Do Advanced Beings or Aliens Live Underground?

Living Underground

Living Underground


Question posed by website visitor:

When you talk about advanced beings or aliens… “Living underground” in some of your articles, do you mean literally “live underground” and what is the purpose of those that do so?


Answer provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

Yes, there are beings that literally… live under ground.

Science knows very little about the evolution of man. We create devices that measure how old things are; radio isotope dating, carbon 14 dating, etc. The data we get from these devices is wrong at best. Contemporary science is still very primitive. However, we should not be so naive as to think that we are the first modern society to live here on earth. There have been many modern societies that have come before us which have gone on to become, what I refer to as, advanced societies (advanced beings) while here on earth. I classify societies into three major categories; “primitive”, “modern” and “advanced”. A modern society discovers the internal combustion engine; whereas, the dominoes begin to fall and we wind up exploring, what I refer to as, atomic space. A society becomes advanced after they learn how to chart and map the inside of a neutron; whereby, they will then figure out and understand how the universe works. From these discoveries, advanced technology… then, becomes “other dimensional technology”!

Other dimensional technology leads to the discovery of advanced computers that know everything; even more than the men that created them because these computers figure out with great speed how everything works together. These computers even figure out who God is and therefore, they follow the same path that God followed.

Advanced societies also discover a process by which they can elongate their lives. They are not immortal but they can live for a very long time, perhaps even longer than a million years. It is important for us to understand and learn from the past; therefore, following a path of logic… these advanced beings from past societies on earth that opted to elongate their lives while on earth… “their sole desire, purpose and goal for survival became about themselves and “living forever”! One thing about advanced beings that needs to be known in this context is this; they can be killed as they are vulnerable. They also, can commit suicide and do it on a regular basis. They are particularly vulnerable, when a primitive society becomes modern.

When a society is on the doorstep of advanced technology, the entire society does not become advanced; only the elite, the powerful, and the rich. The rest of society goes on and even erodes over time. There are two things that need to be known about advanced societies (that have advanced technology), they need primitive people and they need those primitive people to not know who they are. Advanced societies operate under cover and under the radar (so to speak). They have other dimensional technology which means they can move about without being seen.

They live under ground because it is the best place to do what they do without being seen or accosted. Underground is a place of safety for them; they are truly more afraid of us than we are of them. Their sole purpose in life is to find the answers of true immortality which involves genetic studies and they use us… to do it. While seeking immortality, they also seek their humanity which they had to give up in order elongating their lives.

These advanced beings also manipulate and control our activities on the earth as best as they can. Because the last thing they want is for us to become advanced enough to create equipment that can dig deep enough to get to them. So, they have an ongoing disinformation campaign which they conduct telepathically with scientists and so forth-to try and keep them off of the track.

The beings that live underground can be classified in two primary categories, Advanced Beings and Divine Beings. Divine beings are both human and truly immortal; in other words, their technology has reached the pentacle of success. Divine beings also have bases underground, but they do not live underground because they fear us on earth as the advanced beings do.

The first step towards Paradise (Eternal Community) is to be both human and immortal and this process begins underground. Divine beings have no need of doing genetic studies. Divine beings live underground because they are fulfilling a plan which involves us all. In other words, Divine beings work to unite us all in an eternal community, as opposed to advanced beings who do what they do for themselves and their own survival (sound familiar).

Paradise, our eternal community, is on the surface of the earth; it is the earth! This is where we will all live together one day; when we have all completed our evolutionary cycles and have become the people capable of living here on the earth’s surface once again but this time as God would have us live. However, the work that Divine beings do must also be done under the radar. For this purpose and this purpose alone, divine beings seek to change hearts and hearts can only be changed by those who go inside. If you scan the night sky for a craft piloted by a divine being you will never see it, although they do have craft; however, you might see an advanced being/alien craft. A Divine being’s mission and purpose on the earth is much defined; while an advanced being’s mission is desperate and incomplete.