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A Space in Between, Credits Unknown
A Space in Between,
Credits Unknown


DAHB’s Questions for J.S. Thompson:

I have some questions regarding a paragraph you wrote in a response to someone else’s question asked on the DAHB website, regarding “our guides”. It is as follows for your quick reference:

“When I refer to the voices inside of us, I’m not talking about audible human voices; I’m talking about feelings invoked by the many guides and even God who speak to us inside. God knows the way, but there many others referred to as guides who often are telling us the wrong way based on “their” beliefs.”

DAHB’s (Administrator) QUESTIONS:

If our guides, or some of them, are leading us to go on a wrong path based on their level of beliefs, then….

  • Why do they take a position out there as a guide to guide us if they are not qualified?
  • Why do they interfere with our earth lives, do they know they are not qualified to guide?
  • If any of those that guide, or communicate with us understood they are not qualified or should not be speaking to us on earth and they all stopped…. Would we only hear God/the right voice speak to us from within?
  • Is it God’s will or mankind’s will that they communicate with us?
  • Or, is it simply a part/mechanism of the universal machine that they communicate with us from within (whether right or wrong) to those on earth and taking the wrong path/making bad choices in order to learn and evolve into one that makes better choices and finally, hearing the right voice or path to follow? If so, does this system help them evolve as well?

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this subject.



J.S. Thompson’s Response:


Everything in the universe is divided into layers or dimensions. We physically are also in layers and even society is divided into layers. Life is like a secret society that gives information as we move from one level to another. This is how God made the universe and we and society are as much a part of this universal mechanism as it is. Everything is part of the universal machine and is structured in the same way. However, the biggest problem we as developing human beings have, is trying to interpret the information that is freely given to us by the creator. Society just like everything else has a boundary and that boundary conforms to the physics of the universe. God wants us all to know everything but God is wise enough to understand that we can’t learn “B” if we haven’t already learned “A”. Continue reading SPIRIT GUIDES

Fear of Asking or Praying to God for God’s Will to be Done




God's Will
God’s Will

Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

How do I overcome my fear as I have a hard time asking God to let God’s will be done and not my own. Firstly it makes me fear that I must give up my decision-making for my life. But also and most prominently I feel selfish asking God to make me into the type of person who can grow with her and by her because it is only to satisfy my thirst for eternal life and all-knowledge. I feel like at any moment or next life I could betray God and take for granted what she can offer by hastily choosing to live eternally by a primitive science form and I would not be shocked if I have already done so. Ultimately I feel like, given the opportunity, I would gratify myself instantly as opposed to overcoming an obstacle. Just knowing how far I am from becoming selfless is discouraging and also worrisome to me.


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

God is not selfless, why do you think you should be? To attempt the impossible is the highest form of self-deceit and the impetus for inner conflict. God created the universe and all of us to fulfill the desire for family. God wants us to desire the same thing – “eternal family”!

I’ve created a word to describe this; “selfish-righteousness”! As we understand the meaning of this word, we become closer to God; it is a word which allows us to be truthful with ourselves. Selfish-righteousness as opposed to self-righteousness is a state of mind which allows us to accept our single eternal desire. On the other hand, self-righteousness is the act of creating one’s own truth. When one creates one’s own truth, when we seek our own direction, our chances of remaining lost are 100%. Truth must come from within us but not from us!

God is most certainly talking to you. Understand that it is ok to desire those things that God wants us to desire. The desire for eternal life is omnipresent within us all. This desire is there because God put it there. The desire for eternal community is God’s own desire within each and every one of us. Do not feel guilty about it! It is righteous that we should be selfish about our final destination- “selfish-righteousness”. If you don’t do all you can to achieve eternal Paradise for yourself, to become divine, how are you going to help another to achieve the same? When an airliner loses cabin pressure, is it selfish for the Mother to put the oxygen mask on herself first? Continue reading Fear of Asking or Praying to God for God’s Will to be Done

The Mayan Calendar Regarding 2012 is Simply Channeled Work




A website visitor’s question:

What can you tell us about the Mayan Calandar ending in 2012? If it is the end of the world, can we choose not to die if we choose to ascend?


J.S. Thompson’s response is as follows:

It’s difficult to answer this question and it cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. However, I will say this… the year has nothing to do with it. The ability to overcome death has always been with us. There is nothing particularly special about 2012! The Mayan calendar is channeled work and if there is one thing we should have learned by now, it is this… never ever listen to a date that comes from “out there”!

As a practical matter, we will all go thru the process of (so called) death. It is part of our initiation. Dying to this world and arriving out there is an emotional reunion; what we earn for being here on the earth; it is our “walk to Emmaus” moment. Out there, they love surprises and death and what awaits us after we leave, is one of the best kept secrets of all time. However, if while we are here on the earth, we manage to break the code and elevate our consciousness beyond faith, then we ascend and we no longer need the joyful reunion because we have already had it.

The process of dying is part of the learning process but for those who have ascended beyond this, they have another reason for staying on board and going thru the same process as everyone else; God uses them to tempt those who are evil! This concept I’m attempting to describe is difficult to explain but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

When a person breaks the code and figures out “the big secret” (with help of course), those who did not do it or those who have believed “the lie” (that being that there is an alternate route to true immortality…Paradise), attempt to break them down. Continue reading The Mayan Calendar Regarding 2012 is Simply Channeled Work

The Reality of Forgiveness



Forgiveness is a term that describes a process. Before we can live together in an eternal community, we must be assured that there is nothing within us or others that might escalate or evolve into problems in the future. After all it would not be paradise if we continue to bring up all of our old issues among one another. Forgiveness is the vehicle but knowledge is the key that starts it. Before we turn this key, we better know where we are going! Forgiveness is a wonderful concept but it takes a lot more to live with those in an eternal community forever than just saying the words, “I forgive you”. Forgiveness comes from God who in turn, says to all of us in everything God does, “It’s not about me or another forgiving you; it’s about you understanding why it’s necessary to forgive each other.” If we don’t completely understand why we should forgive one another… then we cannot do it.

Forgiveness is not something that a human with limited knowledge and understanding is capable of. In order for us to become the type of people we need to become, we need to use what God gave to us. We need to use logic and reason to make rational choices and the most important rational, reasonable and logical choice you can make is the choice that takes you to Paradise’s door. Let’s focus on what’s truly important and should be the priority for each and every one of us…. our immortal lives!

“Forgiveness” is an outdated concept. It is a word that the status quo uses to describe something that it does not understand. God doesn’t need to forgive us. When we stand before God in the final hour, God will ask us one question, “Do you have the strength to push the doors to Paradise open?”

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the Golden rule. Why is it that no one ever follows it? Continue reading The Reality of Forgiveness

We are Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans

Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans
Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans

“For human beings, the most daunting challenge is to become fully human. For to become fully human, is to become fully divine.”    ~ Thomas Keating ~


We have all lived thousands of lives on the earth. It takes a long time to turn a machine into a human being. We say to ourselves, as we look around our modern world filled with technology, “Look how far we’ve come”. How much different are we than we were a thousand years ago, ten thousand years ago? Are we better people, are we people who are capable of living in an eternal community? What do we see when we look around the world; murder, rape, larceny of all kinds, war? There are a few people in the world that are good people, fair, wise… intelligent. People that are intelligent are smart enough to know that when you do “A”… “B” happens. Those people see and understand that the universe works like a machine. The universe is so mechanized that you can set your watch by it and people have been using the sun as a time piece since the beginning of man and we still do it today.

The concept of a mechanized universe is not new; even ancient philosophers had enough sense to see it. Obviously, technology is not a sign of social intelligence; otherwise, we would live in a world of peace! People today are no smarter than the people of ancient times. Ancient scientists made the first fire and today’s scientists still don’t know what fire is. They have a lot of theories about heat but it is still just theory. Modern appliances work on electricity but electricity is still a theory also. Scientists know that if you do “A”…”B” happens. We say to ourselves, “who are we and why are we here”, and so we believe a myriad of things in order to justify our existence but it is just a theory… a belief! Continue reading We are Machines Learning to Become Divine Humans