Interpretation… the Foundation of Inspiration

Interpretation... the Foundation of Inspiration

Interpretation... the Foundation of Inspiration


Since the dawn of man… someone has been trying to tell us something inside of us. When we evolve to the point of being able to accurately interpret what we are hearing and have developed the self-discipline and commitment to mankind necessary, we will be able to realize our dream of paradise and true immortality.

When we on the earth attempt to interpret what we are hearing on the inside, we need to take care and not allow our beliefs to interfere with what we are hearing. We must become good listeners.

Those of us who sincerely seek immortality, need to understand that understanding the divine is difficult when the divinity is so foreign to our life here on the earth, that any correlation only serves to take us away from the truth.

Surprisingly, we are not that far from divinity! If we could only understand a few basic principles, our journey toward truth, immortality, God and eternal Paradise may be shortened considerably. Whether we admit it, or know it or not… these are our goals. When we deny this eternal mission, the result of our denial is internal conflict which is subject also to misinterpretation.

It is better to believe nothing than it is to believe wrongly! It is better to admit that we are lost than believe ourselves to be one place when we are not really there. Logically, if there is a higher power and if God truly does exist… then, if we will be patient and if we stop believing wrongly… God will show us the way. God can’t speak to us when we are busy telling God what we believe.

If there are any wrong variables in the belief equation, then the entire belief is inaccurate and we would all be well served to begin again from the beginning.  Resetting our belief foundation is not easy. We believe in our religious texts, we believe in the wisdom of the ancients, we believe in science but there is ample proof that all of these belief foundations are at some point inaccurate and so the entire “belief” falls apart.

When we hang on to our wrong thinking, we follow a path of fantasy a path of social psychosis. When we allow ourselves to believe the unbelievable, we deny ourselves the opportunity to discover truth!

There is nothing wrong with prayer, no matter if it is done in a church, a temple, a mosque or alone. Prayer is innocent inquiry or statement to the possibility of a God. This is logical to assume all things are possible. We would be foolish not to do that. When we see prayer regardless of the format, we should see it for what it is… a logical possibility, we are walking the right path. We keep our mind open to allow God, if God does exist, to fill in the missing variables of the equation.

The biggest problem throughout the ages with regard to information concerning these matters is derived from those who could hear, speak to or see those considered to be divine and to speak the words of these beings to those eager for information and willing to believe anything which was sincere and credible.

The messages throughout the ages, from these people who hear God have been varied but there are some significant similarities. If we are sincere explorers and we should be, we should look at the similarities and attempt to understand how the variances occur. After all, if God is there, then the message should be exactly the same.

The problem is in the interpretation of the message. When we allow our own beliefs to interfere in the message that God is trying to tell us all, we become lost!


Faith is the foundation of loyalty and we can be faithful to our friends, our wives or husbands, our children but when we pledge faith to an institution or a credo to which we have little or no credible knowledge… faith becomes a roadblock to our eternal path which must, if such a thing exists, lead to truth. Faith of that which is unknown is destructive! One does not need faith to understand that violence against the innocent is wrong or that treating one another with disrespect as opposed to kindness, are not conducive to community. We don’t need God to tell us what we already know; we need God to explain to us this, which we don’t know.

There are those of us who have crossed a boundary just as it was in ancient times, who can hear, whether it be in the form of inspiration or actually hear, see, etc., those who are unseen by the greater population who are passionate about telling the world what they hear, see, etc. This is the way it has been since the dawn of man. There is someone out there whether good or evil which has been trying to tell us something and as explorers, we would be well served to listen to all of it and then discern what is being discovered.

The abilities of the ancient prophets are within each and every one of us and it is for all of us to tread this darkness at some point or another in our eternal walk toward truth. If we are ever to find immortality, it will follow a logical path. It makes since that we will never be allowed to become part of an eternal community if we have not developed the characteristics to live within such a society.

Earth is the place where we do just that. It is the perfect training ground for divinity! It is a place where we can see who we truly are, where we are cut off physically from immortality where we are given the chance to see how we would transform if we were in a desperate situation. How many people turn from being nice giving people to monsters when confronted with a desperate circumstance?

Understanding is determined in the same way. If we are ever to leave the cycle of life and death, we must be able to truly understand the nature of divinity. We will not be allowed this eternal honor until we can do it blind, until we know it in our heart and until, it has been tested under the most extreme of circumstances… the earth!

It is not about how we pray; it is about who we are! If we respect the sanctity of life, we will respect it no matter what the circumstances are that surround us. We cannot be talked out of it and we cannot be influenced to believe a credo which varies from this simple truth. Truth does not allow flexibility or variance, truth is linear. If one desires the truth enough to stay open to hear it, then one will find themselves walking a path with others who have done the same. Our walk toward salvation is a path we walk “alone”… hopefully, with others. It doesn’t matter what fantasy we want to create about our path toward truth, which we are walking whether we realize it or not, it is a singular endeavor.

Victory is there for those who would have done the same regardless. We have victory when we follow without the possibility of reward, the path of righteousness. What is right? For us on the earth, our truths should be simple. We can’t possibly know the whole truth! However, we can deduct from logic the simplest aspects of truth. Mutual respect!!! If God does exist and we are the product of a divine plan, then all people are members of the same family and should be given the respect of being Royal no matter what their station in life. I’m not saying we don’t defend ourselves against those who are criminal, those who would violate our God given civil rights. We do what we can to protect ourselves from these uninspired people but we also remind ourselves that if there is a God, these people will one day, when they are ready, inherit paradise with us! Do what is needed to prevent them from violating the civil rights of others but respect their eternal heritage.

True wisdom is not found in the past! Logically, wisdom would most likely be found in the present. Society likes to keep truth in the past because it is more flexible; there is no one to dispute the perversion of its true meaning. All things evolve; ideally, all things evolve toward greater understanding. The talents of the ancient prophets are still present today. God is always trying to speak to those who are willing to listen and if they are willing to listen but only to what they believe, then there are others who will talk to them in the guise of the divine.

The same primitive misinterpretations that exist on the earth still exist “out there” as well. If out there exists, it is both good and evil! Evil comes in many guises but the most subversive evil exists as truth not completely realized. Truth without all of the variables of the equation is not truth at all.  No one can make us believe wrongly and anything that delays our journey toward God, granted, is a matter of choice of the individual. As a practical matter, we should believe nothing rather than believe wrongly. We should however, listen to everything and be astute but use discernment is our analysis of the information we discover. Every one of us has the truth within us and it is up to us as individuals to explore it. After all, how important is the possibility of eternal life to us? How important is truly discovering God to us? We often do much more to obtain much less. We need to make the pursuit of eternal life a priority. However, the answers to this eternal quest will not be found by listening to others, nor will they be found by reading ancient texts. These great men and women can give us some hints but they can’t make the journey for us.

Truth is inside of all of us but how we interpret that data is the foundation of true inspiration. We don’t have to be geniuses to get this but we do have to be studied, astute and committed and these talents are there for all of us to take advantage of.

Primitive interpretations of information that is quite advanced, is easily turned into primitive belief. God wants us to know all things, it is only logical that this would be the case. If one is so inclined to consider that God, like all things, evolves… then it is a possibility to consider that while we are evolving toward God, God is evolving toward us.





About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.