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Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort
Particle Tube Spirals, Art Credit to Jason Fort

For those of us here now, truth is more of a philosophical question. Is truth absolute or is it relative? However, we can only debate what truth is because it is unknown. We can believe this or that, we can debate philosophically the question but are there any absolutes and if so, how can one theorize the question, “what is truth” to a level of absolute certainty?

Consider that an angel visited you in your bed one night awaking you from sleep. You were surprised; you couldn’t believe what was happening to you but there you were staring at the impossible, in awe, with the impossible looking back at you. The angel says to you, “behold, the answers to the universe”; she waves her hand one time from right to left and a screen vivid in detail, appears in front of you. She says, “Study it for it is truth”! You study the vision with great intent and then the angel and the vision disappear. The vision somehow lucid in your mind, considering what has just occurred, calls to you to define it and to tell others what you have discovered. There must be a reason that this has happened, it must be important; I should do as I am asked. So, you begin to decipher the message. You’re not a scientist, but you must draw on whatever scientific foundation you have retained through education or practical application. Continue reading TUBE THEORY – Part I

Is Matter Energy Condensed and Do We Live in a World of Illusion?

Nikola Tesla's Quote
Nikola Tesla’s Quote

Question asked Regarding Quote by Nikola Tesla: 

Nikola Tesla, once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration and we live in a world of illusion… is this correct?


Response by J.S. Thompson: 

The statement is accurate on one count but inaccurate on another.

Matter is energy but not condensed energy. Vibration and frequency is the same thing. So Tesla is close to the mark here but we are definitely not an illusion!

The problem with trying to define a very intricate multi-dimensional process with primitive contemporary scientific terms is problematic.

Some assume matter is condensed because we can perceive it but that’s not the case at all. The spacing and weight of the matter we do see is comparable to the matter we don’t see. One could say that science does not yet understand this; therefore, it’s just my theory.

However when we consider that the smallest particles of matter we can perceive are themselves made up of other particles and so on and so forth, it’s easy to presume we are an illusion but we must consider other possibilities. What we perceive or not, could be mistaken as an illusion but weight is another matter altogether. Even an illusion has weight. Continue reading Is Matter Energy Condensed and Do We Live in a World of Illusion?

Do Aliens Exist

Advanced Being Aliens
Advanced Being Aliens

Question from visitor presented to J.S. Thompson, as follows:

Are there Aliens out there? Do they play a part in our existence and if they do, will they ever really show themselves? Also, is it a possibility they are us from the future?


J.S. Thompson’s response to above questions, as follows:

Advanced beings, also known as aliens, do exist! The truth about aliens or advanced beings (defined by these names, simply… because they have developed advanced technology) which may be better defined as “other dimensional technology”. With the exception of death, “advanced or other dimensional technology” is a secret kept from those of us who are on earth. Not surprisingly, death and our continued existence after we leave, is also a matter of advanced or divine technology which is the best kept secret of all time and for good reason. Our blindness which we experience while we are on the earth, serves or attempts to force us to use our God given ability to be logical. This ability if learned, serves to give us the strength to live within an immortal community thus allowing us to leave the cycle of life and death forever.

Societies cycle from primitive – to modern – to advanced societies. Unknown to modern societies such as the one we find ourselves in today, are the many modern and advanced societies that have existed in our past. The beings that are seen from time to time flying around in saucer shaped craft are advanced humans who have been around a very long time because in their time, they discovered and developed advanced technology (or “other dimensional technology”). That discovery and development of other dimensional technology included a primitive form of longevity. I use the word primitive to describe this technology because these beings are considered primitive by more advanced beings with even greater technology and as far we on earth are concerned, they are immortal.

These advanced being-aliens are not from the future. Time travel for them and all beings, for that matter, is impossible regardless of the technology that they possess. Even God cannot time travel! However, all past events are recorded and documented. Advanced, as well as divine computers, can predict the future depending on the technological advancement of the computer. This is done through statistical analysis and the more statistics a computer has… the more accurate about the future it can be. For example; to a computer that understands how the universe works… telling the future is the same thing as knowing what an assembly line will produce without actually seeing it work because you know what it does. Continue reading Do Aliens Exist

Time and its Relationship to Pressure

The Space-Time Continuum
The Space-Time Continuum


Question posed below from one of our website visitors for J.S. Thompson…

Hello, Thompson: From Nillo:  “After reading some of your material, why does the clock run slower when it is flying at high speed?”

Answer by J.S. Thompson….

Hi Nillo…

The clock moving at high speed runs slower because it is under more pressure than the clock that is stationary. Time does exist but contemporary science doesn’t understand what it is at least not yet. Our perspective of time is so limited because science doesn’t understand how the entire universe works together. The universe is a clock and it always keeps perfect time. Science builds a foundation of time by measuring the earth’s movement around the sun and makes adjustments for the earth’s irregularity such as leap year. However, there is no irregularity; we just don’t have any foundation for measuring it.

Everything must complete a circuit. Motion cannot exist unless the motion completes a circuit. Every motion we make would involve millions if not more, completed circuits in order to occur. A complete circuit like the earth’s orbit around the sun is mathematically perfect; there are no imperfections in this circuit. All circuits must be mathematically perfect. If we break down the earth’s orbit around the sun into seconds, if the second is measured properly the amount of seconds would be the same each and every time.  Contemporary science is missing something!

Is it possible that the earth does not make a linear orbit around the sun?  Is it possible that the sun is moving down through space in its own shallow orbit while the earth and other planets move down and around in a corkscrew orbit with all bodies in the heavens moving relative to us? Continue reading Time and its Relationship to Pressure

Is the President of the United States Aware of Alien/UFO Activity?

Is the President of the United States Aware of Alien-UFO Activity
Is the President of the United States Aware of Alien-UFO Activity

Every president of the United States who has taken office since Harry Truman, has been made aware of, or has personally met and has been in contact with aliens/advanced beings (AB’s)! All presidents since Harry Truman, have without exception, when asked by the uninformed about involvement with these beings… have denied any involvement, as they should! Why do I say that?

These advanced beings operate on, in and around the earth with impunity and there is nothing that the U.S. government can do about it. There is no logical reason why any government official should ever reveal this unless a solution to this intrusion can be discovered.

When confronted with a problem by its citizenry, a president must provide a solution and the president does not have a solution at this time. This denial will change when a solution is found, if ever!

From my perspective, the question becomes, why I am telling you this? It is not my intention to frighten anyone or act irresponsibly by divulging knowledge of these issues that cannot be resolved. However, there is a solution and hoping that the U.S. security service has its ears on. It’s important that they listen! Continue reading Is the President of the United States Aware of Alien/UFO Activity?