Are Past Life Regressions Beneficial-Do We Experience Gender Change?

Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions


Questions posed by website visitor as follows:

I am a female and some time ago, during a past life regression, I was shown that I lived a past life as an American Indian male (man). First question; “Do we interchange between being male and female during different life incarnations?”  Second question; “Do we benefit from knowing about our past lives?”  Thank you for answering questions for us!


Response provided by “J.S. Thompson-Mystic” as follows:

Great questions!

No…..We were created male and female and we will always be male and female. The entire point of our cycling back and forth from earth to “out there” is to learn how to become the type of people who can live in an immortal society; to develop the characteristics that allow that to happen.

There are some that believe that sex does not happen “out there” but relationship and sex are the cornerstone of eternal community. “Out there, people are male and female. Gender is not a factor in one’s ability to live in an immortal community. Men learn how to be men and women learn how to be women and that within itself is a monumental task. Evolution is a very slow process.

Like I said before relationship (marriage) is the corner stone of the immortal community. When we have finally learned how to be immortal from our many lives here and there (Christa solamenta) and the doors to this immortal community are opened to us, our initiation into this community is marriage! I do not say this in some broad symbolic sense but in a very classical sense. Married people in paradise have sex! In order for this relationship to happen, we spend many lives learning how to be a partner to a wife or husband.

I would like to add that many people, particularly those who live in the U.S. have lived lives as American Indians in their past lives. It’s an interesting story how a society transitions from one location to another (Europe and points around the globe, to America). There was a time when there were millions and millions of Indians on the North American continent and most of us whose American heritage is over 150 (approx.) years old were American Indians at some time or another.

Finding out what we have been in the past with regard to other lives we’ve lived is not easy to do. For that matter, everything that comes from there is guarded and difficult to get “accurately”! Knowing what you have been in the past is possible but one must consider that the guides who do this accurately go thru hell to do it. So, they must ask themselves (our guides) the question, is this information worth the effort?

When we leave the earth, who we have been can be available to. Before we come to earth, we leave ourselves artifacts of past lives such as paintings or pictures, letters and journals. Some people prepare well and others do not prepare so well. Some people believe that knowing about past lives is detrimental and others believe this is absolutely necessary in our evolution toward immortality.

We have to understand that getting information from out there is not easy and it is not easy for a reason. The earth experience is a challenge that is designed to elicit character growth which eventually allows us to leave the cycle of life and death and so there are strict guidelines and boundaries that must be adhered to.

Our earth lives are like a game; a game where a team of people who have a treasure map are supposed to get the information to their guy or gal on the ground (where the treasure is) so that they can all win the treasure. This is the challenge. The prize is immortality!

Our guides make the decision to give us information about past lives when they feel it helps them to succeed at their mission. However, even then, we must understand that this information is often interfered with and more often than not wrong or inaccurate.

Good luck on your journey……

J.S. Thompson