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 Message and question from reader for J.S. Thompson….

I was in devotion time during our church’s music rehearsal the other night and the speaker’s message was listen, not just listen to respond but listen to understand, what God is telling you to do. God simply said to me “evolve.” I went home and the next day was looking at some YouTube videos where it showed the Wisconsin protest of the senate. The speaker said something along the lines of; we are the sum of everything we put into ourselves. Now is the time to make a conscious decision to live with love or fear. Fear is telling us to buy more guns and put bigger locks on our doors, love is telling us to open our doors to others. God does not want us on our knees in the mud, what use are we to him like that. God wants us to make ourselves better…. i found you off googling “does god want us to evolve ” and a page called the truth about the 4th destiny. I was wondering if you knew who spoke those words, if you had any more input or readings on this topic. Thank you Jon

Answer by J.S. Thompson….

Your preacher is right! Prayer is not a time to make requests, but to listen to direction. When we make requests in prayer, we are taking control of our lives instead of allowing God to do it. Jesus said it best when he was in prayer just prior to his arrest, “Let not my will but “your” will be done”! Our only hope of evolving is to allow God to guide us and the only way we can allow God to guide us, is to listen! Your message from God was right on!

Love is not about unlocking our doors and fear is not about buying bigger guns. We need to be logical and the author of logic… is God who designed, engineered and built the universe. If you read all of my articles you will see, in many of them if not all, a common denominator; a definition of belief.

Belief is a primitive way of explaining something that is beyond one’s ability to understand or comprehend. We all want answers but few of us are willing to take the time, do the work and wait for the answers. Instead we begin filling in the blanks with our own philosophies or worse, the philosophies of others. God wants us all to be explorers, it is the only way we will ever discover truth and God wants us all to know the truth. Truth helps us to evolve in the right direction and there is only one truth; so those who find it are all on the same page, separated by nothing. This is the foundation of eternal community or Paradise.  Everything, to include God, the creation of the universe, our reason to exist, God’s plan for eternity, etc. can be explained through logic! When anything that doesn’t offer an explainable definition of what they are trying to convey, then it falls short. Nothing should be left to question. We should read everything we can, we should study everything we can but we should believe nothing. The discovery of truth is an individual endeavor. We seek truth and discover it within ourselves. It is a path we must someday all follow and when we return, we” know”. We become a fellowship with others who have followed the same path and have returned with the same truths.

The term “the fourth density”, is a term I heard for the first time when a reader wrote in a question just as you have done.  Although I had never heard the term, I recognized it instantly as a channeled term. In many of my writings I discuss what channeling is, which is to say, it is a form of communication with unseen entities. Channeling is often the first step of a search for truth but there are those who never evolve from this stage.  God does not want us to be parrots or a scribe for an unseen and unidentified being.  When you see terms like spirit, universal oneness, other dimensions, demon, angel or even God, these terms need to be defined. On another note, those who are listening very well are attempting to define concepts that are far beyond contemporary science. So, often these concepts are not so much a matter of misinterpretation as they are difficult to explain.

Listen to all but believe nothing! All of the information is out there to figure everything out and in so doing, hasten your evolution toward God and eternal community. It requires work, dedication and commitment but what could be more important, than the possibility of eternal life and our evolution toward God?

I really appreciate your question…

Good luck in your journey…

J.S. Thompson




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