Criminals and Punishment for Crimes in the Afterlife

Punishment in the Afterlife

Punishment in the Afterlife


I’m a mystic and as my art has evolved, those who guide me give me information that I can use to help those who will listen, understand that they are immortal people living on the earth for a short period of time blinded by mortality. There is a reason for this façade.  Earth is a place for immortal people to begin again, to wipe the slate clean, confront our weaknesses and puts us in a position of submission. While we are here on the earth our guides attempt to manipulate our lives in hope of strengthening the weaknesses and whereas; those weaknesses, in time, prevent us from living eternally in an immortal society.

I’ve seen visions of hell a few times. When I consciously ask questions, I am given an answer. I have been taught that the answers given are not intended to be given or understood easily and I am cautioned about telling what I hear too quickly. It is imperative that I am patient and that I wait to conclude an answer until I have seen the answers given from all angles. In this way, I do not fill in missing pieces of an answer with my own beliefs or desires. I believe I’ve seen enough to write this article on what happens to those who commit serious crimes while they are on the earth.

Many years ago, I had been considering hell and what happens to those who commit crimes when they leave the earth. One night I had an OBE. When I became aware, I was flying with a guide who was holding my hand. We were in a huge dark cavern semi-lit by what appeared to be an artificial light source. It was dreary and I had a horrible feeling of doom and depression. Below us there was a small lake or pond, in the pond where hundreds of crocodiles who were fighting to get in to the pond, they were crawling on top of each other and biting and fighting with one another.  My guide said nothing to me but in a few seconds I told my guide that I had seen enough and then it was over.

In the years since then, I have been given answers and seen other visions of hell that are less symbolic but nevertheless, just as horrible. I understand now what happens to those out there who commit heinous crimes while they are on the earth. These things that I tell you here, I do not believe, I do not have faith; I have seen what happens to these individuals with my own eyes!

You might get away with it while you are on the earth but your crime catches up with you when you leave the earth. Today I was watching one of those real life crime shows on television and they were featuring a story about a serial killer who kidnapped several young girls and had raped and murdered them. After all of the murders, he would call the police in a cat and mouse routine and give them cryptic descriptions of the crimes. This particular murderer was caught and punished for his crimes but there are many crimes like this around the world that are not resolved.

Everything we think, say and do is documented and recorded.   It is these recordings that are used after we leave the earth, to show us the good and the bad we have done. This is commonly referred to as a “life review”.

A life review is a very advanced 3D interactive film and all of us get one shortly after we die to the earth and are initiated into the next society, or what I refer to as “solamenta. A life review is like a debriefing of our short time on earth.

Unlike the “complete life” flashing in front of our eyes that many describe after having a near death experience, a life review is done in real time and is selective about particular instances that affected us dramatically and are therefore, considered by our guides who put this life review together, as significant.

Those who commit heinous crimes and get away with it on the earth and many of those who were caught and punished have a big surprise awaiting them when they die. When these criminals die, they are met by their family as we all are, but they are also met by the family(s) of the victim(s)! For most of us, when we leave the earth, it is a joyous occasion, the best day of our lives but for those who have harmed the innocent, it is tragic! Criminals find out very quickly that they are in peril, as they stare out across the sea of angry faces.

Out there we are represented by large families that are responsible for our actions while we are on the earth. When a crime is committed, there is a prearranged punishment awaiting the criminal that has been established and agreed upon by both the family of the criminal and the family(s) of the victim(s).

It is not about revenge, it is about transformation! It is well known by those out there solamenta, that transformation and true positive evolution is a product of accountability; accountability for crimes and proper praise and reward for accomplishments. Here on the earth, judicial systems are not always fair but these disparities are made right solamenta. Out there, the truth can be seen because it has been recorded! Out there, there is no doubt about who was right and who was wrong when all of the evidence had been documented and recorded! Unresolved issues follow us into our next lives. So purging the negativity and weakness of character is imperative. We do not get out of anything… ever!

People use the expression, “it was hell or I’ve been thru hell”. Trust when I tell you, you don’t know what hell is until you have experienced it in an advanced society like the one that exists out there solamenta who have advanced technology that can control what you see, feel, hear and experience there; for the criminal… hell can be real! If a criminal feels as though the price for their crimes has been paid because they served time in prison or were executed by the state, needs to consider that out there solamenta, there is a very different set of criteria regarding justice. Justice might or might not have been completed served by punishment given on the earth.

Out there solamenta, we are not disembodied spirits; we are physical beings, the same beings we were on the earth and every bit as physical. “Solamenta” we eat, we drink and we feel pain.

Maybe you will read this and it won’t completely register, which is normal; all I can ask of you is to consider that what I’m saying in this writing is true. I don’t believe or have faith in what I’m writing; I’ve been allowed to see what happens to criminals that harm the innocent with my own eyes.