The Bible Myths Part IX

According to Genesis, the sons of Noah… Ham, Shem and Japheth ruled the entire world after the great flood decimated the world’s population, leaving only them to repopulate it. However, the bible which is a collection of ancient writings and myths, originated from a period thousands of years before the ancient writers of the scriptures attempted to interpret them. These ancient story tellers and writers were interpreting and translating documents and tales which came from a time of great technology which had not existed on the earth for millennia; therefore, they had no foundation from which an accurate interpretation could be formulated. Like all writers, they took what they had and they filled in the pieces of the puzzle as best they could, influenced by the evolution of beliefs and ritual.  As a practical matter, there is no time better than the present to break through the barriers of primitive thinking and attempt to see what really happened thousands of years ago. The modern interpreter of today has at least, to some degree, the understanding of computers and the insight to perceive the evolution of advanced technology and its impact on society in the future.

We seek to find and define the singularity which intensely influenced ancient primitive man. The impacts of those beliefs are still with us today. I place the time of this singularity at approximately 14,000 years ago. This was the time of Adam, Cain, Noah and Abraham to mention a few. Anytime a figure in scripture is capable of communicating with God directly, the use of advanced technology should be strongly considered.

In the case of Abraham, he not only communicated with God but knew God by name (Genesis 12, verse 8 and Genesis 13, verse 4), this was a time when God(s) talked and walked with men. As I read through the scriptures, I see definite conflict with the time of the great flood and the time of Noah and many of the subsequent characters in the bible which follow him, to include Abraham.  

The great flood occurred approximately 12,000 years ago and decimated the population of the world but it did not kill everyone, excepting Noah and his family, as stated in the bible.  The millions and millions of people that survived the flood were dislocated and set out in search of the highest ground, which could be inhabited. Considering that a great ice age was coming to an end, is also in part responsible for the great flood. These two factors forced millions from Europe to flee south. This relocation of earth’s inhabitants forced large populations of people into small areas, particularly those areas of North Africa and the Middle East. These people were primitive people who did not talk or walk with God(s) but they were those who were responsible for the construction of great civic projects such as the Tower of Babel and the great pyramids of Egypt.  These huge projects were obviously the final product of having great populations of unemployed laborers. The time of Noah and Abraham, was before the great flood two thousand years earlier, a time of great technology. This was a time when an advanced culture ruled the earth from bases far below the earth’s surface. These advanced beings were immortal but vulnerable to death and interacted with the primitive inhabitants or surface dwellers when they needed something, like gold and other precious minerals which they used to make and sustain their technologies, which kept them immortal!

Adam, Cain, Noah, Abraham and others were kings on the surface, given power by this advanced society to accomplish the goal of getting for them, what they required for life and in return for their service… were given longevity and knowledge of advanced technology to include advanced weaponry. These were the Nephilim, an advanced society of humans but not the “advanced race”! These immortal advanced race of beings lived underground then, as they do still to this very day!

When we look back 14,000 years ago, we see two advanced societies; one, a group of primitive people who were given power to control those which needed to do the work for an immortal society of advanced beings who considered this work dangerous, beneath their dignity to do themselves or both. In order to distinguish the differences between these two groups; I call one group, the immortals and the other, Adamites.

Adamites were those who rebelled against the immortals using the advanced technology provided for them by the immortals, in order to do the jobs that the immortals didn’t care to do for themselves and in so doing, became powerful enough to put the fear of God into the immortals. As a result of this revolt, the immortals were forced to control and manipulate the surface population telepathically, manipulating both the Adamites and the primitive surface dwellers.

The primitive people who dwelled on the surface of the earth had great technology compared to today’s modern technology but it was still a primitive world as the Adamites, like their immortal predecessors, had also separated themselves from the greater population and ruled the earth as God(s) as well, God(s) that were seen!. The Adamites were not immortal but they did possess longevity and they were also vulnerable to be killed just like the immortals. It was the Adamites who built great advanced structures (bases) on the surface, as the ones at Sodom and Gomorrah, Mount Zion and Mount Olympus! In the time of Abraham and Abrahams Nephew, Lot, it was the Adamites that caused the great destruction of the last age!

Technology separates society, as we here today will see in the near future; those of us who are alive to see it. To a smaller degree, it already exists. Those with great power, are attempting in their own way to control and manipulate the world but how much more will this become when science has explored and discovered a way for a person to become immortal; when immortal life becomes the reason to exist! When this happens, as soon it must, immortality will not be for the common man but for the elite, the powerful and the false righteous.

The Adamites were not immortal but they did have longevity of life. They had access to advanced computers, weaponry and equipment that allowed them to speak telepathically to one another but the immortals were still talking to the Adamites telepathically, controlling and manipulating them. When science develops the technology which allows it to suggest to someone unaware, in their minds, either conscious or subconscious to do something for them, we are compelled to do it. However, it is a choice. The choices we make to move against our strong desires, is akin to swimming against the current and it is these choices that make us strong, strong enough to live in an immortal community the right way, as defined by the first being… our creator, God!

Abraham lived in the age of the Adamites, the son of kings who had been kept in power by the immortals and the Adamites. He was a man that sought greater power from those who talked to him telepathically, beings who could show themselves to him through technology or visions… Genesis 15, verse 1. The beings that appeared to both Abraham and Lot were revered. These were beings that had even greater technology. Beings, which preferred to manipulate rather than get involved in the fight. These were beings who could read the thoughts of others…Genesis 18, verses 12-15. Had the situation on the surface gotten so bad that the immortals manipulated the Adamites to become physically involved in warfare against one another?

The immortals have been burned before by humans. Anyone that depends on another, desperately, gives power to those capable of manipulating the desperation. However, when the Adamites became too powerful, as it was in those days, the answer to the problem was conflict. The Adamites were becoming too advanced and the last thing an advanced society of beings need, is a potentially hostile group of primitive people with technological capabilities, powerful enough to disrupt their lives once again as they had done in the time of Adam.

The Adamites had divided into kingdoms all over the earth to include North America. Just like the nations of today, they had their alliances and their enemies and a growing conflict fueled by the immortals, designed to keep the rulers of the surface off balance and so it was, in the time of Abraham and Lot!

When we read the ancient books of the bible, we are seeing an even more ancient time through the eyes of a truly primitive man. When we read Genesis, chapter 17, “The covenant of circumcision”, it was not the removal of the foreskin that was originally being described but rather the process of becoming an advanced or immortal being, more accurately, a being capable of utilizing advanced technology. In order for humans to do much of the work that an immortal society requires, one must change some of their human characteristics, such as the removal of the genitalia. All immortal beings, in order to become immortal (*) with the exception of divine beings… must remove all oxygen using organs and replace them with synthetic organs. This is the heart of multi-dimensional science. There are other reasons for this process to be done; for instance, to fly a multi-dimensional craft, one must have multi-dimensional physiology or one would be crushed by the great pressures that exist during high speed space flight. This process can be done in part, depending on the task necessary. Adamites were, for the most part, human; some of them could produce offspring Nephilim) and they did have longevity of life but most importantly for this story, they were advancing technologically. They were moving in the direction of immortality and they were becoming an advanced society just like their advanced overseers had become hundreds of thousands of years before them. The act of circumcision was the ancient primitive authors’ way of portraying this historical event! Human beings can have great technology but only immortal beings (not divine beings) are devoid of sexual organs. 

In Genesis, chapter 18, Abraham is visited by his Lord and two others who divulge to him that he is going to destroy Sodom but Abraham intercedes and asks the Lord if the innocent will be wiped away with the wicked (Genesis, chapter 18, verse 23)? Abraham begins to question the Lord and his wisdom and the Lord tells Abraham that if he can find 50 innocent people in Sodom he will spare it but Abraham persists and after getting the number down to ten and with anger, the Lord agrees. 

Genesis 19… finds the angels of the Lord in Lot’s house. The citizens of the City of Sodom surround the house and desire to have sex with the angels, as it has been interpreted by biblical scholars but this is not what happened! The citizens of the town wanted to know if the visitors were immortals, they wanted to know if they had genitalia! Apparently the citizens of Sodom considered these alien beings a threat! Obviously, they had dealt with these beings before and they were not happy with them! However, Lot sends his virgin daughters out to the crowd, not to be ravaged, as opposed to the angels being sodomized as biblical scholars have interpreted but to show the frenzied crowd that they, he and his family were human!

The story of Abraham and Lot is a story about global nuclear war. This war ended the age of the Adamites and when it was over, the entire world would submerge into primitive darkness. The immortals would learn a great lesson about interacting with humans, a lesson they will not repeat again. Today, the immortals are still with us, still manipulating but their use of humans is limited to non-technical tasks. The immortals no longer need humans to fly multi-dimensional craft to other planets to mine minerals, as this work is now done with surrogates. These beings are engineered, designed and built specifically to do these jobs. Nevertheless, surrogates are beings and as beings, they will eventually evolve into those who do not care to be considered second class citizens. So one day, the immortals will deal with this issue again. For them, this cycle will never end until they have solved the equation, which allows one to be both immortal and human at the same time. This is the first being, God’s technology, a technology that has been there for all of us since the beginning. Whether immortal or human, God, the first being, is the creator of all. Her technology was there billions of years before any of us saw the light of day and all we have to do to have it is to become the type of people that will use it responsibly. This is not done by creating better lives for ourselves but by living the lives that God has given to us, by using our freedom of will to overcome the challenges that God had placed in our paths. When we are ready, Paradise is our reward and there are no second class citizens there! 

The story of Abraham and Lot, as well as, if not better than any written material in antiquity, exemplifies the evolutionary cycle of society from primitive, to modern, to advanced; a cycle of life and death on the earth which has been occurring for the last 1.2 billion years. This cycle of life and death occurs for all of us, both on the earth and “out there”, repeating over and over again until we have become the type of people which can live in an eternal community. When we have developed the character to live this way, the cycle of life and death ends for us! Even for the immortals, those who live under the earth, a time will come when they succumb to logic and find their way back to God! 

Today, society stands at the doorstep of advanced technology once again. Will we travel the same road? Will we learn our lesson this time around?  Or… will society divide once again into those who can and those who can’t, those who possess great wealth and power and those who are considered by this controlling and manipulative minority, as second class citizens?  

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