Do You feel like You are Possessed?



Did you make contact? If so, you might feel euphoric and you might be terrified. Regardless, if you have made contact, at some point, your life will be pulled apart at the seams. Contact is addictive, maybe even more addictive than heroine; it draws you in and doesn’t want to let you go.

Some people fear the dark and other people explore it.  I have been through the gambit of contact. There have been times, when I was on top of the world or at least, thought I was and other times when I felt isolated and beat up on by unseen and unknown entities that seem to thrive on misery. There were times when I thought I was going crazy and times when I thought I might be possessed. I wasn’t either but there are probably thousands of people out there who believe they are either psychotic, possessed or both. However, most of the people who experience contact, regardless of what they “believe”, do not really understand what is happening to them, even though they are convinced that they might. Regardless, contact can be and most likely is a very complicated situation.
If you have contact issues, please take some time and listen to these helpful hints.

                1) You may feel that you are possessed; you hear voices that you believe have power over you. However, you are not possessed and those who are speaking to you only have some power to make you feel horrible. “They” cannot take your free will away from you. Only their voices are coming from inside of you, they physically are not anywhere near you.

                2) Never, ever do what they tell you to do! Doing what they tell you only encourages them. You might think that they are of a higher wisdom but they are not. They just have access to something that might make someone think that… it’s called advanced technology (other dimensional technology)!

                3) Never believe what they tell you! It’s not so much that they are evil even though some are. They just don’t know anything; they live in a world of crazy beliefs just like we do. Even if they did, the media that allows them to talk to you does not allow them to say what they want, nor do the secret societies that are out there-Solamenta, to which they are members and all of them, with very few exceptions are. They are secretive and their secrets are protected by the same media. In many ways they are going thru the same thing where they are with others, that we are going thru with them. Often, when they tell us crazy things, it’s because those are the beliefs they have or this is what they are hearing from other “so called” higher beings.

                4) You’re not dealing with demons, other worldly monsters, angels or saints. These people are human just like you.

                5) Those that are in contact with you are desperate. 

                6) It might appear that you are only speaking to one person, you are not. You are speaking to a different person every few minutes. They are using a script that gets passed from one person to another.

If, these suggestions do not work for you, write the website and maybe I can help you. As bad as this sounds, there is an upside to all of this, God never abandons us or them. There are divinely inspired reasons that these things happen. Good or bad, it’s all good in the end. Life can be difficult for all of us but eventually… every path leads to paradise and everything that happens to us good or bad helps us along that path that takes us to true immortality and paradise.


Good luck on your journey….

J.S. Thompson