The Mayan Calendar Regarding 2012 is Simply Channeled Work




A website visitor’s question:

What can you tell us about the Mayan Calandar ending in 2012? If it is the end of the world, can we choose not to die if we choose to ascend?


J.S. Thompson’s response is as follows:

It’s difficult to answer this question and it cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. However, I will say this… the year has nothing to do with it. The ability to overcome death has always been with us. There is nothing particularly special about 2012! The Mayan calendar is channeled work and if there is one thing we should have learned by now, it is this… never ever listen to a date that comes from “out there”!

As a practical matter, we will all go thru the process of (so called) death. It is part of our initiation. Dying to this world and arriving out there is an emotional reunion; what we earn for being here on the earth; it is our “walk to Emmaus” moment. Out there, they love surprises and death and what awaits us after we leave, is one of the best kept secrets of all time. However, if while we are here on the earth, we manage to break the code and elevate our consciousness beyond faith, then we ascend and we no longer need the joyful reunion because we have already had it.

The process of dying is part of the learning process but for those who have ascended beyond this, they have another reason for staying on board and going thru the same process as everyone else; God uses them to tempt those who are evil! This concept I’m attempting to describe is difficult to explain but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

When a person breaks the code and figures out “the big secret” (with help of course), those who did not do it or those who have believed “the lie” (that being that there is an alternate route to true immortality…Paradise), attempt to break them down.

Out there it is, in some respects, a different world; a different society. For us here on the earth, it is all about what is on the outside of us (because of the façade of mortality). “Occasionally” we go inside for answers. There it is… much the opposite; therefore, we are forced to go inside and it is part of the life cycle. However, there are those for one reason or the other; those that will not go inside and see themselves for who they truly are and if they are forced (as we all are, at least at first) just won’t believe it. They won’t believe what they are told by those who know.

To complicate and make matters worse, many of them have access to very advanced technology capable of talking to people here on the earth, just like our guides do. Time does something to us, it exposes our weaknesses and if we don’t do something about them (our weaknesses), we continue to follow the path of least resistance until we become evil! This is also part of the cycle, albeit evolving, until it will, one day no longer exist. These pseudo guides get in the way and like a drug, interfere with the signal of your legitimate guides. This is how they deal with time, instead of doing what they are supposed to do. They are like bugs, always ruining the picnic. Someone needs to do something about them but no one can until they commit a crime! When someone on the earth can talk to them (literally), knows who they are and has broken the code, they become a prime target for these beings. When they interfere in someone’s life on the earth, they have committed a crime grave enough for action! So, those who are enlightened must play the role of a powerless and defenseless person right up until they leave the earth. These beings are cowardly, stupid, void of logic and made soft by time and there are many of them and they have very sophisticated technology at their disposal! Those they torment are not powerless, nor are they defenseless; in fact, quite the opposite is true. They (who have become enlightened are surrounded by others who are enlightened) continue to exist in their earth lives until those who take advantage of them, finally see themselves for who they truly are and finally turn their lives around and then actively pursue (with the help of “their” guides) personal transformation. Those they torment are just fulfilling the last part of the immortality cycle….. “Service and Sacrifice”!

2012 will just be another year. We do not ascend to immortality as societies, religions, nations or races… but one at a time, as individuals!

Thanks for the great question!

Good luck on your journey….
J.S. Thompson,