Are Pleiadians here to help Humans Evolve?

Seven Sisters Star Cluster, Also-Known As The Pleiades

Seven Sisters Star Cluster, Also-Known As The Pleiades


Question posed by visitor on website as follows:

“What, if anything do you know about The Pleidians? Are they really here to help humans evolve or is this just more of a diversion or distraction?”



J.S. Thompson’s response to question as follows:

Before I can answer this question, I need to explain a bit about what channeling is, how it works and who are those people “out there” that are always wanting to talk to us. All of the information that comes to us about these different alien groups is a product of someone who channels aliens.

If one channels long enough, they begin to understand a few things about how this type of communication works. Those who speak to us in this way are out there and they are real. There is no doubt about that but anyone who has done this for any length of time has been “lied” to. When I first started doing this, I was confronted with aliens, ghosts, demons, angels, family members and God knows what else. If it has been thought of by anyone, I was talking to them. Fortunately for me, I’m extremely skeptical and the first time they told me something that wasn’t the truth, I became even more skeptical. I’m curious but everything I hear out there is subject to scrutiny, as it should be.

I’ve been doing this long enough now and have made every mistake that can be made. When people begin to explore the unknown, they need to be cautious. When we who do this and go out there and explore, we begin this journey blind and we have to decipher what is true and what is not; in other words we have to learn to be” discerning”! Discernment is one of the lessons we must learn in order to move to another level of enlightenment and enlightenment is the goal. Those who make this journey are doing something very important but what we are going through is a personal experience. God wants us to learn enough to be of service to others. (Note: I no longer channel, I listen and discern) 

When we read channeled material we need to keep some things in mind. First: those out there who are talking to us can’t say what they want. They use a very sophisticated advanced computer to talk to us and it has very strict boundaries. Second: There is good and evil out there… good never lies but evil lies all of the time. Third: when someone starts talking to those out there, it is a big deal and draws the best and the worst groups of people. Fourth: The whole idea of us being on the earth is to learn how to listen but when we make contact, we instantly go to a channel that most beings out there can hear and interfere with. Fifth: If one can be distracted from learning, it will be facilitated. Out there, creating fantasies and telling us what we want to hear is how they get and maintain our attention and keeping us on line is important to them. If one is inclined to listen, then the good who are out there will allow us to continue to listen to BS; this is how they determine the level of our ability and where they need to take us next. If we are inclined to listen to lies, then we will never hear the truth and the truth is more intriguing than any groups of aliens that might be watching or talking to us. Sixth: Accurate names and dates are almost impossible to hear. No one wants to give their real names and even if they wanted to, there would be someone out there who would interfere by substituting a false name; I call it the name game. The same is true with numbers, dates, etc. (they have computers that are alerted when a name, time or number is given. All conversations are taped and edited before they are played and we hear them on the earth. So, everything we hear is choreographed; this includes the interferences which are left in, in order to teach us a lesson!

When someone begins to channel, the information they hear must be built on a foundation of knowledge that the channeler already has. In other words they are prevented by the controlling computer to give us anything that is not done in a very “specific” manner. The object of this exercise is to get us to listen so we can learn the truth. God wants to tell us everything but we have to learn how to listen, to be discerning.

Some people when they start to do this and I am no exception, just take everything they hear as the gospel because they assume that those talking to them are more intelligent and wiser. However, this isn’t always the truth. The people who are talking to us are just people like you and me. Granted they now have a different perspective on things but never the less they are people.

There are three basic types or groups of people that talk to us when we do this; our guides, Advanced Beings (ABs) which include beings who we see from time to time in saucer shaped craft and lastly, those I refer to as Divine Beings (those who have led exemplary lives on the earth and who were rewarded for their service when they left the earth and who have an eternal mission to help us all become divine beings).

Our guides are those like ourselves who lived and died on the earth and when they arrived out there or Solamenta, were given jobs helping to guide people on the earth get through their lives. This is what we all do when we die with few exceptions. With regard to this group however, they are our guides that are supposed to be talking to us and then there are those who are not authorized to talk to us that see talking to someone on the earth as interesting, fun or even profitable. Any way you look at it, they are not supposed to be talking to us and this is where most of the wild stories about Pleiadians come from.

ABs talk to us sometimes also. The biggest misconception about ABs is where they are from. We see ABs as extra-terrestrials. ABs are not extra-terrestrial; they are earthlings and they have been here longer than we have; therefore, in a sense we are more alien than they are. ABs are much more advanced than we on the earth are but in the whole scheme of things they are still very primitive and they are still seeking the answers to immortality. ABs may be seeking immortality but they have discovered and possess a technology that allows them to live for a very long time.

ABs, like our guides, monitor us but they monitor us on a different channel than our guides. However, as our guides become more advanced, they are able to detect when we are being monitored by ABs and there are some who will tell them to back off and they’ll do it to. ABs don’t like trouble with other unidentified ABs.

ABs don’t know what happens to us or to themselves when we die. Advanced technology is all about the size of the frequency signal you can transmit on. ABs transmit on a very broad frequency channel but our guides transmit on a much smaller and more advanced frequency channel. ABs don’t know who these people are that are telling them to back off (their earth guy or gal) from time to time and they can only theorize about them.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no fast way to travel from one star system to another. Any space explorer that does this is making a commitment that most people don’t care to make. There are no wormholes or time warps that shorten the length of the journey. Granted their craft are very fast but to travel from one star system to another, even in craft as fast as these advanced craft travel, takes many years to make. This has been done but it is the exception rather than the rule.

ABs are the result and product of ancient earth societies which became advanced (in other words, they discovered other dimensional technology). Another great misconception about the evolution of man is that contemporary scientists don’t know much about our origins. They theorize much about it but this is all that they can do. Carbon and radio isotope dating are horribly inaccurate. One of the biggest variables regarding ABs and science, (which needs to be known by the scientific community as well as the UFO experts and the ancient alien experts) is this: ABs don’t want us to know these things and they have a way of influencing us from the inside, telepathically. ABs don’t want us to develop advanced technology and so they are always trying to lead us away from it and away from them and their origins. It is a victory for them and their propaganda for us to believe that there is such a thing as extra-terrestrials in any large numbers. This is so important that I would like to take this opportunity to talk to the UFO and ancient alien community! “We need to move beyond this and we need to evolve. As soon as we allow ourselves to consider these things, we might just hear the truth.”

Our guides are trying to do their jobs and they are being interfered with by those who are playing on the radio making a mess of things as well as, we have ABs which have a “disinformation agenda” and then, we have Divine Beings.

Divine Beings are the most advanced people in the universe. They talk to us also; however, their agenda is “universal community”. These people are immortal and they are also completely human. I need to explain here that in order to become an advanced being person (not a divine being), one must first make certain alterations to their human anatomy; this allows for longevity of life but it also causes certain other issues most specifically with their ability to have sexual intercourse which cannot be duplicated satisfactorily synthetically. There are a few more issues regarding this physiological transition for ABs but sex is a dominate factor. So, the evolution for advanced beings center around restoring with technology what they lost as mortal humans. The “lost and missing variable” in the equation and goal for all of us… is to be immortal and also… to be completely human!!! Divine Beings have this… they have it all and everyone else wants to get it but divine beings are not going to let anyone have this that has not earned and deserves it. They influence us to become the type of people that can live in an immortal community and encourage fostering evolution toward a righteous goal.

Your question: “Are the Pleiadians here to help us?” Well if Pleiadian is another word for Divine Being… yes they are! However, if someone has been told that they are extra-terrestrials, then they might just be a distraction. Divine beings are not extra-terrestrials. They are human just like you and me who have distinguished themselves in earth lives. With their help, evolution will eventually make us all divine and then the cycle of life and death will end for us in this “sector” and we can go on to the next phase of the plan with all of us working together with one agenda. This is God’s plan and it will happen…. “When” it happens for us as individuals, is a matter of personal choice.

Great question… there needs to be much more dialog on these types of subjects!

Thanks and good luck on your journey…

J.S. Thompson



About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.