Those of us who have power or have had power over others have a great responsibility to use that power in a constructive manner. We need to be mindful of the possibilities of repercussions we may face when our earthly lives end and our eternal lives begin.

We need to consider that we all have lived many lives before and that there is purpose in all things. There is purpose for some of us to have power over others but there is purpose also in our poverty and disability. Be mindful when you use power, that it was not yours to begin with but rather, given to you. For those who have power, it is your time to prove what kind of a person you are, to demonstrate that you are ready to go on to the next challenge which very well may be poverty or disability!!! Be mindful that everything we do here on earth, is recorded and kept on record, as all things we think, say and do is being recorded for us to review when we leave the planet. A good rule of thumb is to never do anything that you don’t want others to know because someone is always watching you and making an account of your life. Be mindful that when it comes time to make an account of your life, that sorry or forgive me is not going to be enough. If you have damaged someone’s life or career without conscience, the tables will turn, as the ball will be in their court to determine what actions you will need to take in order to atone for these sins. We need to understand and always consider that people you have power over in this life, may very well have power over you in the next.

We all need to be mindful of what we say. If we mean anything to ourselves, then what we say means something to all. We need to be mindful if we have been born to this world with beauty or strength. There have been and will continue… to be strong, beautiful, healthy people who are born to the earth without these attributes for a life here on earth, at some time or another. When you see them again after you leave the earth, you will see them for who they truly are, strong, beautiful and healthy. Even the least among us here, may be the greatest among us there.

For those of us who have power, success, beauty and health remember that these things can be as much a curse as they are a blessing. Develop the characteristics of honesty and honor and the simple childlike intelligence that says to God…I don’t know but I will listen to you rather than the world. Men don’t abuse your power over women, women don’t abuse your power over men…rather look into the heart and see each other in the way that God sees you.

Remember, God will hold us back from success in a life in order for us to develop other characteristics such as honor, understanding, tolerance and love!

Say this most perfect prayer with me…

“God our creator, make us all the type of people who will live in Paradise forever, let not our will but your will be done…amen.”

Let us be thankful in all things…