Are We Souls With A Body?

Are We Souls With A Body

Are We Souls With A Body

Yes, in the sense that not even our modern society or contemporary science can truly define what a “soul” is… so we stay with what we understand, to the level of our ability. It is beneficial and in our best interest to understand and think of ourselves as “souls with a body” and not bodies with a soul. When we leave the earth and arrive out there, we are the same person out there that we were while here on earth. Nothing much has changed during that process with this exception; we are telepathic but this is just a computer facilitated form of communication. Telepathy is basically the same as verbalization and we get used to it very quickly once we arrive out there, Solamenta.

It is difficult to learn how to see ourselves for who we truly are and finally understand that our beliefs are the bane of mankind! Our primitive beliefs keep us from the truth. Truth can only be discovered by the exploration and hard work and desire of the individual. However, when we leave the earth and for those whom have committed horrible crimes… particularly against the innocent, it is not a happy homecoming as they are met by their victims and their families. We should mourn the departure of these people.

Out there, there are ways to make people miserable, particularly the ones that have hurt others without cause. Those who have committed these crimes are generally kept in isolation where they can be maintained in safety,  until they have either been sent back to earth for another life or they have shown a desire and made the effort to turn their life around and become productive members of society. 

However, for those who have had a good life… when it is time for them to leave the earth, it is a joyous occasion and although we are sad at their leaving… it should be a sweet sadness, as our loved ones have finally returned home!

Time does exist out there and they do keep time, just like we do here on the earth. However, time is not measured as precisely here on the earth as it could be. Here on the earth, we are only measuring a tiny fraction of real or universal time, because contemporary scientists do not now have the instruments to keep time accurately.

The universal clock moves in cycles just like a machine. As we move through space from low pressure to high pressure and back again, the entire universe is working in sync with everything else. When one sector changes gears or cycles, it is like the second hand on the universal time piece. Granted, time has no beginning and no end but the machine that exists within it moves like a clock.

Age is an illusion! We do not age and in the blinking of an eye, we go from a feeble 90 year old, to a young and vibrant person out there. No matter how old we look, there is a young person inside of us waiting to go home! Our body is our soul, to use your terminology, and it never ages.

When we are out there (solamenta)… we are people who are under authority. Granted, the decision to return to earth can be voluntary but not always. When someone is sent back to earth, it is an extremely coordinated effort with many variables which need to be considered.

Our path toward enlightenment does not end when we leave the earth. In fact, the only thing that changes about us is the knowledge that we have not died! We do have opportunities out there that we do not have on the earth to learn but even out there, there are those who take the initiative to learn and those who do not. Learning out there is extremely difficult and that is why our earth lives, short as they are, are so valuable. For those who do a good job, who listen to their guides and do as they are told by those who are in authority; they are walking the path of enlightenment. As we improve, our teachers improve as well. It is the goal of each and every one of us to eventually leave or break the cycle of life and death and move on to the next stage of our evolution.

When we get to this stage or divinity, we join the others who have done the same thing and who now dedicate their lives to helping others to obtain the same success. It is, for the best of us to help the worst of us, to become truly immortal and eventually we all will. Evolution never stops; it is just slower for some than it is for others aided or detracted by the choices that “they make”!




About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.