If there is a God,Why does God Allow So Much Suffering in the World?

World Suffering

World Suffering


Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

If there is a God, why does God allow so much suffering in the world today?  Take a look at what is happening in the world today.”


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

First, there is a God… “The first being” that designed, engineered and built the universe and all of us from the particles that exist in natural space. Second, God does not allow the suffering that we see in our world today, which has been present almost from the beginning of our existence.

God doesn’t cause the suffering in the world, we do! God does everything in her power to stop it and one day; it will stop as this is God’s will and plan. This is what the universe is; it is a machine capable of creating a human being that understands how to live in an eternal community as we should have from the beginning.

The one thing that separates a machine from a human is our ability to make choices. We must be allowed to make choices, or we cannot evolve into human beings. We must all, through our many lives, sink to our own level of deprivation, our own personal bottom. When we leave this planet, our actions are shown to us as everything we do, say, and think is recorded and documented. These horrible actions are shown to us after we leave the earth and our seeing it becomes the impetus for change.

Every one of us must change and become the type of people that can live in Paradise forever, before this can be complete. So the very best of us, serve the very worst of us- in order to bring understanding and knowledge to those that do these horrible things.

God cries bitter tears over the actions of man. God tells me and those like me (who can hear), to stop the suffering of her people now! For those of us who can hear God, we do what we can do to obey God’s command.

Without choice, we cannot evolve into human beings!

I have taken a look at what is happening in our world today and I have seen the suffering, torment and cruelty as you have. There are two paths that we can walk when we look around and see what is happening in the world; the path of bitterness and inaction or, the path of the saint that seeks to make right this that they see.

Know that one day, we will look around and only see love!



Say this most perfect prayer with me-

Dear God, make me the type of person that will live in Paradise forever, do to me what you will, let not my will, but your will be done – amen…