THE NAME OF THE DEMON, Schizophrenia-Demonic Possession-Exorcism

THE NAME OF THE DEMON, Schizophrenia-Demonic Possession-Exorcism

THE NAME OF THE DEMON, Schizophrenia-Demonic Possession-Exorcism


The Name of the Demon, Telepathic Communications

Everything evolves, albeit slowly. Obviously, it is not just time which is responsible for evolution; it is discovery without which society would still be using stone tools. The human consciousness is truly one of the last frontiers but even our understanding of this, must one day evolve.

Before one can understand this machine we call consciousness, one must be prepared to accept new concepts. Human consciousness like all things in the universe is contained and governed by the law of physics. To find truth, one must venture into places that turn most people back, as truth exists at a point of greatest pressure. Truth exists upstream and one must swim against the current in order to discover it. If one accepts the false truths of the status quo, they simply float downstream with the rest and make up their truths as they travel. These are beliefs! Beliefs constitute the lazy man’s truth. Beliefs are derived as a means to cover up one’s own inadequacy and intellectual activism or rather the lack thereof, and present to those who would listen… a facade of knowing.

What happens to us when we die is the best kept secret on earth and there is good reason for this. We are here on the earth to be blind! We came here to follow in the footsteps of God our creator because it is in our blindness that we learn how to listen to logic and in so doing, develop the characteristics of those capable of living within an eternal community… Paradise!

When we leave the planet and experience the process of death, we are transported to a place that exists within another dimension. This place, which I refer to as Solamenta, is very much like the earth we just left. When we arrive, we are human in most respects. We look human and we talk human, albeit telepathically; we also act human, although society there tends to be a little more radical and self-righteous, even more so than it is on the earth. The primary difference between Solamenta and earth, is the advanced technology that becomes omnipresent from the moment of our arrival. In our new home, Solamenta, everyone has the opportunity to work and for all new arrivals, the work is basically all the same; we talk to and hopefully guide people on the earth. This is done with a very advanced computer which facilitates communication via our conscious or sub-conscious. Often this communication can be done in a more pronounced and dramatic way, that being… direct telepathic communication.

In order for a guide to communicate with their person on the earth telepathically, there are guidelines in place which make this type of communication almost impossible and for those willing to supersede these guidelines… there are dire consequences for those who are discovered.

Telepathic communication is a lot like being on the internet; if you are chatting with a group of people on the internet, you will often not know those who you are talking with. The internet is a great place for someone to portray themselves falsely. It is a place where peripheral fantasies can be realized. For instance, it is possible for age, gender, physical characteristics, race, social status etc. to be easily faked. This is what happens on the telepathic internet, when people out there, Solamenta, abuse the technology which has been made available to them in order to care for and guide their earth bound brothers and sisters until it is their time to leave the planet and join them there.

When our guides talk to us, they use a highly sophisticated “other dimensional radio”. All of us on the earth have a computer address which is just like an IP address for those of us who understand a little about computer terminology. This address is considered sacred and given only to those who are authorized to have it; those who are authorized to speak to a specific person on the earth. However, just like on the earth, there are those out there who are willing to commit crimes for one reason or another. There are as many reasons for this law to be violated as there are reasons for one to commit crimes here on the earth.

People on the earth who can hear telepathic communication are extremely valuable out there, Solamenta. Every guide wants their person to communicate with them in this manner but because the guidelines for doing this are so strict; you can’t just press a button and do it, it has to be done a certain way and only to those on the earth who have met all of the criteria. The process of talking to someone on the earth in this manner is like brain surgery times a thousand. It’s exacting and difficult work and there is a good reason for it. God wants us all to be able to hear in this way. If we could hear our guides in this manner, our problems on the earth would be over very quickly and earth would become a virtual paradise. However, we are not here to be robots, to simply do as we are told. We are here to follow in the footsteps of God, to utilize our free will and in so doing, develop our ability to think logically. God wants us to figure this out on our own within designed parameters and in this way; we evolve as opposed to simply reacting. In so doing, we eventually become those capable of communicating with God which is why we were created in the first place.

A great psychic on the earth is held in high esteem out there, Solamenta, much like a rock star is held in high esteem here on the earth. Out there, psychics get a lot of attention. Everyone knows who they are and everyone wants to come see them and hopefully talk to them. Like a rock star, it’s hard to talk to a psychic out there as they are surrounded and protected by their guides.

One of the most important variables about beings out there is this; there is “not” a lot of difference between “out there” Solamenta and here on the earth. It’s a hard concept to understand but it is an important one. Out there, power, economy and social division are just as much a part of the society, Solamenta, as it is in our own society here on earth. When a person on the earth breaks through, like the budding rock star… they attract a variety of people, often lowlifes (“demons”) who seek to capitalize on their potential success. Fame and fortune out there, are just as much a temptation as they are here on earth.

Psychological disorders particularly those associated with “demon possession” and “schizophrenia” are the result of either; guides who lack skill, are irresponsible and/or the final product of crimes that are committed “out there” by insensitive and opportunistic people. When we leave the planet, we arrive “out there”, the same people with the same issues and challenges not overcome here on earth. Just like on the earth, Solamenta, out there is a place where opportunity for growth exists and not everyone is ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

It is important for those who work in the field of human behavior including the religious and scientific communities, to understand what is truly occurring in order to put an end to it. When we can move beyond our primitive beliefs and theories in both science and religion and see these disorders for what they truly are, then they can be confronted by the scientists, the priests and those afflicted in an intelligent and effective manner.

Understanding the mentality of those who commit these crimes out there is a key element but just as important… is for all here on earth, to understand how the equipment and technology they use “out there” works and how to help others out there who want to end this abuse and help us to do it. Those out there, Solamenta, who are dedicated to finding and punishing those who commit these crimes, need our help. Just like internet crimes here on the earth, finding those who commit them is a matter of triangulation.

One of the most devastating crimes that are committed “out there” is referred to as “demon possession”! Demon possession is a very dramatic form of schizophrenia. Obviously when a disorder is called “demon possession”, religion becomes the primary form of therapy and as primitive as our beliefs are, religion and a sincere priest or priests or other religious practitioners can be just what the doctor ordered! A priest who understands this, can be beneficial in ridding those afflicted from the demon.

The entire point of an “exorcism” whether understood or not is to help those out there to locate who is unlawfully communicating; this is why finding out what the demons name is, is so important. If you can get the demon to say his or her actual name, then it is possible that someone will recognize it. Getting a demon to say their name happens when the demon becomes stressed and basically loses it. Getting the demon to a point where they let their guard down and thus, give away their position is how you end the possession.

There are several ways to do this. You can appeal to the demon’s religious beliefs; however, be advised that the demon may be from anywhere in the world and there are no guarantees that the demon will be familiar with Christianity. Out there… are people who practice all religions and there are atheists as well. Any religious beliefs that exist on the earth exist also, out there.

An exorcist wants to create as much attention around the demon as possible. If an exorcism is done with a priest, many priests might be better than just one. For every priest or sincere member of a congregation determined to help a victim, there are many guides who live in the same dimension as the demon who also wish to find him or her and stop the abuse. Our guides are very much like we are. Exorcising a demon is more a matter of networking than it is a matter of magical symbols or religious ceremony. However, religion does play its part as your guides may also be very religious, as well might the demon be. Because exorcising a demon is about networking, the more sincere people who can bring attention to the demon by their close proximity, the better! Any person that does this work needs to be of pure and sincere heart. A good “exorcist” must be of stronger character than the demon. The more resistance the demon must endure, the greater the chance of causing a mental breakdown in the demon and forcing them to seek help. The more you let the demon know, how much you know about what’s really happening, the more it becomes worried about being discovered. It is not just about its name, it will always give you a false name unless it has given up and just doesn’t care anymore. This is dangerous! Before this happens… it might be a good strategy to reason with the demon and just let it know that you understand how it does what it does and that it is going to be caught and punished and the sooner it let’s go or stops, the better for all concerned.

The term “demon possession” is a misnomer. No one is being possessed! The demon works from a control room and “not in close proximity to the victim”. These disorders are strictly a matter of frequency control by an advanced computer. No one, even those capable of subjugating one to great stress, can deprive us of our free will. Understanding what the feelings, voices, visions, strange vibrations and fears associated with extreme mental strain truly are, can help with ones’ decision to overcome them! Anytime we must use words that we feel are beyond our understanding like spirit, soul, mystical, etc… advanced technology is the only logical explanation. It serves no one to diagnose with certainty, these things we feel are beyond our ability to understand. Everything and anything, can be explained by following a logical path. Deferring a serious condition to the powers of the unknown is primitive; however, any sincere effort can be successful.

Demons often work in groups but just like with crimes on the earth; however, when they turn violent, the group often diminishes and sometimes those who leave can be compelled to turn the demon or demons in. Appeal to those who know this crime is being committed.

The demon often doesn’t understand to any great degree how the technology they are using, works. Let them know that their signal can be traced if they are on-line long enough… that you intend to be there until they are caught.

Demons are like pedophiles. They often share information with those who are like themselves. When they get a hold of someone’s IP Address out there by whatever means they happened to come by it, they are likely to give it to others. However, when one demon is discovered, those who dedicate their lives out there to stopping these crimes can easily track others who are inclined to do this.

Getting rid of the demon is one thing; however, there is a good possibility that the voices won’t stop but they will become more reasonable and if the afflicted person continues to be fearful, normal psychiatric care can minimize the discomfort associated with schizophrenia. Psychotropic drugs do interfere with the frequency signal which allows telepathic communication.

There is one primary difference between a psychic and a psychotic; the psychotic fears the darkness associated with telepathic communication and the psychic, explores it. God wants us all to be explorers and one day, we all must walk this path into the darkness. It is the strong will of the explorer that discovers God and eventually eternal life in Paradise.

Every person on the earth has guides out there, Solamenta, who want us to be able to hear them telepathically. If they are doing their jobs properly and responsibly, they won’t talk to us until we are ready. When we are ready and this process begins, our guides can’t say what they want as all communication is restricted and controlled by an advanced computer in order to accomplish a specific mission; to present the challenges that will allow us to develop the characteristics necessary to live in an eternal community, Paradise, and in so doing, bring us closer to God!


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!


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8 comments for “THE NAME OF THE DEMON, Schizophrenia-Demonic Possession-Exorcism

  1. Shon
    March 13, 2011 at 12:19 am

    I am so happy that I found this article! It has answered a lot of questions for me and has eased my mind. I do see these demons. Good and evil. I have sent a good demon to the light. I was able to talk to him and ask it if it wanted to go there first. It did not talk, just nodded yes with tears running down his face. When I had an OBE experience a few days later, he was there, all cleaned up and smiling. His name was Ted. I believe he was stuck between worlds and clung to me for years. That was the most terrifying experience of my life; however also the most empowering once I learned how to deal with it. My guide is very strong. I am connected deeply to him and very grateful for that.

    Last night I had another experience and it wasn’t scary to me, thanx to my experience with Ted. Ted by the way appeared to be a man with long dirty hair and black eyes. The demons last night were confusing me. It was my first time dealing with an evil demon. It appeared to sometimes be one, sometimes two and sometimes three separate spirits. They all looked identical except for the color of their eyes; Red, green and yellow? They had all red skin, very muscular and un-humanlike face. Much like some pix I’ve seen of the devil. Then I would only see one of the spirits but its eyes would change between the three colors. I contacted my guide and asked for his assistance. I did not want to touch this thing. I asked him if he could lag it to the ground so it cannot move, Put heavy chain all over it, even make them red hot, Place 5000 pounds of weight on its shoulders, and place a large golden net over it. He answered yes to all those questions so I had him secure the beast. It worked. So far that is what I’ve been doing. I saw it again today and asked my guide if he could come before the beast and give it a few good shots. He did that too. I can see the look of disbelief in its eyes, but it won’t leave. I have not had time to meditate with my guide and ask him how to totally release this thing from me yet but am very confident to do that. Your article was very good news to me. Thank you for sharing it. There is not much info out there and I feel I need to be very careful who I share this info with. I cannot find any info on what the colors of the eyes mean though. Any idea?

    Thanx again,

  2. March 15, 2011 at 8:30 am

    I appreciate your comments regarding my article and I hope it can be helpful to the thousands of people who are having mystical experiences but are afraid of telling anyone about them. These mystical experiences are in no small part, allegorical pieces of humanities eternal puzzle and we need not fear them but embrace them and understand them.

    This experience you had is what I refer to, as a waking meditative dream. Just like dreams (or OBE’s for that matter,) they are staged by our guides in order to teach us.

    Before one can understand what these experiences are, we need to understand the technology behind them. Our guides have access to technology that can simulate these experiences. Visions, as well as dreams, are prerecorded. Our dreams and visions are prerecorded because they are so important that the results have got to be controlled. Even OBE’s are staged. Those “out there” who are trying desperately to communicate with us, must follow an extremely strict protocol. However, just like on the earth, there are those who break the law.

    Dreams and out of body experiences or OBE’s are different from our meditative experiences. Meditation is the art of listening and what we see in our meditation is telepathic; so we have telepathic listening as well as telepathic seeing or what has commonly been referred to as inner vision.

    When we see beings that look human in many respects but also have demonic features or even non- human entities, we are seeing a staged event. If you could see these beings for who they truly were, you would see a being that looked like anyone on the earth. This experience was an analogy. Our guides communicate to us in this way because they can’t say what they want. Communication from there to here is highly controlled. Your guides want you to know that evil exists but they also want you to know that these evil beings are human. Evil exists there just like it does on the earth. People don’t become mysteriously saint like, by virtue of the fact that they have left the earth. Death is just a matter of logistics.

    It’s important to understand what evil is. In this way, we can begin a journey which teaches us how to avoid it. Your guides are always trying to teach you, this is what good guides do. A good guide doesn’t spare us any pain either. To them we are like children, they raised us from the time we were infants and then when it is all over, they welcome us home.

    It’s a lot of work… teaching someone how to become the type of person that can live as an immortal being and we have to learn it here because if we don’t, we have to turn around and come back to earth and do it again until we do. We will continue to come back to earth over and over again until we have overcome all of the challenges that have been placed in our paths.

    Those who master the art of meditation are half way there. For the time that we are in meditation, we become part of their world. We hook into the mainframe and this computer begins to teach us here, just like she teaches those who are out there, if they are willing to “listen”. However, there are those out there who don’t do what they are supposed to do.

    When you meditate, put away all beliefs and all preconceived notions and allow the mainframe to guide you. When we are being taught by the mainframe, we are having a telepathic experience. The crazy thing about telepathy is that we, ourselves, can interfere with the teaching. We need to let the mainframe teach us because if we don’t, we begin to teach ourselves and this is a learning circuit that leads to nowhere except; to myths, lies, beliefs, etc. The master of meditation allows those with the technology to guide them!

    Confront your demons again and let them know you know who they are and see what happens… take it to the next level and understand that there are many, many, many, levels yet to explore.

    In order to do this properly, you must develop the mindset of a student; don’t jump to conclusions, don’t believe anything and allow logic to be your guide. Logic does not rest until it, “knows!” Don’t trust what you see when you are dealing with advanced technology. Your guides have to communicate with you in this way; they use analogies and symbols because they can’t tell you what they would like to tell you.

    I wish you the best of luck in your journey…
    J.S. Thompson

  3. Michael
    April 18, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    This is just BULL-BLAHT im catholic, dont say lies

  4. April 19, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Thanks for stopping by Michael and leaving your feedback! This is why God gave us free will to choose the many wrong paths or… the only righteous path in becoming the type of person that can live in Paradise. We will all be given the opportunity to see ourselves for who we are when we leave the earth for further advancement of our individual evolution. However, would it not be “truth” and logical… that we not wait to see ourselves for who we are, after we leave earth; but rather… begin that journey while here on earth?

    Hope you will visit us again and read some of the other articles!

    Blessings on your journey,

  5. Natasha Galkina
    July 27, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    PS: God have mercy on you. Stop spreading demonic lies. Youre lost.

  6. July 28, 2013 at 12:06 am

    Thank you for visiting and….. for your prayers! It truly is appreciated!

    Much love and eternal blessings on your journey….

  7. ash
    April 29, 2016 at 8:51 am

    You are being called to dismantle and mislead the human population. I am sure you know that a demon is just that, a demon. There are no good demons. And this higher consciousness you speak of was forbidden for a reason. People like you are going to destroy this earth. Who is this “God” you speak of? Let me guess, the sun or the moon? Higher consciousness=self destruction. Definition of a demon= all knowing.

  8. May 20, 2016 at 9:51 am

    If you’ll read the article again, I think you’ll see that I’ve never referred to a demon as good. Quite the contrary, demons are evil. However, they are human.

    The God I speak of is not a sun God or a moon God but “God our creator”; meaning… the God who created all of us, regardless of what belief system we adhere to.

    Regarding my ability to destroy the earth; I really think you have attributed to me a power that I don’t possess. I would like to hear more from you with regard to your philosophy and why you think the way you do.

    Thanks for reading and good luck in your journey.
    J.S. Thompson

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