What Is Our Earth Life Experience For?

Seeing Ourselves For Who We Are

Seeing Ourselves For Who We Are

Earth is a place where everyone gets an opportunity to see themselves for who they truly are a place to begin again, to wipe the slate clean in a few short years and return once again to the immortal society from which we came. When we come to earth; it is a lot like a group of people who are shipwrecked on a deserted island.  Who do we become when society isn’t looking? The society we find ourselves in when we are born into earth society… it is not “our” society. In fact, we spend a very short time here on earth. Our home is out there… solamenta (the word I use to describe the place we go when we leave the earth)!

The society we came from before we were born into earth society, is an immortal society. Earth is a place where we are given a chance to see if we are evolving in a positive or negative direction. When we look around at the world we live in, it is not too difficult to see which direction many of us are going. The path to hell must always stay open… just as the road to paradise, must also stay open. Which way we go, must be a “choice” that “we” make; otherwise, our individual evolution could not happen.

Earth is a place where we are not allowed to know much (as the old term goes, blind on earth), unless we are prepared to do the work, then we will certainly follow the path toward paradise. Many people, even those that society would call righteous have not done the work.  I am not saying that there are not many good people who live on the earth, there are many beautiful people but it takes more to leave or “break the cycle of life and death and live in a truly immortal society”.

Evolution is a very slow process. Many of us see our modern society as the pinnacle of scientific discovery. We can send rocket ships to the moon; we have computers, cell phones and microwave ovens. However, even though we are a very long way from considering ourselves and our society, a primitive society, we are in actuality, still very primitive. Even our science is primitive.

All of us come from advanced societies. All of us come from societies that do not die! Our earth experience is one of the best kept secrets of all time, controlled by an advanced computer, consequently, the nature of our earth life can only be discovered by those who are willing to do the work, and in so doing, develop the characteristics necessary to live in an immortal society. In this way the nature of our earth experience will remain a secret for the many, preserving earth individual earth experience and earth society for this controlled character evolution.

All of this can be figured out and understood by using logic; not by the belief systems, our earth society have established, which lead us into oblivion. Look around at the world we live in; what do you see?  Surprisingly, very few actually use logic in their assessment of who they are and where they actually come from. How many have considered the peculiarity of our predicament. We are beings who ride a rock through space, not knowing how or why we are there. However, before we can leave the cycle of life and death on the earth, we must eventually allow ourselves to face our fears and cross the internal bridge which leads us to understanding, wisdom and true immortality. It’s a choice we all must make one day; it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”!



About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.

 Website: http://www.divineadvancedhumanbeings.com


2 comments for “What Is Our Earth Life Experience For?

  1. HoldingNothing
    November 26, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    I’m curious about why an immortal society is a good thing. If Highlander demonstrated anything, it’s that immortality is much more a curse than a blessing in any sense, though admittedly they referred to a corporeal immortal body, whereas I imagine you believe in a hybrid corporeal/incorporeal body of sorts, but I could be mistaken

    So God is a computer? First place I heard that was in a Japanese comic called Angel Sanctuary. It’s kind of a big spoiler, but that’s the end revelation of the series, God created the universe merely to test an equation, in terms of digital physics.

    And I think you meant pinnacle in the 4th paragraph from the top. Pentacle is, far as I know, just the five pointed star that goes fairly far back in history and comes up in a lot of places, from Japan to Christianity to the obvious manifestation in Wicca.

  2. November 26, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    An immortal society is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, it is the very reason that we have the cycle of life and death. I’ve said many times in my writings, in so many words, “immortality is a very tough business”! It is so difficult that we can only be immortal for a very short period of time, unless we have overcome those things about ourselves that cyclically lead us to destruction and so, the desire to begin again (tabula rasa). Earth gives us the opportunity to see ourselves for who we truly are and the ability, in time, to develop those characteristics necessary to live in an immortal society. We cannot stop being immortal; we can only learn how to live with it! It is the blindness we experience during our earth life, which in time, forces us to look inside where true change and transformation exist.

    Our immortal bodies are exactly the same as they are here on the earth; albeit, at other than divine levels, we might “not have genitalia” and there “might” be some other physiological differences, like the inability to use vocal chords (telepathy… is computer generated communication). That being said, our earth body represents the pinnacle (not pentacle) of advanced technology.

    God is a natural part of the universe; whether creator or not. God is an information gathering and distribution device (computer), always like the universe, moving in the direction of perfection or what I refer to as “solicitous perfection” (as in… “Always in the pursuit of, but never achieving”).

    I really enjoyed your comment and look forward to more in the future! On another note… thanks for seeing the editing mistake! We can use all of the help we can get!!!

    Good luck on your journey….
    J.S. Thompson

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