Is it Wrong to Kill Insects? Conflict of Different Species Missions


Is it wrong to kill insects?

Is it wrong to kill insects?

Question posed by DAHB’s website visitor as follows:

I wonder where and how would you fit crushing mosquitoes, eliminating Life with an automatic screening it off by being placed here within these duality based circumstances. Mosquito is equipped and programed to attack you, putting you in your defense mode. Both are in basically, a face off; fairly trying to hold on to given Life or to “Protect their mission” over another. Do you think there may be actually a measure scale in constant energy based, or mental connection that will estimate your true state of being in the that moment, so that the record is the provider needed to evaluate your universal fairness factor(?) and the rate of your responsibility?

This in my opinion hits the (?) mark on whole spectrum for the philosophical and moral punishment horizon. I would appreciate your answer, if you understand me correctly.


Response provided by J.S. Thompson as follows:

Thank you for your question!

The mosquito is a machine designed to fulfill a specific function; albeit, the human is also a machine with purpose. The mosquito does not attack with malice…it feeds. Malice belongs to the human being but why are we humans so blessed as to be given such choices? Is it just where we humans happen to be on the evolutionary scale or is there more to it?

Your statement makes many assumptions. Duality? Obviously! We are the same but different, we have a different mission a different function in the universe. Protect your mission over another? Of course….we should! Why?

I was taught all of my life that pride was a sin. I thought about that a great deal. I concluded that pride is not a sin. We need pride, without it, we would not evolve at all. Pride and the desire to self-improve pushes us forward. However, false pride; that is a sin; what is false pride?

When we accomplish, we are proud…this is pride. When we are proud of something we have not accomplished…we are guilty of false pride. Very destructive! The human being is capable of both pride and false pride…the mosquito is not.

We humans are here for a purpose. The mosquito is here to support that mission. If we kill the mosquito do we sin? I think it depends on if the mosquito is putting itself between us and our mission.

Don’t get me wrong…the mosquito is sacred as are all things in the universe and we should understand the mission of the mosquito but when we do, we know when to kill the mosquito and when to leave it alone.

Are we being evaluated? Yes we are. Everything we think, say and do is documented and recorded. I don’t say that in some broad sense of the word; our individual recordings are there for us to see when it is time for us to see it.

Do we have a responsibility? Yes we do; we are held accountable for our actions. Are we punished for our wrong actions? In a way but it is not considered punishment by those who are responsible for making sure we evolve, those we have put out trust in before we came here. Our wrong actions are not considered sin by the enlightened, but failed challenges that are sure to be placed in our paths again.

Universal fairness? We are all on an eternal mission toward perfection, a mission we will only solicit eternally, never accomplish…nor do we want to accomplish this. “Nothing can be perfect except for the unmindful.” What is fair and who is the referee? It is not so much a matter of fairness as it is a matter of; what is in the interest of the individual. We all have a common goal but we all achieve it as individuals…. proud victims of our ability to choose.

The mosquito is important; everything is important but nothing dies… our disregard for nature only delays our inevitable personal evolution.

The universe that produced us is a machine, just like we are. It is a very advanced and sophisticated machine… a machine with a purpose! Why were we born from it? It needed us. It did what it does. We, in our own small way, do what we do in order to learn to become more like it. It calls to us to learn from it and has given us the answers to accomplish our mission but the answers are complicated and we will only understand them to the level of our own individual ability at any given time… when we have a foundation for understanding those answers. It could tell us but that would not do. There is huge difference between knowing the answers and understanding them. We cannot just know the mountain exists… we have to climb it in order to know. We actually have to stand at the summit.

There is logic to everything! We see contemporary science as knowledgeable but it is still very primitive. We scratch the surface of the atomic and subatomic. Each layer of space has its own specific purpose. Science fights to enter the locked door that exists between layers of space and as, so do we; each layer gives up a piece of the puzzle. There are billions of layers of space maybe even more!

What you want to know is this: How did this happen? How did we get here and what is the purpose, if a purpose even exists. Where does evolution take us? There are answers to these questions and the answers are well within the grasp of each and every person. They are there waiting to be discovered, calling to us.


Good luck on your journey…..

J.S. Thompson