Evolution from Biological Machines into Human Beings


Biological Machine Human Being

Biological Machine Human Being

Questions posed by website visitor:

If we didn’t evolve from other primates such as apes, did we evolve on earth from “robots” or engineered bodies that eventually became able to possess our consciousness? I don’t understand the biological evolution of humans on earth. How would you explain it?


Answers provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:                        

The human being is a highly advanced specialized machine capable of evolution. This statement is as true for the ape as it is for the human. However, the ape has a different purpose, as do all creatures in the universe. The mechanism of the human being is unique, in so much, as its purpose is to evolve in the direction of God. The human being is the extension of God and mirrors God in order for God to be able to define itself through us and us, through it. Animals and plants were created to support that mission.

We have always been biological entities; there is nothing in the universe that is not biological. Contemporary science does not have the capabilities as of yet to see it but never the less, it defies logic to think otherwise. For example, a rock is not considered a biological entity but it is made from the same material as human beings… natural space! Everything in the universe is made from natural space!

Human beings were designed, engineered and built to accomplish a certain and specific objective. We evolve because the natural space, from which we come, also evolves. Everything moves and changes. As we move through space, pressure variations change us; genetic deviation changes us and a variety of other variables affect evolution.

We humans began life as very sophisticated machines but in the beginning, there was very little on our hard drive. It is experiences from which to choose a right path that evolution waits for us to have, in order to make good choices. A mechanical device follows the path of least resistance. A machine designed to evolve into a human being becomes human when it makes an active choice to follow the path of greatest resistance. Our transition from machine to human is a long drawn out process but we have a lot of time in which to do it. Consciousness is an interactive program. As it accumulates data from which to make choices, we the humans- are evolving.

We humans, on the earth, have not been exposed to the kind of technology from which we came. It is hard for us to understand how a machine of this sophistication could be created. However, there is no other logical choice.

Thanks for your great questions!
J.S. Thompson


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