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Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort
Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort

For those of us here now, truth is more of a philosophical question. Is truth absolute or is it relative? However, we can only debate what truth is because it is unknown. We can believe this or that, we can debate philosophically the question but are there any absolutes and if so, how can one theorize the question, “what is truth” to a level of absolute certainty?

Consider that an angel visited you in your bed one night awaking you from sleep. You were surprised; you couldn’t believe what was happening to you but there you were staring at the impossible, in awe, with the impossible looking back at you. The angel says to you, “behold, the answers to the universe”; she waves her hand one time from right to left and a screen vivid in detail, appears in front of you. She says, “Study it for it is truth”! You study the vision with great intent and then the angel and the vision disappear. The vision somehow lucid in your mind, considering what has just occurred, calls to you to define it and to tell others what you have discovered. There must be a reason that this has happened, it must be important; I should do as I am asked. So, you begin to decipher the message. You’re not a scientist, but you must draw on whatever scientific foundation you have retained through education or practical application. Continue reading TUBE THEORY – Part I

How to Relate to God Personally

How to Relate to God Personally
How to Relate to God Personally


This wonderful universal machine wants us to know who God is and the path that leads us to God is logic! We must learn to listen from within and use logic to come to know who God is, how God came to be, how God created the universe, why God did it and how all of this is going to end up. I can tell you what I’ve discovered but you will not know it yourself until you have taken the journey. Finding truth is an individual pursuit. This journey cannot be taken by religions, society, the status quo or cultures. God is always telling us, all of us, who God is. The problem has been, since the beginning of our creation, a matter of communication.

How do we get to know who people are? We come to know who people are in different ways; one, by being able to relate to them in some way. There is no exception and the same thing applies to knowing and understanding who God is. Put yourself in God’s place: Imagine yourself as the first mechanized motion machine of natural space particles coming together and becoming the first being to come into consciousness. Now… see yourself all alone out in space; what would you do? Do you think you would be lonely? What would you long for or desire? You know what you would long for and desire because you can relate and would want the same, but how would you accomplish it?

Now… imagine, in time, being able to construct a perfect bioligical machine that looks and acts like a human with the intention of allowing it to become as advanced as you are; a being capable of knowing who you are, a being capable of becoming family! You can’t just tell a machine who you are and expect them to become not unlike yourself. In the beginning of this creation of human machines… how would you teach these new wonderful biological machines that have no information, no experiences or stored data on their computer hard drives to learn what love, compassion, forgiveness, giving and caring for others… thus building character… the true essence of integrity and what is needed to live in an eternal community with our Creator! Continue reading How to Relate to God Personally

Where Did Human Beings Come From?

Natural Space, The Womb of Creation by Sven Geier
Natural Space, The Womb of Creation by Sven Geier

Human beings are a product of pre designed engineering. We are an extremely advanced group of evolutionary machines designed with a very specific eternal plan in mind. Before we can understand where human beings came from, we need to understand where the creator of these evolving machines, came from and how God…. an even more sophisticated machine was born from the infinite womb I call “natural space”.

Let’s take a look at the womb of our creator…natural space.

Before God, before the planets, before matter as we know it… an infinite sea of particles existed, one linked to the other. In many ways, natural space is like water because it conforms to the limit of the surrounding pressure that opposes it. Natural space has weight and the particles that exist within it orbit, always moving from low pressure to high and back. As particles are pushed toward the center of larger particles they become denser and likewise become less dense as they are pushed from the center by heavier particles. This is called particle orbit. This process of particle contraction and expansion constitutes “universal respiration” and occurs constantly in all levels of space from macro space, to the sub-sub… etc. quantum levels of space. This relativistic motion of particles is the power from which the creation of God, the universe, and all of us are derived. The natural orbit of particles is the impetus for creation!

The only difference between a human being and natural space is the pre designed and engineered arrangement of particles with the direction of their orbits and the varying pressures they are under at any given time. Look at your hand, spread your fingers out and note the spaces between your fingers. The same particles that orbit in the space between your fingers are the very same particles that orbit within your fingers; they are just differently arranged and under different pressures. In short, a human being is made from the particles that exist in natural space, just artfully arranged. Continue reading Where Did Human Beings Come From?

Time and its Relationship to Pressure

The Space-Time Continuum
The Space-Time Continuum


Question posed below from one of our website visitors for J.S. Thompson…

Hello, Thompson: From Nillo:  “After reading some of your material, why does the clock run slower when it is flying at high speed?”

Answer by J.S. Thompson….

Hi Nillo…

The clock moving at high speed runs slower because it is under more pressure than the clock that is stationary. Time does exist but contemporary science doesn’t understand what it is at least not yet. Our perspective of time is so limited because science doesn’t understand how the entire universe works together. The universe is a clock and it always keeps perfect time. Science builds a foundation of time by measuring the earth’s movement around the sun and makes adjustments for the earth’s irregularity such as leap year. However, there is no irregularity; we just don’t have any foundation for measuring it.

Everything must complete a circuit. Motion cannot exist unless the motion completes a circuit. Every motion we make would involve millions if not more, completed circuits in order to occur. A complete circuit like the earth’s orbit around the sun is mathematically perfect; there are no imperfections in this circuit. All circuits must be mathematically perfect. If we break down the earth’s orbit around the sun into seconds, if the second is measured properly the amount of seconds would be the same each and every time.  Contemporary science is missing something!

Is it possible that the earth does not make a linear orbit around the sun?  Is it possible that the sun is moving down through space in its own shallow orbit while the earth and other planets move down and around in a corkscrew orbit with all bodies in the heavens moving relative to us? Continue reading Time and its Relationship to Pressure

TRUTH about the Fourth Density, the Illuminati and What Happens to Us in 2012

Reader’s Questions with Answers Provided by J.S. Thompson on Titled Subject Matter


Is 2012 significant at all?

2012 is significant but not in the way you might think. 2012 is not so much significant as a date but an opportunity to explain what channeling is. The 2012 scenario is a good example of why we should not pay attention to the date but to the pieces of the puzzle that come to us and why they come in such a smattering of truths, misconceptions and often downright lies!

There is going to be a major cycle shift on the earth and the result will be catastrophic tidal waves, earthquakes, etc. This is what the earth does when it changes cycles. Just like any machine, it needs to cool in the places where the machine is most active and shift the heat producing aspects of the machine to another place. These things will happen! However, “no one knows the time when this will occur”. We can understand what is happening and look for the signs and in so doing, “prepare”!

Prophets have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of man. As a practical matter, the end of the world could come to any one of us at any given time, so any collective ending for society is no more meaningful than our own individual end! The world will not end…  “This is my prophesy!” When the earth changes are triggered by a cycle shift, many people will leave the earth, but there will be many left to get things going again.

The earth and the sun can only end if man ends them. The sun will never nova… unless, we do something to it; it will continue forever and even if we did manage to find a way to screw up the sun or the earth, it would just regenerate itself in time. Continue reading TRUTH about the Fourth Density, the Illuminati and What Happens to Us in 2012