THE TIME OF NOAH (Bible Myths, Part VIII)

 The Bible Myths    Part VIII

Genesis chapter 6… 1- 4, discusses the origin of the Nephilim. The story of Noah begins in chapter 6:5, when the Lord saw how great the wickedness of man had become. When we consider, this ancient account writing, the first thing that comes to our attention is the use of the words, “the Lord”. Is the writer referring to God or is the writer drawing a distinction between the Lord and God. Today, we use the word interchangeably, but in ancient times there was a distinct difference. In ancient times referring to someone as Lord was a show of respect for someone in power; in the chapters previous to chapter 6, the word to refer to God was God. However, here the writer through verse 8 uses the word Lord but in verse 9 until the end of the chapter… the writer uses the word God. In chapter 7 we begin again with the use of the word Lord.

 As explorers, we take under advisement all possibilities. For instance there may have been a time on the earth when the word for Lord was God. However this writer draws a distinction between God and Lord or the writers may have been two or more different writers in different ages or those that spoke different languages. If you ever see the words that refer to either Lord or God as creator, then the word becomes more defined. All of these things need to be taken into account. The writer of these religious texts is given credit by the true believer, to be inspired by God, our creator.   

Many people in the world today as well as those in antiquity took their religious beliefs very seriously. Religion is a source of great pains for humanity, every bit as much as it has been the provider of great healing. I find it interesting that many of those who put their eternal souls and faith in their religious texts have never even really read them much less attempted to decipher them. Someone who understands these texts to be the key to eternal life should logically know more, or at least as much, about them as anyone. If one cannot read or does not possess a great deal of intellect, it’s understandable why they would need to believe or have faith in another’s interpretation but those of us who can read and have a normal intellect should not need another’s opinion of a matter that is of the gravest importance to them! We read and listen to anything and everything that can guide us as individuals to eternal life but in the final analysis, it is through our own individual effort that we will find, if it exists…the eternal community we all desire…Paradise!

God expects each and every one of us to consider these matters of eternity to be of the highest importance. If it is not your greatest priority, if it is not worthy of your intense study and individual effort, it is the epitome of hypocrisy! When we stand before God in the final hour, we do not do it as societies or religions but as individuals. It is through our own effort that we find God, not by the observance of the primitive practices and philosophies of the ancients!

People tend to seek truth in a place where they know it cannot be found… in the past, where it can be cloaked in the mask of unreality. This is a form of social psychosis. Reality scares us. Logic dictates that the truth can more likely be found “in the now”, where our reality exists. However, it is the last place that society in general, looks for it.

God exists only to those who “know” God exists, those who skirt societal boundaries. The prophets are never accepted in their own time as the status quo would never allow that. It’s much safer to keep the philosophy of truth, such as it is, under lock and key. It’s hard to control something when it is staring you in the eyes. God speaks through those who are willing to leave the security of society, the synthetic and false boundary of the status quo. A true prophet intimidates and internally diminishes those who self-deceive, those who see themselves who they truly are inside through the eyes of the prophet but are too insecure to make the changes within themselves, which they are aware at some level, need to be made. This is why a true prophet is diminished by the status quo within society and often, even put to death.   

It is the truth seeker, the true explorer of eternal truths that has the courage to leave the confines and to some degree, the security of society and seeks the greenest pasture. True evolution begins when all of us look around at what society is responsible for… poverty, rape, murder, abuse, ignorance and says to themselves, “truth is not here”! If I am to find it… it will not be found under the umbrella of society or the status quo.

Our religious texts, all of them, are a good place to begin our search for God and just as importantly… God’s plan. When we really read these texts, not as those who justify our beliefs but those who seek truth with an open mind, we begin to see something; we begin to understand things at a higher level. It’s not so much about the story itself but the singularity it attempts to describe. Who wrote these texts is important, like good detectives, we need to know everything! We need to put our beliefs behind us and begin again from the beginning. We need to forget everything we thought we knew and start over.

Noah walked with God as described in chapter 6. and he said to Noah, “I have decided to put an end to all mortals on earth, the earth is full of lawlessness because of them, so I will destroy them and all life on the earth!”  This writer is drawing a distinction between mortals and immortals and God obviously wasn’t referring to the destruction of immortals in this text, even though immortals are referenced by context.

There was a time in our ancient past when immortals made their presence known to mortals and in this particular time period, the immortals feared and felt threatened by the mortals. This same fear of mortals was referred to in the story of Adam. When God chased Adam from the Garden of Eden he put a security device referred to as a “fiery revolving sword” around the tree of life.

The question begs to be asked: Why didn’t this technologically advanced race of beings just eliminate these primitive humans with advanced weaponry?”  This would have been an easy option if they were so inclined to do it. No, they, the immortals, need us to be here. They can’t just destroy us! The immortals need us to survive, to stay immortal because they need the evolving frequencies contained within our genes to survive, to continue being immortal!

Our genes work like an extremely advanced computer or more appropriately defined, a divine computer. Our genes hold all of the information of all of our past lives as well as all of our future lives. Once an advanced society becomes immortal, they no longer have incarnations, as they have taken themselves out of the cycle of life and death, however, they still need the evolving frequencies of our future lives or they cannot evolve internally. For them, the preprogrammed experiences which exist within the genes of mortals give us, through the process of evolution the internal frequencies we need to mature into those capable of living in an eternal community the right way. This evolutionary process of divine design ends for them when they make the choice to become immortal. However, they still need this internal frequency computer program, contained within our genes. The only place they can get it, is from the mortals and so it is… to this very day. Advanced beings need us to stay mortal, so they can’t kill us, at least in mass. Their only plausible option is to hide from us. Life becomes increasingly dangerous for an advanced society when the evolving society on the surface of the planet, moves from a primitive society to a modern one as contemporary society is today.

Advanced societies want us to stay primitive as long as possible and prefer that we become primitive again as soon as they are able to manipulate, if they can, societal erosion. If mortal science does discover advanced technology, they want at the very least, as few to have it as possible. For those who will have advanced technology in the future… the very same cycle will eventually push those who have it underground and we start this cycle again. When this metamorphosis is completed and society has once again reverted to a primitive society, it becomes much safer for those immortals that live underground to make their presence known once again.

The story of Noah is a product of literary condensation. When we write about a time period such as this, which occurred about two thousand years before the great flood, writers of antiquity combine details, not always purposely. This is the way that the story was given to them, whether by writing or in lore. The names and times change in the telling of the story but it is the singularity of a great event which occurred on the earth the writer desires to capture. It is this same singularity that we seek.

Truth is not found in the past, the opportunity to find this pearl rests in the present where reality lives, where the understanding of technology is greatest. This is a logical statement whether we live in modern times or primitive times.

When we substitute work for faith or belief, we plant the flag of victory at the base of the mountain and call it paradise. When we believe, the path which leads us to God… ends there for us. When we stop telling God what we believe, just maybe… we will be able to hear God tell us the truth. When we look around us at a society beset with war, murder, rape, poverty and abuse, it becomes plain to the wise man that it is the boundary of the status quo and the choice of the individual to remain faithful to its doctrine of ignorance that allows it to continue. It is the individual who decides to venture outside of this boundary and seek the greenest pasture!

Noah didn’t exist at the time of the great flood! The time of Noah occurred 2,000 years before the great flood. Noah lived in a time when man possessed great technology, a time when man walked with beings, which were referred to as Lord or God. However, the story of Noah gives us great insight into these times.

This fable attempts to describe, in the only way the ancient writer could, advanced technology and its “dependence on human genetics”. It’s not a story about a man who saves the animals from the destruction of the flood but rather how advanced beings see us, who are human. 

For the most part, advanced beings see us as something less than they. In many ways their society is very liberal in their thinking but their ego’s prevent them from seeing themselves as anything more than a powerful technologically superior, closed and elite society. This is truly the most elite little boys and girls club that exists on the planet. Advanced beings don’t have human sex but they are still distinctly male and female. Adding to their frustration, what they’ve had to substitute for human sex in order to be immortal is unfulfilling and synthetic. 

Like Adam, Noah could hear God or the Lord who gave him instructions. This was accomplished in the time of Noah by wearing a device on the head which allowed a human to be telepathic. This device would be mimicked in later primitive times by the kings who would follow them and would be known as a crown. Like the crown, the scepter in the time of Noah was a device capable of deadly power. In other primitive ages, the crown and scepter would only be symbolic of kingly power.

Noah was a man who did the bidding of the immortals and who helped them get what they needed from mankind. To the primitive inhabitants of earth, Noah was a king who had great power and the sons of Noah… Shem, Ham and Japheth would succeed Noah as kings who wielded great power given to them through the technology of the immortals. They too, would walk and talk with God!

About the Author: J.S. Thompson
J.S. Thompson… someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!