Interview between Roswell Captured Alien and Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

AIRL-Roswell Captured (so called) Alien





Question posed by visitor as follows:

Have you seen the youtube video about an interview between Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy and the captured Roswell Alien being?

I was hoping that you could possibly share some truth about the interview. It’s rather long but was wondering if it was even credible. One of my biggest concerns about the interview is when the alien called earth a “prison planet” and that we are spiritual prisoners who have our memories erased when we reincarnate. I have just finished reading journey of souls, which I thought had a great deal of positive information regarding details of the spiritual realm, but this alien made it sound as if that was also part of the lie in order to keep our souls imprisoned for eternity. This is what weighs heavily on my mind. Would you shed some light on this subject?



 J.S. Thompson’s response to above inquiry is as follows:

This scenario is very familiar to me. Mrs. MacElroy obviously made contact. I would be skeptical of the credentials of the (so called) alien she was talking to and some of the things he said. However, I understand how this communication works and they always talk in groups, as they are all networked together. These networks have limited time which is regulated by a computer and those in the network have scripts that they read from so that it appears to the earth person that it is just one person. With regard to the book; I would be happy to comment on any material that it contains in separate questions if you have any as this is a subject I know very well.

With respect to your concern about the Alien calling earth a “prison planet”… nothing could be further from the truth. Earth is not a prison planet; in fact, it is a place where so called aliens like the one Mrs. MacElroy  in the video clip made contact with, would give just about anything to be here on the earth. They stand in line to reincarnate here.  There are many more beings out there than there are beings on the earth, so as you can imagine earth is a happening place to be.

We don’t have our memories erased when we are reincarnated; our memories are put on hold. However, the memories of our last life are available to us if we are willing to explore them after we mature. Finding out about our past lives is not as easy as it sounds; even people who are “out there” have a very difficult time finding out about their past lives and they have advanced computers capable of revealing this information.

Those of us, here on the earth, that have made contact… need to be careful, particularly when we channel a being from “out there”. Any being who will talk to us in this way is not generally on the highest order of beings and they are capable of really big lies. It’s not all bad however; there is great good associated with contact as well. A person who does this (makes contact with those out there) just needs to use some common sense when they do it.  When people here on earth make contact with those out there, they are easily duped… at least at first and it might take a while for them to wise up. The more we wise up the greater our chances of gathering a higher group of beings around us.

When a person makes contact it is a big deal “out there”. Everyone on the network is drawn to the person on the earth that does it. It is a lot like a person who makes a hit record and all of the record people want a piece of them.  As you can imagine, there are a number of many bad people who are drawn to a talented person for their own selfish ulterior motives.

As bad as this might sound, the divine are also very interested in those who make contact. Therefore, like I said, a person just has to use common sense and logic to sort out the good from the bad.

Don’t allow any of this to weigh on your mind…  earth is an opportunity to gain true immortality. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Good luck on your journey….

J.S. Thompson