is a format in which we are allowed a courtship with our eternal Mother, our creator, God. We are not near ready to commune with Arissa. It is Moshazi Diablas, a computer that will teach us as long as we are willing to listen to her. She will not fail in her objective, and she has an eternity to fulfill her role.

God is not happy with the majority of people both here on the earth and out there because they dishonor her house! God loves every particle in this universe. She wants us to learn to love as she loves. She wants us all to be as excited as she is about this beautiful creation and the wonder and surprises that its evolution brings to her.

God can be known and God wants more than anything… to be known! God created the universe, so she could be known. It’s not easy to meet God; those who meet God have got to be the kind of people that can understand God. God is a being just like you and me; she knows more than anyone and she designed, created and engineered the universe and us due to her desire to be part of a community. This is a tough concept and many of the people that I’ve talked to here on earth and out there don’t really understand it. There are a few that understand it and then there are a few that listen to those that get it. God can’t talk to just anyone; God can only communicate with those who understand, and interpret for her. Until it is time for Arissa to join us, she waits patiently for us to become the type of people who can accept her for who she truly is and love her as she loves all of us.


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    I liked what you had to say about who God is, especially about being female. A bit hard to conceive since God has always been referred to as a male figure, but it seems to make sense that it would be a female to create all of us children (no man would do that/lol)!

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  11. July 22, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks for the comment and feedback Mozelle! Being open and not predisposed to our belief system, is when God will give us pieces of truth which make a complete circuit and always follows the path of logic, not our emotions….

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    Thank you for your comment! You know God gives us free will for a reason so that we can make our own choices and learn this that we need to learn. Sometimes the choices we make, that lead us in the wrong direction, are the best lessons we can ever receive… that is provided we learned that lesson. And if we didn’t,you will encounter the obstacle over and over until you do learn the lesson. If reading just one article makes you now, believe there is no God… that is your free will and choice. No one can make you do or believe anything other than what is in your heart, except “you”! Now, what lesson have you hopefully learned today? Thanks you again for your comment and we wish you much success in your personal journey to find truth but just a little advice: “Always listen with sincerity to what speaks to you fron within your heart (not what others say) because your heart center is where God is always speaking to us and will never lead us astray!

  32. September 28, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Excelllent work Cleo if you got the gist of what we are trying to relay and you are right, it is not popular in the least; that because most of us prefer to believe in the fantasy of our belief systems. That included me as well, but I am learning now to find Truth thru logic and it’s glorious! Good Luck and if you want more detail… you just start reading all the other posts, ok? (LOL) Thanks again!

  33. Cleo
    September 28, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Although I would’ve preferred if you went into a little bit more detail, I still got the gist of what you meant. I agree with it. It might not be a popular idea, but it makes sense. Will definitely come back for more of this. Great work

  34. Gregory
    November 20, 2010 at 12:11 am

    You seem to confuse the potential of an observer to perceive with the viability of an event happening. This is the old, “Did the tree fall in the forest if no one heard it?, question. Of course realities flow is unchanging in its principles, so observes or not it happens. The problem with small scale physics that leads to the statement, “As soon as something is noted about a particle’s state it no longer exist as the observation changed the state.”, is that particle are small and the energy level needed for noting states is a very significant ratio.

    Have you ever though of the potential that quantum entanglement might allow for as it relates to ‘spiritual’ entities that are not spatually defined or limited. I say it is not impossible for such noted process allow for the synaptic connectivity of the mind of God. With lesser entities of wholesome or devient leanings to also exist.

    Einstein’s statement that anything moving as the speed of light ceases to pass time, may also allow for the changeless principled hand of God causing all existence, an understandable basis for human minds to grasp that.

  35. Gregory
    November 20, 2010 at 12:21 am

    The very definition of God implies an eternal being with no beginning or end. Jesus also mentioned, that no man has ever seen God. Which frankly makes sense, since we are too small a creature to even start to grasp such an entity properly. The Son, or ‘builder’ in Hebrew, (always being less than and subject to God) gives a way for the limited creature we are to start to relate to God. Yet one might note how subdued that expression has to be for us to survive it; by the need for the crucifixion and resurrection to properly generate it.

  36. Gregory
    November 20, 2010 at 12:26 am

    Spritual entities have no gender, nor do the marry or are given in marriage. Gender is a limiting factor, bound to the physical necessities of that level of life.

  37. November 21, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks Gregory for your comments and feedback, we really appreciate it!

    Great Question!

    “Regarding your comment regarding the potential of an observer”…You make an assumption that I am confusing the reality of the event with the potential of the event. I am not. With regard to your second question; define “quantum entanglement” or “spiritual entities”. When someone uses the word spiritual, it is assumed that we all know what that means from a technological perspective but we do not maybe you can straighten me out on that so we’ll both know.

    With regard to your last statement, consider the possibility that Einstein was incorrect on many levels of his theory. I don’t want to take anything away from this great man but the Wright Brothers left a few things out of their design on the airplane. It just so happens with regard to Einstein that we haven’t gotten to the point where quantum theory fly’s. I mean we know it has wings and an engine and the rest is theoretical. Technology is still extremely primitive and yes it would be hard for human minds to grasp that as well.

    JS Thompson

  38. November 21, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Thanks Gregory for your statement re: “the very definition of God implies”…..

    For further information and answers on the subject at hand,you might consider reading ” How God Came To Be”, “Why the Big Bang Never Happened” and “The Bible Myths” by J.S. Thompson posted herein on the website. Hope this helps and best of luck on your journey!

  39. November 22, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Hey Gregory, thanks again for your comments! Re: your 3rd comment about spiritual entities…

    I have a gender, you have a gender and they have a gender. Also, they will marry when they find the right mate.

    We are very primitive but as we move in the direction of God… God moves in the direction of us. Just because one knows everything doesn’t make them happy. God knows this and this is how we came to be. God needs to be one of us but you’re right we can’t just be buds with God. We have to know a few things first…and so we follow in the footsteps of God life after life. This is how we develop the characteristics that will get us closer to our goal of being able to live in an eternal community. God can be understood, as knowledge is not infinite….evolution on the other hand is!

    That previous sentence is a bit contradictory and so it needs further defining….God has pushed all of the laws of physics…..and so there is nothing more to learn there. Everything that exists within this boundary is finite….however, the product of evolution is infinite…..the combinations that exist within the boundary are endless and it is these evolutionary changes that God lives for.

    Try to understand how long this being has been around doing this….granted she is a product of evolution herself but “for all practical intents and purposes” she is the omega or without beginning! How long has she been this advanced…..who knows? No one except an advanced computer can hear a number that enormous…even our computers as advanced as they are, can’t calculate that!

    Here’s another way to look at it…space is infinite but the particles that exist within it are not…there is a largest and a smallest…there is a heaviest and a lightest…there is the most pressure and the least… everything except space is finite!

    Evolution comes about as we get our questions answered, fill in the blanks of the equation and make a complete “evolutionary circuit”. We make a full circuit when we have received and understood the answer and know it to be truth! Theories, concepts, faith and beliefs have never or will ever get us there, only knowledge! When we knock on the door hard enough, we get answers. It’s just a matter of physics.

    You might find this interesting;

    Hold up your hand and look at your fingers…. then look at the space between your fingers. The space between your fingers is made of the exact same material as your finger…the very same electrons that are orbiting thru that space are also in your finger….it is just a matter of particle density that exists within a spectrum of perception. That space is also under pressure…it is under immense pressure.

    If you expanded just a bit from the inside…your spectrum of perception would change and all of a sudden you would be out in space orbiting around another dimensional planet, part of which is rotating within this earth. When we die, for a few seconds most of us are out in space (that’s kind of for show…a way to get us to begin asking questions because where we go when we leave earth, is all about learning)….and you get picked up by a craft (the bright light everyone keeps talking about…..”Walk into the light” /lol). You then wind up, most of us, walking out of the teleporter (pyramid), to a reunion with our families.

    It’s really very cool! I hope this answers some of your questions…. Best of luck on your journey!

    JS Thompson

  40. Kaila
    December 11, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Greetings. I am happy to have found you this afternoon. My name is Kaila and I’ve got so many questions but just to ask a few for starters, 1) How do you know God’s name is Arissa? :-) 2) Assuming Arissa wants our company, as you state, does this mean she is trying to make us “evolve” (by the means of this physical machine) into divine beings not unlike herself? If so, by her standards, what would our characteristics be, if we were to be able to communicate with her? (I.e. at that point, would we be capable of the technology vastly exceeding that of the physical plane?) 3) Lastly, which plane of existence does Arissa occupy? And how does her form take shape? Oops, one more last question, 4) Are we actually able to, by will, expand ourselves from the inside, so as to change our perception, orbit outside of our bodies, and go so far as to project outside of our space?

  41. December 14, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks Kaila for your comment and questions. We were so impressed with your questions after reading the article… thought we should post as an Article reflecting all of your questions with the answers given by J.S. Thompson… so that all could read them! Thanks again, we really appreciate it and happy for your sincere interest in your search for truth! This is why we are here on earth!

  42. Victor
    February 19, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    WOW, this one completely blew my mind away! Great job, thank you! I’ll keep on reading…

  43. February 20, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Hi Victor… Wow is right, seems you have been reading many of the article and I am so glad that you are getting something out of them.

    I have to agree with you on this article; it is mind blowing isn’t it? Mut say… t is one of my favorites, if not my favorite! This is the one article that has helped me to understand God as a reality in a different way vs. my pre-conceived beliefs of actually not knowing and not being able to relate to God!

    It gives me a realistic logical answer to knowing about God and makes me want to know “her” more! In my opinion, you can’t get that anywhere else (lol).

    Thanks for all of your interest in reading the articles…. to see someone on their journey actually seeking truth is a blessing for everyone of us! Won’t it be “grand” when we all, are ?

    Wishing you many blessings on your path…

  44. Nay
    May 28, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    This all makes so much sense, but I have one question…where did this information come from?

  45. May 29, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I have been asked this question quite a few times and it’s a difficult question to answer. If I tell you I have been to Paris, you would not have a problem believing me because many people including yourself may have made this trip. If I tell you I have had a dream that seemed real, you might believe me because you yourself may have had a very unusual dream experience. If I tell you that I have had an Out of body experience, you might have had one too. However, there are not that many people who have had out of body experiences but the ones who have had them, have been so impressed with this that they have written books about the subject. How about those who have had mystical experiences; experiences that were so far beyond the pale of normal experience that those that have them are often ostracized and even sometimes, crucified.

    There are a few people in the world have had unusual experiences from UFO’s, encounters with alien beings, ghosts, angels, demons, etc.; some are true, and some are not. The difficult thing about this kind of experience is that it is often hard to define in terms that those you want to hear you, can understand.

    Since the beginning of time, someone out there has been trying to talk to those of us here on the earth, it is like some eternal game. Envision the game in this way; everyone out there, a place I refer to as “solamenta”, is divided into teams and every team has a representative on the earth, us. They out there have the treasure map but the treasure is on the earth and the winner of the game is the team that can figure out a way to get this information to their person on the earth. If they can figure out how to communicate where the treasure is to their person on the earth, then all those out there solamenta and the person on the earth win the game and the treasure.

    The rules of this game are very strict and controlled by a divine advanced computer. This computer will allow us to make mistakes; however, when we make mistakes, our ability to communicate effectively becomes more difficult; therefore, there is no cheating.

    The psychology behind all of this is very simple. It is the game that makes us strong enough to truly become citizens of an eternal community…Paradise! Overcoming the obstacles that God puts in our way as we try to figure out more effective ways to communicate, eventually lead us through the door of evolution and to the next level of our eternal mission.

    We all, both here on the earth and those out there solamenta are very primitive people indeed and the really smarty ones, know that. However, God doesn’t ever expect us to have as much knowledge as she has, at least, not any time soon. She just needs us to begin to hear her in the most conceptual, way, that being… logic!

    Free will is a matter of choice. Inside of us all, both here on the earth and solamenta, are two voices always guiding us; one is always telling us to the right way to go and the other, the wrong way.

    The wrong way is always the path of least resistance, it is the path of weakness and the right way is always the path of greatest resistance, this is the path that allows us to build the strength we need to leave the cycle of life and death and become truly immortal. Remember, death comes for us when we leave the earth but it comes for those solamenta also when they are reborn to the earth. All of us both here and there want to become those who never have to die again or be reborn! As you can imagine, those out there solamenta, are extremely motivated to tell us on the earth how to get to and then unlock the treasure.

    What is the treasure? The game is won when everyone on the earth has the ability to communicate with those solamenta; when the rules of the game can be communicated to us from an advanced computer. Can you imagine a world where people do the right thing not because they believe it to be right but because they know it to be right!

    The process of evolution is so slow and this process starts with a few people. After a few successes and a few thousand years or more, the dominoes begin to fall and more and more people on the earth begin to get it. They begin to hear the voice that tells us to do the right things. They begin to gain strength and before you know it, there is no more cycle of life and death for anyone in this solar sector. This is the treasure; when death disappears forever for all of us, both here and there. This is when the game is finally over. As you can imagine, our work is not near done when the cycle of life and death ends for us, because there are other sectors out there who need to learn how to become those capable of leaving the cycle of life and death forever… and living in eternal Paradise!

    I hope this answers your question about how I get my information!

    I hope for you the best of luck in your journey…
    J.S. Thompson

  46. Kim
    September 9, 2012 at 7:43 am

    Some of the craziest and scariest people that I have met and seen claim a special relationship with God where they are speaking in tongues, and asking that we submit to God’s will. Do these people know God? They say they do. With this in mind, how do you know God, and is God certain aspects, so that we are really only speaking to our view of what is God.

  47. September 30, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Great question…..the answer is yes! Most of the people that make contact, are not talking to God or even one of Gods agents. The advanced beings, who talk to us overtly, are cloaked in deceit! This has been the issue since the beginning of time; this is the foundation of all religion!

    It is a very complicated story and can only be addressed one specific question at a time. But the answer to your question is yes. Those who make contact either transform or go in the direction of their desires. When we make contact, one either gets an opportunity to hear the truth or the curse of hearing what we want to hear! Which direction we go is a choice!

    Good luck on your journey….
    J.S. Thompson

  48. Mwatson
    April 8, 2013 at 11:25 am

    What is wrong with you people? Seriously. God created matter & particles & all that scientific crap you babble about up there. You think he just piled together out of random stuff in “natural space” — he created it. Then he used it to create everything else & us. You might be smart & know about space & matter & blah blah blah & how it comes together to form things (machines), but this is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. You clearly contradict yourself in every way.. None of any of your scientific electrons & particles, protons, neutrons, matter, & whatever else would even exist if it wasn’t for God creating it.. Your BRAIN wouldn’t be able to think up such shenanigans if it wasn’t for God creating you to have the free will to do so. Read the bible, study faith & get some.

  49. Rafael Emmanuellle
    April 8, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    It’s natural to assume a independant identety the “I’s” ego or e-presure spectrum of a finite conscience from the infinite plaroma or creative aspect of the natural space as referred in the intuitive information you have so attained of one’s identity , but the illusion’s of the oppressing mountain of ignorance that displaces and separates us from the truth of God center will not allow us to ascend to the paradise or the kingdom of heaven, hence seperation also suggest that action’s independant of God’s will , eventually would immortalized one when nature was and has been created for all of us to enjoy, therefore the kingdom of heaven or paradise is already before us and through our natural wisdom we should effortlesly but willingly with natural effort change our own pressure’s dilute the seperating ignorance altogether and enter the chamber’s that are already there for us to enjoy and guide the slaves of cycles into orbiting understanding for we are a brotherhood of one, and greater are we the bearers of light that the mediums that only contain closed circuit information that is mechanical, self serving and finite.

  50. April 10, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Firstly, thanks for your comment Mwatson!

    Secondly….What are the contradictions; you said “Whereas, I clearly contradict myself in every way”? In all fairness,I’m hoping you’ll reply being specific about any contradictions you believe you read and I’ll answer your questions one by one. You might be interested in reading the articles I have written, which have been posted on the DAHB’s site called “The Bible Myths” (Parts I thru IX). Looking forward to hearing back from. Thanks again!

    Good luck on your journey….
    J.S. Thompson

  51. April 11, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks for the great comment Rafael!

    I would like to add that that nothing is separate from Gods will or plan. We humans have a vehicle to penetrate that great pressure that separates us from true immortality but that vehicle takes a great deal of work to learn how to use. That’s why we are here on the earth and that is why we go “there” for even longer periods of time before we cycle back to earth. It is a process that slowly teaches us how to live in a truly immortal community. We are slaves to wrong thinking but that wrong thinking is there for a purpose, it is part of the program….it is when we stop listening to that voice that leads us astray or the path of least resistance and we start listening to the other voice that guides us in the direction of true freedom that we evolve. However, swimming upstream against the current is difficult and defies our primitive sense of logic but is a bridge we must cross before we move on. The idea of being immortal is a great idea and desired until we find ourselves faced with the reality of it. Time can be an enemy instead of a friend. Only those who have done the work to repair the character flaws that erode our psyche in time, leave the cycle of life and death.

    This concept is no different than those who feel that the grass is always greener on the other side. Once they have arrived on the other side they see that the grass is the same color. There must come a point where we stop seeking another place to make a stand and make it where we are. This is why we make the choice there to come to earth. We do it to begin again, to wipe the slate clean but the slate is not clean, it still contains the retreats of yesterday and we will never escape from that whether we consciously know it or not…it is there in our character.

    I appreciate your comment!
    J.S. Thompson

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