Does the Bible Claim to be the Word of God?

Is the Bible the Word of God

Is the Bible the Word of God


Question posed by website visitor as follows:

Does the Bible Claim to be the Word of God?


Response provided by J.S. Thompson-“Mystic” as follows:

The bible doesn’t claim anything at all. It is a book which comprises a collection of primitive writings which have been grossly misinterpreted by channelers, people who have been in power, spiritualists and sensationalists for thousands of years. However, anywhere you have a sincere heart- God is not far from it. God has a tough time telling us humans who God is because we don’t have a foundation of knowledge to understand it but this does not stop God from trying.

Understanding God is a process of evolution. How quickly we evolve is a product of free will. All of us are capable of hearing the word of God. However, before we can do so, we must stop telling God what we believe. When we can do this, we have evolved as we are now students and not teachers of a subject we know nothing about.

Good luck on your journey!

J.S. Thompson


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