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Alien Mining ~ Credits~alienseries

Alien Mining ~ Credits~alienseries


Inquiry/Question posed by one of our website visitors:

I am the founder of a paranormal research organization in Texas. My research in recent years and current research on an upcoming TV documentary have brought me to the prospect of alien or advanced human mining.  I have come across more and more reports and evidence of strange completely round, smooth, and deep shafts found out in the middle of nowhere in areas where many minerals are found such as quartz and even uranium.  These shafts seem to be too smooth and perfectly round to have been created by modern drilling equipment.  They almost appear to have been made by a high intensity laser drill of sometimes that left the shafts with an almost glass like smoothness.  Is this something you have come across?


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:


There is no doubt that “Aliens” require a large amount of elemental

minerals to maintain their technology. At this level, it is technology

that keeps them alive. I certainly believe that earth was a source for

alien mining at least in the past. The reason I say this is because

large amounts of waste materials are produced as these people

extract elements at a level that contemporary science is not yet

familiar with. Consequently, these wastes which are produced need

to be disposed of. In the past this would have been easy to do.


However currently, I think that “they” (advanced humans, meaning

humans that have access to advanced technology, or otherwise

known as other dimensional technology) would be very

apprehensive about doing anything that would arouse the

suspicions of surface dwellers (those currently on earth), as our

technology will soon be such that we will be able to interfere with

their mission here on the earth. There is no doubt in my mind…

ancient civilizations that lived long before recorded history had the

capabilities to dig mines that would have had the characteristics of

the mines or mine shafts you describe. This would have been

possible because they were the last of a deteriorating “advanced



As a matter of logic, one only need look into the future of our own

society to clearly see it. Our society is right around the corner from

discovering & developing advanced technology. How will society

change100 years or 500 years from now? How far can it go? Will

science discover how to by-pass mortality, allowing some (generally

speaking, the elite) to become immortal? Let me suggest to you that

contemporary society here and now is extremely primitive to that of

the advanced society that will one day be realized. As society

becomes more advanced, so will our ability to destroy ourselves!


This is what I believed happened in the past. This is what I believe

will happen in the future. In fact, I believe this is a social/

technological evolutionary cycle, which has been going on, for all

practical intent and purpose, since the beginning of time!


Thanks for writing in!


Good luck on your journey…..

J.S. Thompson


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