The Universe, the Economy and the Evolutionary Circuit

Complete Circuit

Complete Circuit


When we give to one another, we should always give it back; so, that we have a “complete circuit of giving” that will last an eternity. This is the way that the universe was designed to work properly for a desired effect. Take from someone all that they have without giving back and there is nothing left for them to give but what about all that has been given which is now accumulating in the others internal bank? What happens when our money begins to accumulate in the bank? There is less money to distribute and when all of the money winds up in the bank, we have what is commonly called a depression.

Our government and economy are machines themselves within this magnificent universal machine… just as we are. They always reflect exactly the elements of the current human drama of the given time. Just as we should see ourselves in one another, we should see ourselves reflected in our current economy and government as they both always reflect who we are as a society.

What is it that we see in our economy? What do we say to God when we go to the bank to get a loan wanting to borrow money? We say, we hope that we will have the money to pay this loan back in the future and we say to God, “Dear God, I pray that you will bless me in the future and allow me to make the money I need to pay for this”, and God says this back to us, “Why don’t you go without for a period of time and when you have saved the money you need to purchase what you want, I will give you your blessing. I will allow you to see yourself as a man or woman who is listening and who has accomplished great things in troubled times.”

Our individual computer programs allow us to hear two (2) different voices (or messages) from within and when we hear the voice (the voice of deceit) in our left ear that tells us that we can have what we want now, we run to it because this is what we want to hear and at the same time… we tell God who is speaking to us in our right ear, “We do not care to hear you, you do not tell us what we want to hear.” When we wait to hear God tell us what we want to hear, we hear nothing.

We must give in order to receive; this is a basic law of the universe. This law is inherent in the physics of nature. The act of only receiving is purely human, born from our free will and reflects our desire to avoid the challenges that God has put before us.

When we look into the future, we are hearing God speak to us. God knows your future but it’s not mystical and it’s not even spiritual. God knows the future in the same way that Henry Ford pretty much knew what a car would look like when it came out the door on the other end of the assembly line because he had designed, engineered and built the process that created the automobile. There may have been some glitches in the vehicle that he might not have expected, after all there was a human element involved; the will of the worker but for the most part he could predict with some certainty, what emerged as the end product of that assembly line would look like and how it would perform.

The universe works like a clock and we are all part of this machine. Unlike Henry Ford’s assembly line vehicle which required a battery and a generator to work; the universe does not because it is a perpetual motion machine which is also self-correcting… just as we are.

When we consider that the universe is in orbit, then we must consider that we are in orbit with it. Unlike Henry Ford’s assembly line, the universe makes a complete circuit.

A circuit is a term that electricians use to describe how an electrical current moves from point A to point B and then back to point A. However, there is no such thing as a complete circuit, with contemporary science, (don’t tell an electrician I told you that). Contemporary science hasn’t discovered at this particular time how to make a natural complete circuit without a synthesized battery or generator.

When we consider everything in the universe works in the same manner, we must logically conclude that electricity does not need man to complete it. So I’m going to step out on a limb here and make a prediction. Those electrons that we channel into a battery or push into a conduit from a generator were already in orbit and when scientists understand that they don’t need batteries or even generators to make things work but the natural power of the universe, we will no longer need these unnatural manmade inefficient and wasteful devices.

Scientists will soon discover a natural electron conduit (magnetic field) and utilize these to provide power more efficiently and yes… even faster than the speed of light. However, when they discover this, the U.S. government will not give us this information but if you and I have anything to say about it… we will give this information to private investors first.

When we see ourselves for who we truly are, we see ourselves in one another. When I can truly see myself in someone else, it’s easy for me to care for them given I care for myself. When we care for ourselves, we do things for ourselves; we do things for ourselves that make us feel good about ourselves.

“Self-discipline” is the process of changing ourselves from the inside out. When we complete a circuit, we move from point A to point B and back to point A. ideally, when we desire internal change and we make a complete circuit, we should have evolved. Logic would dictate that we should be better people and becoming better people should make us feel good about ourselves. Why is it that sometimes we don’t feel good about ourselves?

When we think logically, God is speaking to us. God is the author of logic. God calls to us to be not unlike herself as any good mother would want for their son or daughter. When we have disciplined ourselves to change from the inside out and we continue to feel depressed or stressed or fearful, we have not been listening to God who is telling us, “Do not create your own battery or generator but rather allow me to complete the circuit”.

When we take drugs (of any kind) when they are truly unnecessary or drink alcohol or take into our bodies any substance that is synthesized, we are creating a battery and a generator. When we take synthesized substance we are creating an unnatural circuit.

A battery (such as a car battery) is a medium which causes the electron flow to increase when they flow thru a processed water (ionized), causing them to heat up and then channeling the heated electrons into acid which causes them to explode, accelerating the electron flow. This extra power is needed to turn the machinery that makes the machine work.

The problem with a synthesized battery is this; we reroute electrons that had a specific function in God’s machine, the universe. When we utilize something in an unnatural manner, when we tinker with the universal machinery, we have waste. When we used that synthesized battery and rerouted those electrons, we have too many electrons in one place and too few in another.

The human body works in the same manner. When we use synthesized substances, that we truly don’t need, the exact same process takes place. When we use substances such as steroids which are so popular in the health food industry; we are harming not making ourselves healthier. Granted, you will not go to the health food store and see steroids on the label but don’t be fooled, anything that stimulates us to do something that we would not ordinarily do is causing heat. They cause the electrons within us to accelerate. Any substance that causes us to experience something we would not feel without taking it or gives us the false impression that we have energy, is a synthesized battery and anytime we reroute electrons in an unnatural manner, we have waste.

When we have too many electrons flowing through us at an accelerated rate of speed within our own body’s medium, the blood stream’s blood cells are being destroyed. Like a battery on a car, steroids cause electrons to explode into your bloodstream, moving rapidly through the blood cell and destroying the quantum particles which support the blood cell, causing the cell to collapse.

The euphoria one feels when drugs such as steroids and other stimulants are used is a combination of heat, which causes blood vessel expansion, which causes increased oxygen flow. This process is enhanced by more oxygen being rapidly thrust into the bloodstream by exploding blood cells.

A natural circuit requires no battery. The universe is a perpetual motion machine. It is the universe itself which is the battery as well as the generator which makes the machinery move.

God is the author of logic and everyone needs to learn to use logic vs. their existing belief systems. Learning to use logic helps us to understand more about the universe and how it works, as well as ourselves;  who we are, where we came from and most importantly… where we are going. When we follow this path to truth, we arrive at the place where we began our journey. Each one’s journey of truth vs. their existing belief systems… is where we first heard an unidentified voice that beckoned us forward.  When we obtain truth, we make a full circuit and arrive back to where our journey began.  However, we are not the same, but wiser because we have discovered who it was that urged us to move forward in the beginning. This revelation is called evolution.

“There is a God that can be understood through logic and God has an eternal plan which includes each and every one of us.” When we understand the creation and how it works, it leads us on a path to the creator. This path follows an evolutionary circuit!