Do We Go to another Planet When We Die?

The Facade of Death and Immortality

The Facade of Death and Immortality


Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

If there is life on other planets, will we be sent there to live a human life after we die from this one or will we always come back to this earth?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

When we die, we either go to live on another planet which is an “other dimensional planet” in our solar system or, we go to a craft planet. These craft are very large and most would not know they were on a craft unless they are told.  When we leave the earth, most of us will not live on a planet that is earth like. There are many earth like planets in our solar system and they are all, for the most part, inhabited. Earth planets are prime real estate in every solar system in the universe but most of the beings in the universe do not live on them. The majority of beings either live in large craft or they live on planets where the atmospheres can be altered to sustain life. Many of them live underground on moon like planets. There are several different scenarios. The reasons why this is the way it is… is complicated and worthy of an entire book but I’ll try to explain it in a few sentences.

“All of us, everyone in the universe come from very advanced groups of beings. All of us have been around for so long that all of us, in one way or another, are associated with technology that can’t get any more advanced… what I refer to as “God technology”.

The façade of mortality we experience on the earth is there to allow advanced beings an opportunity to begin again and to evolve into those capable of living in an immortal community.

There is beauty and a curse associated with great technology. The beauty is that “you can do anything you want” with it; the curse is the same thing.  When a person can do anything they want, they become weak and eventually they stop being sentient.  This is what hell is. Earth is a place where we get away from it, where we are allowed an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin again.

We say this to ourselves internally, both about ourselves and others, “we or they aren’t so bad; they are good people” and they probably are but it takes more than just being a good person to survive in an immortal community. Any character weaknesses we have, anything we don’t take care of, while we are here on earth or out there… in time, will eventually destroy us and necessitate the need to begin again.

There are two kinds of people that live on earth planets; those who are beginning again, considered to be divine until they prove otherwise and those who are divine. Those who are divine have access and use of the greatest technology. This is true because divine beings have mastered life thru their own various reincarnations and no longer need to begin again. Divine beings have developed the character traits necessary to be worthy of having access to the greatest technology that exist by having overcome all of their challenges and issues. Divine beings have an unbroken, consistent and truly immortal life.  Therefore, they have constant association with the God technology that is responsible for all of this here on earth as well as, all of that out there.

Here on the earth, societies cycle back and forth from primitive, to modern, to advanced and back to primitive again but every time we go through this cycle, there is always one group that remains the same…“advanced beings”.

Consider this: Our current modern society here on the earth is on the door step of discovering advanced technology (meaning “other dimensional technology”). In a few hundred years or so, science will be exploring other dimensions and the elite of society will discover how to become immortal (in a way).

However, even with their discovery of this other dimensional technology and subsequent immortality, they are a long way from having “God Technology”; as far as advanced beings go, these earthlings are going to be “very primitive”.

The paradox of this new other dimensional technology and immortality is this… they cannot continue to be earthlings and be immortal.  They now must become other dimensional and must change their human physiology, the “perfect physiology” that they came into the world with, given to them by those who have “God Technology”.  As soon as those beings make the choice and modify their bodies for what they believe to be “immortality”, they have taken a step down the evolutionary ladder and they become lesser beings than what they were before.  This is why they no longer live on earth planets; they either live on other dimensional planetoids that look like the moon or mars in manmade atmospheres, underground or on huge craft.  Who knows how long we have been in this cycle; millions, billions or more years; still trying to win the immortality lottery, still trying to get around the truth still trying to make the world around them change as opposed to changing themselves, still seeking a stairway to heaven and still attempting to solve the eternal paradox how to be immortal without sacrificing their humanity. We are these beings!

In order to break the cycle, we have been given an opportunity by the divine to become divine ourselves while here on the earth and even out there.

I appreciate your questions… good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson