What Is The Soul?

What is the Soul

What is the Soul


The word soul is an ancient word that attempts to describe the life force inside of us that remains immortal after our earth lives have ended. As you can imagine, the ancient people who tried to understand this, had no idea about computers such as we have today and especially advanced computers which even in our modern society today, we as a society know nothing about.


The mystics of yesterday, when they had mystical experiences (OBE’s) went to primitive places. The mystics of today go to places where more can be known. The secret is never given up, it must always be learned. This is why I’ve always said that the greatest wisdom exists today.


The foundation for wisdom regardless of when it was written is the same yesterday today and tomorrow however, there is often a wide grey area between the foundation of wisdom and understanding it. This is why there are so many interpretations as to what ancient and contemporary wisdom means. Knowledge which leads to understanding explains why. It is one thing to say that we should love one another, it is yet another to know “why” we should do it. When one understands the math which defines love, there is only one interpretation. When all of the variables are filled in the equation, we no longer believe what is righteous… we know; and that is why we are here. The sooner we solve the equation, the sooner the cycle of life and death stops for us and we join a truly immortal community.


The soul is simply information on a hard drive which contains all of the experiences we have lived since the beginning (we have been around for a very long time… evolution is a very slow process). We never lose anything which is on our hard drive; we add to it thru life after life, until we finally get it and understand.


Look at it this way, when your consciousness was new… you were no more than a machine, (albeit a very advanced machine) which had the capacity to think and make choices. The more right and wrong turns you took, the more you had to draw upon from your hard drive. Evolution is about making enough right choices than wrong. We all get to a point in our own personal evolution, where we have made enough mistakes…. and so we stop. Just like the universe has boundaries, we are part of the universe and also have defined boundaries. Most of us on the earth do not see those boundaries but a time will come when we do. A child who sees the hot burner on the stove and desires to touch it usually does it only once or twice. In my case it was at least twice, one time was a hot iron, one time was a stove. I was a slow learner. Life is the same way… there comes a time when we see the hot burner and we make a choice not to touch it. If we learn… it was the so called “soul”, the eternal voice telling us the right way to go. It is always telling us the right way to go but we have a choice whether or not we choose to listen. This is the conflict, the eternal war that all of us fight every day. All of us wish to follow the path of least resistance, this is our desire but unfortunately, this path will never ever get us there. Our “true desires” will never be fulfilled by following this path! We continue to live life after life, both here and out there until we learn how to listen. When we do, the cycle of life and death ends and we move on to another mission.


Good luck on your journey…..

J.S. Thompson


4 comments for “What Is The Soul?

  1. Cary Grant Anderson
    October 2, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    The Soul is not a machine. It is not a computer. It is not a hard disk. It is something quite different. And quite special.

    1. Where does the Soul come from?
    2. Why does it exist?
    3. How is different from person to person?
    4. How is it the same?
    5. What is the purpose of the Soul?
    6. And the purpose of life?
    7. How and why can the Soul be diminished? Or destroyed?

    I need to write The Book of Souls…

  2. October 3, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Hi Grant,

    Thank you for your visits!

    I must say in my most humble opinion, there is really no need to attempt to have Mr. Thompson answer your questions as it seems it would be a waste of his time and energy… due to the personal statement you made as it seems you already have your answers. Therefore, if you believe you already know what is and/or what is not (as per the statement made), you could not receive any information that is acceptable to you that goes against your pre-disposed belief systems. That goes against the universal law of physics and would not warrant further information….

    Much love and eternal blessings on your journey…..

  3. Grant
    October 4, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Advancement of human understanding, technology, and abilities comes from dialog. It’s obvious there is no dialog to be had here. “waste of time and energy to answer my questions”? I think it is you that has a fixed belief system that is interfering with your ability to think and grow. Yes, I have answers and many answers. Which can be refined and advanced through dialog as well as challenges. I’m up to having my ideas challenged. You by your actions show that you are not. Thus your ideas and concepts will never grow and develop. They are static and fixed and you are convinced that you are correct and are afraid of having them challenged or even questioned. Have you ever thought that being open minded and being able to consider alternate models and theories and ideas is a good thing?

    And exactly where do you get your ideas and concepts? The writings here seem like a mishmash of UFO and New Age Christianity out on the edge thought but I don’t see any references or mention of other people’s work or books or credit for their ideas? Why not?

    – Grant

    PS: Oh, and I cannot accept your “Much love and eternal blessings” as it is contradicted by your words and statement. Thus it lacks true integrity and thus is cannot be acceptable. If you really had good thoughts and wishes for other people then you’d be trying to help them rather then just pushing your own thoughts listening to no others and assuming a position of superiority that actually belies its weakness. No open mind != progress.

  4. October 7, 2014 at 12:40 am

    And so it is and shall be…..
    Received and understood Grant….
    Thank you, your comment does not hurt me, goad me, nor offend me;
    “It’s all good and serves a purpose”!


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