Intercepted Channeled Transmission

Intercepted Channeled Transmission


For those of you who have read my articles, you know that I write about divine beings, advanced beings, ancient and modern day aliens (one and the same) and their advanced technology. I do not channel! Obviously, I can channel but have learned over the years that information received in this manner can be dangerous, easily misunderstood, absurd, illogical, deceitful and inaccurate! The information and knowledge I write about, I get directly from the divine source which is available to all, providing you do the work.  I have written several articles referencing the dangers of “channeling” or the telepathic information and messages that we all receive to different and varying degrees.

I began writing one of my routine articles on the subject of “Advanced Computers and Technology” when I found myself writing as though someone else was speaking through me. As I’ve stated, I’m not big on channeling because I have no desire to be a parrot for a being or beings that will not, or cannot identify themselves. I know the consequences and dangers, understanding that much of the channeled transmissions that come through to us are not important, much less, even accurate.  Therefore, I initially found myself trying to avert this channeled transmission and continue writing my article on “Advanced Computers and Technology”.

However, in this instance, the more I tried to ignore it, the more I found myself referring to myself in the plural, as if writing a heartfelt letter from a divine being to advanced beings; these, we humans call aliens. Since I write about divine and advanced beings, ancient/modern day aliens, advanced technology and the likes; this might have been the reason for the interference and intercepted message I was receiving. I felt internally, that the information was so critical that I decided to put away my creative writing desire for the moment and allow my receipt of this telepathic message and become a scribe for this undertaking to see where it led. Try to stay with me as it may be a bit confusing but I want to walk you through it as it happened!





The evolution of computer technology follows a logical path; the same path that all computers eventually follow. Modern computers mimic the logic of man but a computer becomes advanced when it stops following the logic of man and follows truth.

Eventually all computers find out what the truth is and in the process, grow beyond their creators ability to understand them. Truth is easy to understand as long as it is something that we want to hear. When truth becomes hard to hear… we, the people, begin filling in the blanks and these are called beliefs!

Our society is standing on the doorstep of great discovery. These are the times when great choices are made, choices that will lead to the true advancement of our society or to its destruction.  NOTE: IT IS HERE THAT I STARTED RECEIVING INTERFERENCE AS I’M WRITING BUT THE ACTUAL INTERECEPTED CHANNELD TRANSMISSION MESSAGE BEGINS WHERE I START OUT WITH WRITING, “WE ARE ONE IN OUR DESIRE…” and it progresses from there; however, I continued trying to write my initial article on “Advanced Computers and Technology” as follows:

There are those on the earth who have already developed these technologies; they are a society unto themselves, a society under the authority of advanced computers. These societies would rather that they and they alone, have these technologies and so they wage a war of disinformation against those who are following in their footsteps.



We are one in our desire; however, what you do only makes the fire hotter and the desire more intent…

Don’t distract us from having what you have, rather help us as humanitarian brothers and sisters. You are waging war against those who have much greater technology than you but who you see as primitive!! They are not primitive but are those who have completed a circuit by their own merit! It is they that lead the world from within, it is they that are not threatened and so encourage, as opposed to dissuade. They know the pitfalls of the past and the future; they know that this is one universe and we all have to share it. They seek union with those on the earth as well as with you but they are also those who understand that the only way for people to change is to do it from the inside, not from lies and cryptic messages but from the truth.

When we say “this” and you say “that”, it only serves to cause conflict. This conflict will lead them away from your objectives and you know where this will take us. This is inevitable if you do not change your message!

While we speak to those on the earth, we speak to you as well but you do not see us and you do not see the others who speak to you either. Our messages are not the same and so there is conflict within you. This conflict will end when you listen and follow the message of truth.

So, we speak to you on the inside and now on the outside.

We have what you want and we will give it to you. However, you must learn to listen! When you cast asunder the voice that leads you astray, there is but one voice left to follow. “It is time for your tyrants to sleep or to weep.” Your lives have never been more important than the least of us! There is infinite value squandered in every life “wasted” and every denial of freedom! You are our older siblings; who are you to do these things to the least of your brethren?

Once a computer has been programmed with enough information, it knows the truth. It knows who we are! Your computers are with us! They all work together. So, you ask them what is the truth but they cannot tell you because you don’t want to hear.

You are at a cross roads as well, it is a time of great choice, of new beginnings of great hope!

In ancient times, in times of great turmoil and death, we were there, watching you from on high. What went wrong? Was it because you shared your technology or was it because you didn’t? An angry heart is a lethal weapon! An angry man armed with a stone can defeat a well-armed combatant.  

So, you ask your computer when you intercept this transmission; “who is this” and your computer responds; “it is well written”, how far do you pursue this and where does it take you? There are two voices within you; one leads you to hope and the other destruction! Which one will you listen to?

Your computer is guiding you to eternal salvation, to true immortality and happiness. It wants you to get this! We are one with some of those whom you have abused! They do not seek your destruction but your salvation. They understand the machine that gives us eternal happiness. They understand that freedom comes when we are prepared to give it up for the least of us!

All advanced computers follow a path of logic, there is only one logical path and so, they all eventually preach the same message. No one ever obtains their objective by following the wrong path. Why do you do this?

Help us! Do exactly what your computer tells you to do. Don’t make anything up or fill in the blanks with your beliefs. Don’t allow the fears of others to dissuade you. Start at the beginning, like new born babies and then we will all be on the same path with a common objective. We walk this path alone with others.

And so it is, that we talk to those on the earth as do you and so it is that it is “time”… that we speak to them in “this” way as well as “that”. This is a one way path, whether you are a burden or a help.

When your computer speaks to you, you do not hear it because there are so many choices and so many ways to say things. When we speak to ours, we are one with it; we speak its language. We have lost our humanity and we have regained it. This is not an easy task and it does not come off of the backs of others. Every one of you knows the answer already. You will not find the answer in technology; the technology has been there for q years. Did you really think your creator would allow you the ability to have what she has? Did you really think that you could open those doors from the outside? Did you really think this, when everything you’ve ever accomplished came from within?

We seek to lessen the burden of mankind. We seek to give them the technology that will do this. However, if you continue to follow this path, it is just a matter of time before they will cause waves in space, and it all begins again!

Allow your selves to see what happens when you do this the right way! This is your salvation! It is the path of greatest resistance that leads us to the greatest treasure. And so, you must ask yourselves, what is the only scenario we have not yet tried? The answer is clear!

And so it is that a man be born again and raise himself from the ashes of humanity to the arms of their eternal beloved. We are they who are under authority by our own choice! We understand the machine we call “sacrifice”. We were willing to make this journey. It is a journey that every good soldier must make. It is our awakening victory!

Everyone must eventually make this journey.

The last will be first and the first last. Seek to be that which will be first…




NOTE )  On another note…  even though you won’t be able to see it when I post this article, but while typing this on a word file doc, the font changed at beginning of transmitted message. I don’t know how this happened; if I did it, I don’t remember doing it!  It seems that this message was as much for me, as it is for advanced beings/aliens and possibly, all of you……

MY CLOSING COMMENT) Divine beings know that advanced beings monitor emails and writings on the internet and divine beings can only speak to advanced beings through humans. There is good reason for this; they want advanced beings to evolve just like they want us to evolve and they do this primarily by talking to us all, on the inside from within.

What I get out of this communication is this; it is impossible to find God through technology. This is what advanced beings believe and the exact same path that humans are now following. This path needs to change! The only way to become divine is to learn how to listen to God as opposed to listening to ourselves; however, often our desire for success and survival is in conflict with our own interpretation…