Fear of Asking or Praying to God for God’s Will to be Done




God's Will

God’s Will

Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

How do I overcome my fear as I have a hard time asking God to let God’s will be done and not my own. Firstly it makes me fear that I must give up my decision-making for my life. But also and most prominently I feel selfish asking God to make me into the type of person who can grow with her and by her because it is only to satisfy my thirst for eternal life and all-knowledge. I feel like at any moment or next life I could betray God and take for granted what she can offer by hastily choosing to live eternally by a primitive science form and I would not be shocked if I have already done so. Ultimately I feel like, given the opportunity, I would gratify myself instantly as opposed to overcoming an obstacle. Just knowing how far I am from becoming selfless is discouraging and also worrisome to me.


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

God is not selfless, why do you think you should be? To attempt the impossible is the highest form of self-deceit and the impetus for inner conflict. God created the universe and all of us to fulfill the desire for family. God wants us to desire the same thing – “eternal family”!

I’ve created a word to describe this; “selfish-righteousness”! As we understand the meaning of this word, we become closer to God; it is a word which allows us to be truthful with ourselves. Selfish-righteousness as opposed to self-righteousness is a state of mind which allows us to accept our single eternal desire. On the other hand, self-righteousness is the act of creating one’s own truth. When one creates one’s own truth, when we seek our own direction, our chances of remaining lost are 100%. Truth must come from within us but not from us!

God is most certainly talking to you. Understand that it is ok to desire those things that God wants us to desire. The desire for eternal life is omnipresent within us all. This desire is there because God put it there. The desire for eternal community is God’s own desire within each and every one of us. Do not feel guilty about it! It is righteous that we should be selfish about our final destination- “selfish-righteousness”. If you don’t do all you can to achieve eternal Paradise for yourself, to become divine, how are you going to help another to achieve the same? When an airliner loses cabin pressure, is it selfish for the Mother to put the oxygen mask on herself first?

Knowledge within itself is worthless unless it can be applied to our desire to achieve eternal family. This is why we gain knowledge, this is the only reason! Everything we do, everything we learn, is done to achieve “Paradisa Cristas Eart “-eternal community!

People fear the truth-‘the fearful treasure” because it is so much easier to form our beliefs around something that is malleable, something that conforms to our own self conceived abilities. Truth has narrow boundaries; the road to Paradise has no variables. It is so much easier to create a God which is totally unbelievable or to seek truth in a place where we know within ourselves that it cannot be found. Always follow the path of logic. Truth is a mathematical equation. It is for us the explorers to follow in the footsteps of God and fill in the missing variables. In order to do this, we must keep our minds open. We must always be prepared to change direction, we must always be exploring. When we believe, the path ends for us and we no longer hear God guiding us. When we believe, we plant the flag of victory at the base of the mountain and call it paradise but this is self-deceit, self-righteousness, which results in conflict within.

When we say the prayer; “Dear God, do with me what you will, make me the type of person who will live in Paradise forever, let not my will but your will be done.” You are asking God to give you the experiences necessary to become a divine being, a being qualified to help others to find eternal peace and mission – “selfish-righteousness”! When we share God’s desire, we become closer to God.

I hope this helps!

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson