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What’s it like in Heaven?

Heaven, Paradise or whatever you choose to call it, is a community made up of those who have learned how to listen to their eternal voice that led them there. It is the same voice that is trying to lead each of us to the same place, when we are so inclined and ready to listen to it and follow it. It is, after all, the voice of logic and reason. When we begin to follow this path… there is a point, where we become logical enough in our thoughts and actions, that we begin to understand how this universal evolution machine works. When we reach this point, there is no turning back, because we “know” the right way.

Would Mankind have to Start Over after New Ice Age on Earth?

Not only have we had societies that were as modern as we are today but we have also, had a few societies that have become advanced societies. Advanced societies, have discovered “other dimensional” technology that allows them extreme longevity of life… extremely advanced computers and “other dimensional science”. Many of these people are still with us today.