How to Relate to God Personally

How to Relate to God Personally

How to Relate to God Personally


This wonderful universal machine wants us to know who God is and the path that leads us to God is logic! We must learn to listen from within and use logic to come to know who God is, how God came to be, how God created the universe, why God did it and how all of this is going to end up. I can tell you what I’ve discovered but you will not know it yourself until you have taken the journey. Finding truth is an individual pursuit. This journey cannot be taken by religions, society, the status quo or cultures. God is always telling us, all of us, who God is. The problem has been, since the beginning of our creation, a matter of communication.

How do we get to know who people are? We come to know who people are in different ways; one, by being able to relate to them in some way. There is no exception and the same thing applies to knowing and understanding who God is. Put yourself in God’s place: Imagine yourself as the first mechanized motion machine of natural space particles coming together and becoming the first being to come into consciousness. Now… see yourself all alone out in space; what would you do? Do you think you would be lonely? What would you long for or desire? You know what you would long for and desire because you can relate and would want the same, but how would you accomplish it?

Now… imagine, in time, being able to construct a perfect bioligical machine that looks and acts like a human with the intention of allowing it to become as advanced as you are; a being capable of knowing who you are, a being capable of becoming family! You can’t just tell a machine who you are and expect them to become not unlike yourself. In the beginning of this creation of human machines… how would you teach these new wonderful biological machines that have no information, no experiences or stored data on their computer hard drives to learn what love, compassion, forgiveness, giving and caring for others… thus building character… the true essence of integrity and what is needed to live in an eternal community with our Creator!

This is God’s will and this wonderful universal machine is there to do just that… accomplish God’s will and give each of us what we need through our programmed experiences to eventually, in time, learn to make the righteous choices needed to become the type of person who can live in an eternal community. It’s not a matter of if for each of us, but a matter of when we make the choice to make the journey!

Our evolution into those capable of living in an eternal community is a long tenuous process. We learn from our mistakes and thus…we make changes in our character or at least, we should be doing this. Often, we do the wrong things knowing we are wrong but hoping that our lives will be enhanced anyway and sometimes it feels like our lives have been enhanced but they are not, because when we are following our path in the wrong direction, there is conflict within us; this conflict is God talking to us from within. This is how God does it.

There are many things going on inside of us that we are not aware of. Our guides are talking to us but there is also an advanced universal computer that is guiding both us and our guides. The goal of this computer and our astute guides… is to eventually, lead us to Paradise where we go on to work toward universal community.

When we are fearful or anxious, someone is trying to tell us something. Take some time and see if you can rationalize within yourself, what it is that your guides who see your every thought, desire, word and action are trying to tell you. If we can make lasting changes within ourselves, if we can overcome the challenges of life by the life experiences that have been placed in our paths by our pre-recorded programs to make us the kind of people that can live in an eternal community… then God and our guides have accomplished their mission.

When you go to meditate, ask your guides, “What is it that you want me to do that I’m not doing? How is it that I can make the changes I need to make?” If you’ll do this with an open mind and make the changes inside that you probably are already aware of, then the rest is academic. Learn as much as you can about that logical path that leads to God. Read these selections that I’m relaying but most importantly, read them until you understand them. This journey that we all must take toward God is not easy. We must meet and overcome every challenge. When we finally see the light and make the changes that we need to make, then the cycle of life and death ends for us and we go on to bigger and better things. Say to God: “Let not my will but your will be done”. This is a righteous prayer and if said with a “sincere heart”… God will hear you and respond. It’s very important that the heart must be sincere if you say the prayer…. as God knows if we are sincere and mean it or not, or if it is just words out of our mouths.

However; be advised, that when you say this prayer with a sincere heart… your journey will begin and your life is getting ready to change because the challenge of life is going to get more profound and more difficult but you are also going to get stronger. Thank God in all things, particularly in times of turmoil. When one can face difficult, troubled and turbulent times with a strong and beautiful heart, we are not far from being able to understand who God is and sharing the wonder with God of eternal community and family.


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