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Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort
Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort

For those of us here now, truth is more of a philosophical question. Is truth absolute or is it relative? However, we can only debate what truth is because it is unknown. We can believe this or that, we can debate philosophically the question but are there any absolutes and if so, how can one theorize the question, “what is truth” to a level of absolute certainty?

Consider that an angel visited you in your bed one night awaking you from sleep. You were surprised; you couldn’t believe what was happening to you but there you were staring at the impossible, in awe, with the impossible looking back at you. The angel says to you, “behold, the answers to the universe”; she waves her hand one time from right to left and a screen vivid in detail, appears in front of you. She says, “Study it for it is truth”! You study the vision with great intent and then the angel and the vision disappear. The vision somehow lucid in your mind, considering what has just occurred, calls to you to define it and to tell others what you have discovered. There must be a reason that this has happened, it must be important; I should do as I am asked. So, you begin to decipher the message. You’re not a scientist, but you must draw on whatever scientific foundation you have retained through education or practical application. Continue reading TUBE THEORY – Part I

Why do Advanced Beings (Aliens) fear us if they are so intelligent?

Some Advanced Beings Live Below Earth's Surface
Some Advanced Beings Live Below Earth’s Surface


Question posed by website visitor… with respect to one of J.S. Thompson’s articles “Do Advanced Beings or Aliens Live Underground”:

After reading your article…. It sounds as if you are typically saying that these supposedly smart people live under ground because they are nerds that are going to define or create our future for us, but yet they are afraid of us because they are the worlds smartest, but half human half mortal beings living underground because they are afraid of us? Why are they afraid of us? We aren’t going to steal their brains to replace with ours, we aren’t going to kill them because they are nerds. Only reason I think of why they are afraid of us is because if we know they are somewhat involved in underground activity, possibly alien connected or any related connection, we will simply force any kind of information out of them forcing their lives into danger, point blank???


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

First, thanks for your question! The advanced beings (those many call aliens) that live below us can hardly be classified as smart. It appears you might have taken what I wrote out of context. It is however, a very convoluted story and easy to take out of context, so let me see if I can straighten this out.

Those who live below us, are advanced beings (advanced does not mean enlightened) in as much as, using my definition of advanced, meaning, have developed and have access to other dimensional technology. Advanced and smart are not the same thing. There are scientists who have developed technology who are morons and there are those considered primitive by these scientists who might be brilliant. True intelligence, is a matter of how much one can understand and implement in their lives those things that lead to true immortality. The beings referred to here have done just the opposite. These beings are quite stupid!

We learn through struggle. Modern societies and particularly advanced societies no longer struggle, at least not with survival. Modern societies such as the one we live in here on the earth are already experiencing intellectual decline because of technology and this will continue until we also, are complete morons who have lost a grip on reality. Continue reading Why do Advanced Beings (Aliens) fear us if they are so intelligent?

Why are We Here?

Some one questioning our existence
Why are we here?


This is the question that man has been trying to find the answer to since the dawn of time and there is an answer. The answer is logical but it is not easy to explain. Those who have solved the riddle of our existence don’t do it by mysticism or magic. Neither God, nor our staff guides give us the answers but the answers are available to us, and they do come from God. God will teach us if we are willing to listen. When I use the term God, I am making reference to the “First Being”.

This journey begins with empty space void of planets, suns and beings. However, in the beginning, some light existed and that light is produced from friction, pressure, heat and the natural orbit of particles that exist like a sea. These particles have always existed in “natural space”. What we see when we look up into the sky on a starry night, is not natural space, but “altered space”. Contemporary scientists don’t understand natural space because they have never seen it, but it can be theorized with some common sense and logic; therefore, we need to understand the difference between natural space and altered space. Continue reading Why are We Here?

The Myth of Adam and Eve, Who Were They?

Myth of Eve
Myth of Eve


Eve was not a woman but an advanced computer – “Eveas Triangulatus”. Of course the ancient writers didn’t understand what a computer was, so the resulting literature derived from that era, are allegorical in nature; however, they do describe an interesting and most important time in our history. It is this singularity in history that we all need to study and be familiar with because all religions that exist today found their beginnings in this relationship of man and advanced beings. Understanding this explains a great deal. Our beliefs are created around false interpretations of ancient occurrences. If we understand the truth, it helps us to find the right path that leads to God, the path that leads to eternal salvation. Following the path of primitive beliefs only lead us back to the earth for another life. When we can empty our minds of those things we think, feel or believe to be true, then we have a mind waiting to learn, to be filled with the knowledge of those who know!

Adam was a human who worked with advanced beings. Advanced, meaning they had discovered and had access to advanced technology; maybe better defined as “other dimensional technology”. Eveas Triangulatus describes an advanced computer; a computer which did a myriad of tasks; one of which was, to facilitate telepathic communication. Telepathy is a by- product of other dimensional physiology. Advanced beings don’t breathe oxygen and because of this, they must remove all organs requiring oxygen; as a result, they no longer require a voice box. They sacrifice these human characteristics in order to have extreme longevity of life. A characteristic, that along with other sacrificed physical characteristics, they soon come to miss.

The story of Adam is a tale about a group of humans who were considered second class citizens. These humans were those who did the jobs that their advanced overseers did not care to do for themselves. Over time these humans understood and could work with the advanced technologies that had been provided for them in order to do their jobs. Continue reading The Myth of Adam and Eve, Who Were They?

Who or What are Shadow People?


Shadow People, Artwork by Tim Madrid
Shadow People, Artwork by Tim Madrid


Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

When people speak about shadow people who are they talking about? Are they ghosts and are they bad?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

This is one definition that I just read on Google: “Shadow people are those (which could also, be things) that are in the corner of your eye or that flash of a shadowy figure here and there but we never quite actually see them. These shadow figures are most always associated with evil.”

Here is my definition:

First: We can’t always trust what we see out of the corner of our eye… something that quick that darts out of our vision before we can turn our head and actually see it.

Second: We are surrounded by “other dimensional” monitoring devices that on occasion can be seen or sort of seen.

Third: Our guides are always trying to get our attention but they can’t do what they want because all of their actions are controlled by an advanced computer. In other words they do what they can to let us know they are there. Probably all of us get to see these small an innocuous messages but only a handful of us take note of them.  Here is an example: One time I was out hiking with my family and we stopped to sit on a large rock structure; as I was looking up at the clouds…. all of a sudden I saw perfect images of my two dogs in the clouds.  Let me say this again… they were perfect images!  I pointed this out to my family but no one else could see them.  At that time, I had not made telepathic contact. Things such as this have been happening to me all of my life and because I was interested, I took note of them. I believe this happens to those who do take note and I firmly believe for those who have done the work, who are interested and who do the reading and the research, this type of experience along with others such as UFO sightings, ghost sightings, Orb sightings, OBE abduction experiences and others and in my case complete telepathic contact… occurred.

We are surrounded by monitoring devices and on the other end of those devices are beings, very much like us who are very interested in talking and making contact with us but they have boundaries they should not cross.

Advanced technology can do many things but one of them is take a surface that is convoluted such as a wall that has been textured, a cloud, any surface that has many angles or shadows and anything can be seen in them. I have seen many things, startling things… in shadows! Continue reading Who or What are Shadow People?