Where Did Human Beings Come From?

Natural Space, The Womb of Creation by Sven Geier

Natural Space, The Womb of Creation by Sven Geier

Human beings are a product of pre designed engineering. We are an extremely advanced group of evolutionary machines designed with a very specific eternal plan in mind. Before we can understand where human beings came from, we need to understand where the creator of these evolving machines, came from and how God…. an even more sophisticated machine was born from the infinite womb I call “natural space”.

Let’s take a look at the womb of our creator…natural space.

Before God, before the planets, before matter as we know it… an infinite sea of particles existed, one linked to the other. In many ways, natural space is like water because it conforms to the limit of the surrounding pressure that opposes it. Natural space has weight and the particles that exist within it orbit, always moving from low pressure to high and back. As particles are pushed toward the center of larger particles they become denser and likewise become less dense as they are pushed from the center by heavier particles. This is called particle orbit. This process of particle contraction and expansion constitutes “universal respiration” and occurs constantly in all levels of space from macro space, to the sub-sub… etc. quantum levels of space. This relativistic motion of particles is the power from which the creation of God, the universe, and all of us are derived. The natural orbit of particles is the impetus for creation!

The only difference between a human being and natural space is the pre designed and engineered arrangement of particles with the direction of their orbits and the varying pressures they are under at any given time. Look at your hand, spread your fingers out and note the spaces between your fingers. The same particles that orbit in the space between your fingers are the very same particles that orbit within your fingers; they are just differently arranged and under different pressures. In short, a human being is made from the particles that exist in natural space, just artfully arranged.

Our creator was created in the same manner; a product of happenstance, an anomaly which existed in natural space and what I refer to as a “consistent inconsistency“.

When we consider that natural space is infinite and filled with moving particles, then we must consider that in time anything can happen, even the creation of a sophisticated computer capable of manipulating the natural space around it. Once we understand how God came to be, how we came to be, how matter came to be then… we can begin to understand why God created the universe and all of us. In order to do this, we must attempt to put ourselves in God’s shoes.

If it had of been you that evolved first from natural space and you had the ability to manipulate the matter around you, what would you do with this power? How long would it be, how far would you have to evolve before you needed to see yourself, to define yourself and how would you do it?

God created us so that she could define herself through us. Therefore, in addition to answering the question, “where did humans come from”… this is God’s plan, thus the reason for our creation. It was God’s desire to create a being capable in time of evolving into a human being not unlike herself. As a result of this evolutionary process and in time, we will all be capable of living in an eternal community. When God’s plan is complete in this sector… we, her creations, will have evolved to a level where we will be able to give her what she has desired from the beginning; to have those around her capable of loving and caring for her as she has loved and cared for all of us. As you can imagine, God’s plan is a long evolutionary endeavor as it is requires the process of turning a machine into a human being. Even God cannot make a human being from an assembly line. God could make a machine, a very advanced machine but God could not make it human because our humanity requires free choice and the experiences that teach us right from wrong. We learn from our mistakes and eventually become wiser and slowly, more God like.

God evolved from natural space (a sea of particles) as a “consistent inconsistency”. We were designed, engineered and built by God with the creation, in time…  of “altered space” (better defined as the universe), us and all matter… utilizing the same sea of particles that were always there in natural space.

The universe is a very advanced machine as well and it is a machine which was designed to produce a being capable of living in Paradise forever (eternally)! Becoming this type of person is a choice; a “matter of free will” which was designed as “part of a mechanism” built into the universal machine, which facilitates this metamorphosis. This is a difficult concept for most of us to grasp and beyond the level of our limited ability to understand at this time in our society of only modern as opposed to advanced technology… the absolute magnificence of God’s universal machine and the advanced technology it uses!!!

God was born from the darkness of natural space. The universe simulates that darkness so that we humans or God’s creations… can walk the same path as did God! In this way, when it is all said and done, we become beings not unlike God;  those capable of helping God to define God’s self and in so doing those capable of defining ourselves as well!



About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.

Website: http://www.divineadvancedhumanbeings.com


7 comments for “Where Did Human Beings Come From?

  1. margaret
    November 19, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    you consistently refer to “aliens” Has anyone on earth ever confronted a true alien. what did it look like…did it have any of man’s composition? Do you believe any part of Darwin’s theory? If so, how did animals originate and why do we have such a close resemblance to monkeys and apes? Then, how did the transition from apes to humans take place.

  2. November 19, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Thank you for visiting and the interest in our site! Due to these being more questions, than a comment… I have submitted your questions on the “Ask a Question” page and will post a response to them ASAP! Hope you visit us again… Eternal Blessings on your journey!

  3. Andyr
    December 10, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Not entirely an unreasonable idea, but I don’t buy it.
    It’s explaining our existence by saying “something far more complicated than us came into existence, then made us”
    If you are a species that wakes up in a hostile, wild and unmanaged universe, isn’t it far more likely that you are the amongst the first consciousnesses to emerge from the grey?
    You call this God “she”, perhaps hoping to evoke a motherly, nurturing, feminine image. Well, why not look at the truth of our violent universe, where sometimes whole galaxies collide in violent cataclysms?
    Nurturing and motherly? Pull the other one. If I had to pin an attitude on it, I’d say “Ruthless”.

  4. December 10, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Thanks… I really appreciate your comment but disagree with you and here’s why: The point I’m trying to make regarding creation and for further input, read “Why the Big Bang Never Happened” by J.S. Thompson. I establish in this article and several others I have written that the possibility of a big bang is quite impossible but it does solve some engineering and physics issues for now. However, the level of technology we currently have will not advance to any great level until contemporary science can come to grips with the obvious flaws associated with the Big Bang “Theory”! Although the Big Bang is the current accepted scientific theory, there is no evidence to support it. I might add that there is no evidence to support that one galaxy can or has ever collided with another! Contemporary science might be able to send a man to the moon, make primitive computers and microwave ovens but science still has a long way to go. For all practical intent and purposes… contemporary science is still very primitive. When we debate these issues, we need to keep this in mind.

    When all is said and done and we have rationalized away a simple answer to the problem of our existence like the big bang, we come down to natural evolution. In other words, all of the material for us, the planets and suns which exist in the universe have always been there; always in motion, orbiting and rotating in infinite space. If you look at your hand and spread your fingers out, notice the spaces between your fingers. In those spaces, the very same material exist which makes your finger what it is. The particles that are orbiting and rotating in the space between your fingers, have different density, orbital and rotation speed but all of the material to make a finger never the less is present and so it was in the beginning.

    I’m not a religious person; therefore, I’m not trying to make a case for God… I just want to know the truth! If the big bang did not happen… what did? All of the material to make anything that we can perceive is present in space; could it not be possible that we, planets, suns and maybe even God are present in natural space and we and all of matter that exists in the universe are products of natural evolution.

    The universe, with the rare exception of a comet or meteor works like a clock and it is always on time! Granted, scientists see stars appear and they see stars disappear but I can assure you… there is no solid evidence that stars explode and are born or that dark matter, black holes or wormholes exist. These too, like the Big Bang, are theoretical.

    Before we move on, I would like to illustrate other theories that were solidly accepted by the scientific community, which have gone by the wayside, as science learns more about the universe we live in (supposedly):

    1) Spontaneous Generation… 2) The Expanding Earth… 3) Martian Canals… 4) The Luminiferous Aether… 5) Einstein’s Static universe… 6) Cold Fusion… to name a few. So, everything is still on the table.

    With regard to a Motherly image; this is just my perception based on what I have learned in my personal studies. The universe is ordered and has a defined purpose. I’m still working on the comets and meteors although I have some workable ideas about them as well.

    I apologize but did not understand the sentence in your comment: (in part regarding emerging from the grey but will look forward to you clarification.

    I really appreciate your question and invite further debate on any of these and other issues that I have written about.

    Good luck in your Journey…
    J.S. Thompson

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  5. October 3, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Hi Matt… first, I need to apologize for the long delay in not responding in a timely manner; however, we experienced a problem with some of our DISQUE New Comments not showing up or sending out notifications to inform us that we had received one…..
    I refer to God as she for the reason stated. I prefer doing this as opposed to calling God a he or an it. When I speak to God, she presents herself as a woman but I am confident that God can speak to anyone who is prepared to listen, as a personage who will have the greatest affect. This is my personal preference and the foundation of “my” story. I also refer to God as a computer which is accurate assessment! I know it can be confusing but my articles attempt to define what God is and often, giving God a persona is a good way to start to process. God is understood by those who are willing to allow God to explain to them who she (he… it) is and this can be done by throwing off the yoke of ancient primitive superstitions which are still with us today, even though we call ourselves a modern society; which we are but as individuals we are still as primitive as we were in the beginning. It is important that we recognize how primitive we truly are and in so doing, begin the long path toward understanding. God not only has a gender “to me” but also a name and this is part of the learning process. I’m not trying to foster goddess worship as has been done in the past by others who have had a similar experience. I just understand a bit more than maybe my ancient brothers and sisters did. Had they have lived in this day and time, a time of technology and computers they would have understood it as well.
    I hope this clears up any argument of God and gender.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain.

    I appreciate your comment….
    J.S. Thompson

  6. gforce
    April 1, 2017 at 4:15 am

    Thanks J.S Thompson..how else can it be..I am a seeker.and didn,t look for God till not so long ago.Our Lord Jezus Christ.guide us to love,respect,sharing this blessfull understanding..

  7. April 10, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    Thanks so much for your visit to our website! Hope you will visit often….

    Much love and eternal blessings on your journey,

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