A Medium’s Letter to all GHOST HUNTERS



Dear Ghost Hunters,


I don’t remember ever watching a reality TV show before tonight but as I thumbed through the channels looking for a movie, I came across your TV show called “The Ghost Hunters”. I must admit, at first, I suspected it would be hokey. I enjoyed it so much that I watched the remainder of that episode and watched the next.

I am a mystic that communicates with those out there and I have been talking to these beings that we, here on earth, call ghosts and confronting them for years, as well as those we call demons. Not to sound arrogant, but I have done the work required and there is not much I don’t know about both. However, it is a lonely thing I do and it is always good to see others who walk the same path. I do believe you are sincere in your endeavors and God bless you for what you do.

That being said, there is a great deal about these beings you seek out, that most everyone on earth does not understand. I would like to share my knowledge and try to enlighten you, but before you can learn or hope to understand about this paranormal activity orchestrated by those who do this from the other side (maybe better said, out there where we all return to when we leave earth), you will need to put away your established beliefs that you may have regarding demons and ghosts. From what I’ve seen, there is still a great deal of wrong thinking about who these people are and they are people, just like you and me.

However, like people everywhere, there are those who try to live right and follow the rules and there are those who do not; whether here on earth or out there. There are those who truly want the best for others and there are those who do not. Even more difficult to understand, there are those who believe themselves to be doing the right thing but are not. To this day, there are many, here on earth that believes when we die here on earth, we automatically become an angel and go somewhere out there to a place called Heaven. Nothing could be further from the truth; I can assure you that when we leave earth and whatever issues or challenges we did not individually overcome as we were supposed to this time on earth…. we return and arrive back out there the same person as when we left. Therefore, it’s not too difficult to understand that if someone has evil tendencies or just up to no good while here on earth and these challenges are not overcome, those beings will still have these issues to resolve someday when they finally make the choice to see themselves for who they truly are! It’s not a matter of if this will happen for them or all of us for that matter, but a matter of when; there’s no getting around this; it’s just a matter of individual’s choice of how long they may delay their journey!

I see these beings and I also communicate with them. I know who they are and I know why they do what they do. Let me explain who I am and why you should listen to what I have to say. First of all, I am not psychotic! I do not take anti-psychotic medications and I have never been to a psychiatrist. However, if I were to go to a psychiatrist, I would most definitely be diagnosed as schizophrenic. Why…. because I see and hear things that others do not see and hear. This would be a very uninspired diagnosis; however, when people do what I do and contact has been made, there is a great deal of fear and paranoia associated with it because it can be very scary, the unknown.  It is not known what or who is talking to us or how they are communicating with us; therefore, often medications are required and prescribed to lessen or even stop the repercussions.

I am a retired professional and after I retired, I bought a business thinking that I would just be an investor. However, somehow I became directly involved with a hands-on approach in the day-to-day operations and wound up doing what I did as a professional… with what seems, spending even more time now than I did before I retired, but the hard work has resulted in successful ventures. I’ve heard it said, “You don’t own the business, it owns you”. Nothing could be truer, or at least, it seems in my case. Nonetheless, in my spare time and with the help of those who guide me (my guides) from out there…. we seek out those who would be referred to as demons or ghosts. I have done that full time for a while between my so called retirement and new business venture which is taxing on one’s energies and psyche. Were it not for the daily time I now spend on my company business, who knows…. I might need anti-psychotic drugs.  For those that are in contact with the other side, it can be very stressful as I am sure you are aware of!  I have found a place now that is quite comfortable inside of me (from within), finding a balance between the two; communicating with those out there for a purpose and operating my business here and of which I have been led to do both per my guides.

In one of the episodes I watched, one of the ghost hunters was challenging an entity and attempting to shame him into making contact. All of a sudden the person taunting the (so called) ghost, felt dizzy and strange. I suppose that you have felt this feeling a lot? There was also a priest who does or has done exorcisms… (God bless him) who had experienced pain and had even been hospitalized when attempting to drive to do an exorcism. There was one more scene I saw where one of the Ghost hunter staff had experienced stomach pains which were so severe, that he asked that filming be stopped until the pain subsided. Obviously, you have discovered that making contact can be dangerous. Make no mistake about this, what you do can even be fatal! Worse yet, these beings can make you wish you were dead and for these reasons those who want to follow this path need to be of the highest character, well rounded and free of any kind of mind altering abuse.

It would be difficult for me to believe that you got into this for sensationalism. I suspect you had a strong desire to explore the other side, the unknown searching for answers before you began the program. I don’t know if you have considered this or not but anyone who explores the other side to the extent that you and your crew have done… are on a personal quest for God. You want answers. Are you prepared to hear the truth? It’s the only way you’ll ever get them. Here are a few things I would like for you to consider.


1)          Don’t allow yourself to accept the beliefs and myths of the status quo. If you want the truth, you won’t find it there.

2)         There are reasons why this doesn’t happen all over the place all of the time. Let’s face it; every minute someone is dying in a very painful way, often murdered by those who are truly evil.

The reason we don’t detect ghosts, demons, UFO’s etc. is because there are strict boundaries for communication between those out there and us here on earth. They all want to communicate with us and they line up to do so, but when contact is made, they can’t do or say what they want. These boundaries are enforced by an advanced computer. This is how the secret has been kept so well. However, even so, mistakes are allowed and I do mean allowed, but there is a reason for this. It is not easy for them to make contact regardless of the format which is used. They must do a great deal of work before contact and there must be a great deal of organization for each and every one. When you make contact with Joe the ghost, trust me when I tell you, there are many people out there that are participating. This is not to say that Joe isn’t present, he may well be and probably is but he is not alone. He is not trapped in this dimension, he doesn’t need anyone to lead him to the light; he is sitting behind an advanced piece of technology, a multi-dimensional radio in a place where there are hundreds and probably thousands of other people waiting their turn to communicate and be “Joe the ghost”.  As difficult as this may be to understand at this time, once someone here on earth makes contact with those out there, it can become a very big business at times and everyone wants to speak to the person on earth that can hear them.

3)         Regardless of how many people watch your show or read the books and articles written by those who make contact in some form or another; it is a personal journey, a journey that all of us should someday make. This is your time.

4)         All of you are surrounded by your guides who use very sophisticated advanced technology to communicate with you. When I refer to advanced technology, what I mean, is that those who have access to this gear or equipment, have the capability to communicate and even transport people or machines (capable of working in this dimension), from one dimension to another.

5)         Your guides have one primary responsibility: to teach you how to live in an immortal community and whether you realize it or not… you are an immortal person. All of us on earth come from advanced societies and will return once again to them when we leave the earth. The reason we are here on the earth is because we don’t know how to live forever (eternally); time is an enemy of those who have character weaknesses and there aren’t many of us that don’t have them, these issues will one day, have to be overcome. Put yourself behind immortal eyes; here on the earth, we know that the possibility exists that there at least, “might” be greener pastures awaiting us when we leave the earth. Out there, after prolonged periods of time, life can become unbearable. When this happens as oft it does, we wait for a time when we can begin again, to wipe the slate clean so to speak and start over again anew on earth. The only way to begin again is to start life without any conscious knowledge of the past. Mortality is a clever disguise, a facade, facilitated by extremely advanced technology and of which “the life and death cycle” on earth is significant, having a goal with purpose!

6)         There are crimes being committed “out there” and the biggest crime is called “interference”. If there is one thing that really pisses your guides off, it is someone who cuts into their signal to you and starts communicating with you. Out there this happens all of the time. Your guides know you; they are professionals and have your personal file. However, there are those, who by hook or crook, get a hold of your address (like an IP computer address) and get between you and your guides. Needless to say your guides would do just about anything to get these people who do this to stop. This is not an easy task.

For the most part, I am not speaking about our guides who have permission and are authorized to communicate with us but the beings that do interfere with those on earth, do it for two reasons #1) because they are bored and useless. They wait to come to earth but this could take a long time; so they keep themselves busy getting into other people’s business and # 2) for sex.

Sex is big out there particularly for the beings that we are talking about; those beings that do interfere. These beings are different; they are physiologically different. When we leave the earth and return out there, we are the same as we were when we left and this includes our sexuality. However, if we were to take a job out there which requires us to live in a craft which moves very quickly, we would have to make some temporary changes to our human anatomy. One of those changes includes the loss of sex organs, to name one. Not a problem though for those who are unscrupulous. What they do is to follow the pretty earth girls around encouraging them telepathically to have sex with as many men as they can convince them to do it with. They film it and they interact with the film. They do have the technology to take their (the earth girl’s) partner out of the picture and insert themselves… like 3 D virtual reality. It’s may be difficult for us to understand the advanced technology out there since we on earth, at this current life cycle, only have access to modern technology.  However, this is how these evil people live vicariously through us. Remember that there are only a small number of people out there that do this, but these are the ones we are interested in. Can you imagine the outrage when a guide team’s little girl begins having promiscuous sex. They don’t want that for their earth girl that they love and have committed to care for and guide during her earth life. They want her to develop the character and integrity it takes to live in an immortal society, not become a slut. What these people do is the epitome of selfishness; pure evil.

The reason that some have these physiological changes is that they are in a craft and they are… or were, at one time, part of our guide team. It is their job to monitor us while we are on the earth. They take films of us, doing everything we do while we are here on earth. This is a very important job because it is for those who guide us to make sure that we are hearing what they are saying to us within. Did you ever feel that you just needed to go to the ice cream store and get a chocolate chip ice cream or whatever? Our guides do this to us to see if we are hearing them. Then, the guide responsible for filming us sees us going to the store and doing what we were told. Our space, earth space, is filled with these monitoring craft. There are more of them (craft) than there are people on the earth. Of course we don’t see them; they are in this dimension but they are shielded. When we send rockets into space, “they” simply move over and let us go thru but they are thick out there. The craft I’m referring to are small and maneuverable but they come from other craft which are very large and hold millions of people or even more. These large craft (our homes out there) are the places we all (on the earth) come from and are the places we will return to when we leave the earth. These large craft are where your guides are. This is where your guides sit in large arenas which hold thousands of people, behind what they refer to as a sitcom (kind of funny don’t you think?) Some of us will do this very thing when we leave the earth.

Sometimes those who go out into space in small craft and monitor us, get involved in these interference crimes and they are crimes. Often they believe that they will not get caught because of the secrecy that is involved in their jobs. They often also feel they are protected by certain societies with which they are members. This is not always the truth, they do often get caught and this is where you and I come into this story. I would like to emphasize at this point that most of the people who do these jobs out there…. are not evil.

When contact is made and you do what you do or I do what I do, people line up to talk to us or in your case, to be the ghost as it were. Notice how when you ask a question, there is a pause or nothing. What happens when you ask a question is this: they wait for clearance and for a majority opinion. They are not supposed to lie or incriminate themselves in anyway. Everything they do is being documented and recorded, there are repercussions/consequences to what they do generally, but this is not always the case. When you (the person on earth) ask for a person and you use their name, they must come up with the person you are trying to talk to or at the very least a person who has that name. When they say something like Diablo or devil you have to understand that these words have different meanings to them than they do to you. Also, it might be true that a murder occurred in the place where you are doing your story or research. When someone says, “I am angry”, they are either really an angry person or they are really messing up, which is common. They do want to get your attention and keep that communication going as long as they can. This is how the good ones (the ones doing their job well, out there)  find out who is interfering with us on while on earth and this is how they bring these evil people, out there, to justice. It is a great service that you do in your contact with those out there.

7)         The communication that takes place has very little to do with the occurrence you are investigating that allegedly happened there; it is all about the contact and communication. When you go to a place to record ghosts, you get a great deal of attention. You are the reason they are there.

8)         A possession occurs when contact goes horribly wrong. It gets out of control, not to mention that there are people in the world who are evil. This activity brings the evil out in people and that goes for both those on earth and those out there. However, they cannot make us do anything that we do not allow and this is very important. They cannot violate our free will. They can make us feel horrible and they can even kill us but they can’t make us commit murder even though some might try.


The purpose of our time here on earth that God allows us to do this, is to see ourselves for who we truly are. Often, we do not see ourselves for who we are until we are confronted with a dramatic situation in which we must choose to go one way or another. War is a good way for us to see ourselves for who we are. In war, there is always one asshole in the platoon who is taking potshots and even killing civilians and doing it just because they think they can get away with it as they think no one is watching them and therefore, will suffer no consequences! We all need to… “Think again as everything we think, do and say is always being recorded”. What would you do if you believed that you could get away with it? This is the opportunity we get when we leave (delete the word “leave” and insert “come to”) the earth. Do they want us to use Ouija boards? Yes and no. They do want us to hear them but they do not want us to draw a bad crowd and this is what using a Ouija board does. It opens us up for communication with those who we should not be communicating with.

Generally, when someone starts to do this… your guides will attempt to scare you off before the bad guys find out. If they do not, then it is very dangerous and even can be fatal. The one thing that you or any priest that tries to exorcise a (so called) demon needs to know is that there is not one demon doing this. There are many people involved and the one thing that they are really afraid of is the truth. When a priest is dealing with someone on earth who is genuinely being tormented from those out there, telling them something that is true will scare them away quicker than anything. Invoking Jesus also helps… not so much because many believe Jesus to be the only son of God, but because Jesus is known by many and draws people together. It is the numbers that help in a situation like this. However, if a priest were to say, I know who you are and begins to tell them something that is true… watch them run. They work under a veil of secrecy, that of myth and belief and when you see them for who they truly are, their network will begin to fall apart. Please pass this on to your priest friend… God bless him.

Earth exists for a reason and our time here is invaluable. Those who do not respect our time on earth need to come to justice. Those of us who make contact are the way they do it. Some of us who do this do not understand what we do, but what we do is important to those who are righteous out there and it serves a higher purpose in the evolution of our humanity.

This story is complicated and I’m just glazing over the surface. I do want you to remember one other thing, “Truth is a valuable commodity”! Those, out there, who are evil, will do just about anything to make sure you never get it. They do talk to us on the inside and we either listen to them or we don’t. Be those who will not listen to them… keep an open mind and always do the right! I’ll see you on the other side.

Keep up the good work and if you can, please extend to your priest friend, on my behalf, God’s blessing!


Good luck to all on your journeys…..

J.S. Thompson


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